The garden for the lazy: rules and recommendations

In today's fast paced world not everyone can find enough time for nursing care for the garden and the garden at the cottage. But everyone wants to spend the weekend at his dacha, in a circle of seven friends to rest from city problems, to be, to be alone. In such a situation it is necessary to make your plot an unusual and attractive without spending a lot of time — make a vegetable garden for the lazy. The advantage of such a garden, for the lazy is that for its construction and maintenance does not take a lot of time and effort.

The lazy garden layout Before you plan the garden for the lazy, choose the style that does not require long time for processing.

Gardening in the Italian and Dutch styles require a large investment of time and effort.

Garden-modern and regular garden as well require quite a long effort. We also need to get as close to nature, so to arrange the garden for the lazy in the majestic landscape style or country style. These styles suggest the presence of a garden and the garden plants as close as possible and characteristic of the local flora growing on their own and do not require special care. Here should not grow hedges, which must be periodically trimmed carpet flower beds, lawns and flower beds that need watering.

Lazy combined bed

As a living natural hedges suitable plants such as rhododendron, mock orange, hydrangeas that don't require cutting and grow on their own.

Rules for the lazy garden
  • Give preference to large shapes and perennials. Honeysuckle, lilac, mountain ash, Saskatoon – here are examples of plants that require little care. This can be attributed to conifers. Of colors choose those that can grow in one place for years without a transplant and be seated.
  • Choose a local culture for planting. To the winter not to dig or not to cover the heat-loving sissy to not be afraid of frosts and winds, it is best to use those plants that usual for your area of endemic. And even if you buy something exotic, not the fact that in your climate zone will grow the same as in his homeland. All of this is unnecessary expenditure of energy and means, and in the beautiful and amazing plants there are in any location.
  • The lawn is not for the lazy. So instead of lawn grass that needs mowing regularly, use low or creeping, groundcover. Sedum, saxifrage, purslane, various types of blasting – a real treasure for this purpose. Interesting lawn of clover.
  • Away the pots! Plants in boxes, containers, pots require careful maintenance in small volume of soil necessary to maintain the necessary level of moisture and nutrients. It is necessary to you?
  • The weed battle! To weed over and over again, voids mulch (cover with straw, sawdust), you can sprinkle the paths with gravel, pebbles, chips. Smolotoy the grass in no case do not remove from the garden: spread out evenly, it will not give rise to new weeds, and when dry and completely decompose, fertilize the earth.
  • Watering correctly! Generally need to be watered copiously and often, depending on the needs of different plants, of course. Today there are many different irrigation systems (drainage, drip), alternate running around with a watering can or stretching a hose. If everything is good to think and prepare, you can save a lot of time.
  • Take care of the instrument! Gardening tools and is designed to facilitate the work of man. May you have all the necessary tools plus useful machines for plowing, mowing, and other works. Watering cans, buckets, small equipment, choose bright colors, in the event the loss was easy to find on the site. And of course, equip the place to conveniently store it all.
  • Get the plot of their loved ones, children – working together brings people together and shared all responsibilities allow you to turn the most difficult things in the joyfulness of the event!

Lazy turf For lawns you can plant red clover, which does not requires maintenance, and looks beautiful, and among his yarrow, lnjanku, field cloves, fescue, Adonis, peonies and other perennials field. This lawn will look very attractive and decorative, and in contrast to traditional garden lawn, never have to mow.

In the garden for lazy more suitable shrubs and trees that tolerate winters and do not require shelter. Besides, it is necessary to choose those varieties that do not grow and do not require regular pruning. To shrubs and trees looked attractive in summer and winter, you must choose those which retain winter foliage quite a long time. This is viburnum, mountain ash, Euonymus, Heather, cotoneaster, barberry and some other types. You can also plant evergreen and coniferous, such as pine, spruce, fir, thuja, juniper, cypress.

If you decide to arrange the garden for the lazy, arbors and garden benches must be placed, considering the terrain and the areas around them are paved with large cobblestones, gravel, pebbles or sand. This area is very decorated with vertical gardening. Once and for a long time to build gazebos, arches, pergolas and plant around perennial vines that do not require maintenance, such as honeysuckle, hops, wild grapes, lemongrass.

The beds with minimal labor costs Often gardening for the lazy is represented as a single unit. Therefore, beds must be placed in such places that they do not dimmed with trees and shrubs. The layout will depend on the terrain. So in the nether you can plant vegetables that do not require a lot of sun — cabbage, beets, radishes. And on the upland areas, closer to the light — tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers.

Possible vegetables to put on bordering the beds of various shapes and scatter them Islands in meadow lawn.

The width of these beds is not more than a meter, but you can choose round shape, oval. It will be nice and convenient for handling. At the center of these beds can be planted pyramid trudging vegetables such as cucumber, pumpkin. For this center to supply a support, preferably a metal in the form of an arc or grid.

Lazy watering system to Water vegetables rather tedious work, so the garden for the lazy must provide for the lazy and the irrigation system. Such an example is the wick system. At the center of a circular garden beds dug in a bucket and filled with water. In the bucket down the wicks of cloth strips, you can weave them into braids. One end back in the bucket and the other in a flower bed and sprinkled the ground. A bucket with a lid, and the plants receive the necessary moisture through the wicks. Especially for lazy gardeners, this wick watering is also a burden, because, from time to time, the bucket should fill with water.

You can do drip irrigation. Such irrigation systems are sold in stores, but you can do the usual hose and pierced it in the right places with an awl. Hose it is necessary prikopat in the ground by 10 cm, to make the tees branch in different directions in the garden and connect to the water system. To open the valve quite a bit and the water until you come to the right place, time to warm up. Such watering will not go to any trouble at all and arrived at the cottage, you only need to slightly open the tap and forget about its existence at the time of rest. However this irrigation system involves the presence of a permanent water supply. published

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