How to overcome laziness? The advice of a psychologist

To fight laziness should be to inventory of cases. You need to understand what you do not want to do. We are lazy and do not all. Want to check? Make a list of activities that you are too lazy to do and a second list which will consist of things that you do no matter what. And then in each list write the names of people who are very beneficial to every business. Often it turns out that the list of ignored issues and responsibilities present what you have to do other people, or what is beneficial for them.

For example, you absolutely can safely eat without bread, and your wife or husband and the table will not sit in this position. In this case, it would not be strange if you will, from time to time to be lazy or simply forget to buy bread. He has huge value to you personally as a product. So, after analyzing the jobs that do not hunt, first cross out all that do not necessarily and what to do at the request of other people.

Another way to overcome laziness – to understand their feelings. We don't want to do that cause we have only bad feelings. If you're too lazy to search for and buy gift for employee's birthday, try to restrict the usual congratulations. You don't always need to strain yourself things that can cause you disgust. Just look for the courage and discard them.
Now we can conclude that the effort to overcome laziness the main thing – to understand what you want to remove from the list of unnecessary things and the instructions of other people, which they can easily perform.

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