How cell phone affects human health?

Mobile phone, of course, irreplaceable thing. Phone manufacturers argued that phones are completely harmless to the human body.


But many experts say that cellular communication is a threat to health and human life. In many countries, conduct experiments, how does cell phone on our body, internal organs – heart, brain, reproductive organs. Scientists assert are afraid that electromagnetic radiation contribute to the emergence of cancers, but the precise confirmation that the mobile phone contributes to this, no.


Because electromagnetic waves may come not only from phone but also from the wires, transmitters, antennas, which is full of all our cities.


Experiments conducted on animals have shown that electromagnetic radiation harm to animals. So frogs that have been placed in the electromagnetic field only ten minutes, died from cardiac arrest, but survivors were excessively low heart rate.


It is assumed that the mobile users may face Parkinson's and Alzheimer's.

And sometimes a cell phone or rather the battery if it is made with violation of technology, can catch fire and even explode. And a man may receive damage and burns to the body. So when you buy the phone check the seller a certificate of quality and do not buy from random people.

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