How to pull myself together: a guide for the lazy

If you ever do not have time, if you're lazy, but you really want to end it, this article is definitely for you! Laziness - it is a serious problem which can fairly spoil your plans. And how to live with it?

I'm not going to offer training to improve the quality of life. I will not advise to observe the regime of the day, eat well and not to worry. Because I understand: as a student and a journalist, it's impossible. I want to help those who, like me, all my life went side by side with laziness.

Imagine you wake up early in the morning. Do you get enough sleep, and you have a few hours to spare before the start of the working day. Quietly, slowly, you wash and take a shower. Beautifully serviruete table for breakfast, and then doing his favorite thing. You are calm and joyful. Meanwhile, the day is just beginning ... It is true that great?

In order to reach a purity of his life, one has only to look at the problem slightly different angle.

So lazy - it's lack of interest in his studies. In this sense laziness is a signal to what is an urgent need to change something. Either to the purpose, or the path to that goal, well, or the goal itself.

Think of the most active people of your surroundings. These are people with a mad craving for life, they are always doing something, somewhere to aspire to, something they want. They are not lazy - they are interested in, and this is not the temperament. This state of maximum productivity, which can (and should) reach anywhere.

The lack of interest does not mean that you do not choose your path. The lack of interest mean just a little bit wrong approach to business. And it is correct

Laziness -. If frequent companion idealism too seriously approach the matter can be found as quickly discouraged. The magnitude of the case may be real hard to scare and even make give up the dream. Thoughts "or best of all, or in any way" usually generate a response, "then nothing».

Go to its target small steps. Forgive mistakes. Treat yourself gently, gently, with great affection. There will be no thought, "I'm not in a position to", "tomorrow to give this all day." By allowing yourself to make mistakes, you have to shoot a lot, "but».

Why do I do what I do? Find the motivation for their activities. Often we forget to answer the most important question: "Why?" - and tormented with not quite so, and the right things

. Inspire yourself for each step that you make. Maximum deep answer to your questions:

  • Does this effect me closer to the goal
  • What does it give me
  • Do not I spend? this energy more than I get? you build the right, conscious attitude to his steps, laziness disappear itself.

    lazy day begins in the morning even on weekends do not allow yourself to get up later than noon. I do not advise anyone start a Service on Sunday, because there must be at least one day a week without that damned ringing. But get out of bed at the first sign of awakening - is necessary. Otherwise you sleep worn out and cheer up already do not succeed.

    This is very important - the right to start the day. Do not allow yourself half a day to walk in pajamas, unwashed and shaggy. Arrange yourself a nice, clean awakening - you charge on this morning is much greater than that from the culture of their laziness

    Clean your space is not necessary to direct marafet daily to keep an apartment or a workplace in perfect order. and nervous over every speck of dust. But the place of your dwelling should definitely be the most convenient, fresh and pleasing to the eye. In this case, do things is really nice - right space insanely inspiring

    . "Rule of 15 minutes»

    "Rule 15 Minutes" - a rule that you select only 15 minutes a day for daily tasks such as cleaning, charging, and more. Agree, 15 minutes - it's not much, but the use of them is incredible. Just think: only a quarter of an hour a day will take you to a new level of life

    . Just a week!

    For the same purposes there is a method for a week habits. See, for example, you inveterate night owl, but it is very spoils your life. You do not have the heart to abandon all this daily routine, so you live in this mode, and nothing changes. But if you set yourself the task of just one week time to go to bed and wake up on time, do not you give up?

    These simple guidelines can greatly improve your condition, to establish your operation and erase from life phenomenon of laziness.

    And to the inspiration of this article has borne fruit, now start polegonku, gradually translate advice into practice. Make a list of their "debt" or decide on the most important thing you are willing to spend 15 minutes a day. Good luck, and remember, that inspiration - is the main enemy of laziness

    ! Author: Maria Short

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