Why NOT sleep next to a mobile phone

In a world in which we live, a mobile phone every day plays an increasingly important role. We take it in every place, wherever we went, and when we forget him, we feel almost helpless.

We never turn off the phone during the day and even put it on the bedside table by nightfall. Unfortunately, this habit can harm our health.

You want to know why bad to constantly use a mobile phone? We will tell you all about it in our article.

Cell phone: benefit or harm?

If you are among the millions of people who sleep with the phone near by, this can lead to some, at first imperceptible, to health problems. Radiation that comes from smartphones, deemed dangerous and therefore not recommended to anyone getting into the field of its influence.

Cellphone is not recommended to carry by day, but when we sleep and see nightmares or Wake up frequently, the reason may be that the body's biological clock has changed.

The world health organization said that not only mobile phones, but all electronic devices in General harmful to the body and can significantly increase the likelihood of developing cancer. They have a toxic effect, and many scientists recognize this.

A recent study conducted in Australia showed that there is a connection between smartphone use and infertility in men and reduce sperm quality. In both sexes also increases the level of stress.

Even if you use a mobile phone as an alarm clock, you still need to turn it off at night because even if we don't use it, he still gets access to radio frequencies. This means that the phone continuously emits electromagnetic waves in the environment, not only when it is used. If we put it near the head during sleep, these waves propagate at us and negatively affect our health.

Where better to leave the phone during sleep?

Is to acquire two habits: turn off the phone and put it in the usual place (e.g. bedside table), as the alarm will still go off, or to keep the phone on and put it in the back room, such as the kitchen or living room. This method is less preferred.

If you're afraid to miss an important call or be in an emergency phone is turned off, at least turn off the WI-FI signal and Internet connection that are more dangerous than radio frequency.

Experts believe that the mobile phone must be at least one meter from our body while we sleep. You can leave it, for example, on a sofa or chair.

You should be wary if you constantly charge the phone at night and put it under your pillow. There are many cases where people burned his face and hands while reloading and burnout of their devices. Pillows are made of flammable material, and it puts us at risk because we do not understand what is happening around us while we sleep.

The phone on the bedside also improves the level of our anxiety, makes us excited and makes you Wake up in the middle of the night to check email or social networks every time we receive a notification. Such changes in behavior and habits that eventually lead to stress, insomnia, loss of concentration, cognitive problems, lack of productivity, irritability, nightmares and headaches.

Good habits that will help reduce the harm from mobile phone use:

  • Prefer short calls and put the phone to the other ear every few minutes.

  • If possible, use the speakerphone, not to take phone in hands and apply it to the head .

  • Do not allow children to use mobile phone even as a toy.

  • Not to talk on the phone in areas of weak signal reception, as the phone will try to catch more powerful radio frequency.

  • Should not carry the phone near the body (especially men in my Trouser pocket) and avoid contact with skin.

  • Push it at least half a meter from himself while working at his Desk.

It is very important to at least sometimes abandon mobile phone and get some rest. The night is for sleeping and recover wasted per day energy. Better stay away from mobile phone as far as possible, until you stood up (if you can't resist the temptation, turn it off at night).


Thus, we avoid the imbalance in the neuron level, sleep quality and stress levels. The results of studies related to the potential dangers of mobile phones still are not transparent, although the reason to think all the same.



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Don't forget that the other electronic appliances that you have at home, can also be harmful to health. Try not to keep computer or TV in his room. If you already have them, try to turn them off before going to bed. Turn off the router when you go to bed, and try not to look at the phone screen before I close my eyes to finally sleep.


P. S. And remember, only by changing their consumption — together we change the world! ©

Source: steptohealth.ru/vredno-li-spat-ryadom-s-mobilnym-telefonom/


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