For the lazy garden with irrigation system

How I would like to see more of the garden, vegetable garden and nothing to do.To keep in order the garden, takes a lot of time and effort, but so lazy.

In addition to laziness, many people simply do not have the opportunity and time to take care of the garden. I want to come to the cottage and just relax, not watching, however, as the plot is overgrown like a wild forest. For such requests we will create a garden for lazy.

Do not allow to grow weeds. Weeding work is tedious and time consuming. Let's try to reduce it to a minimum. To germinate the weeds the area can be filled expanded clay, pebbles, gravel, marble chips, bark. Lawn in floral arrangements, they look beautiful and profitable. No bedding can do rarely are Alpine slides, standing alone Japanese gardens and rockeries. In the garden weeding can be greatly reduced and covered a loose soil mulch, which are suitable for grass, sawdust, sand.


The system is "lazy" for lazy polybagged provides for its irrigation system, which you should consider when planning to landing. It is necessary to carry drainage runoff, to take into account the slope of the terrain, to take care of the drainage system. Stagnant water should not be in the garden and in the garden.

For irrigation uses an extensive network of hoses or metal pipes, prikopat land and connected by tees. However valid such a system, provided that the area is water. In hoses or pipes in the ground need to pre-drill or puncture holes in the locations of the raised beds, flower beds, lawns. Where need water, it will flow through the holes. This so-called drip watering.

For sale is a ready to spray system of irrigation. It is a flat plastic hose with lots of microscopic holes. The water that flows out of the holes under high pressure, forms a fine drizzling stream. This system is simple and compact, installed within 3 minutes.

Homemade or purchased ready-made, irrigation system that evenly wets the soil. Equipping the garden for the lazy such a watering system, you will free yourself from the tedious work yourself to water the garden. If the site has no running water, this system can operate on containers with water located at a height of 1.5-2 meters.

Drip spraying eliminates clogging with dirt, prevents diseases and increases the yield of vegetable crops. It's the perfect way to irrigate strawberries. Water passes into and remains in the root of the upper layer, the soil is soaked evenly. This method of watering, besides the fact that saves you from having to personally water the beds twice saves water consumption, but on sandy soils and more. From this system it is possible to carry out spraying against pests, or hold the drip feeding of plants.


Selection of plants by form.Planning a vegetable garden for the lazy, preference should be given to shrubs and trees. You can pick up varieties of perennials, requiring virtually no maintenance.

For example, you can plant a mountain ash, Saskatoon, honeysuckle, quince, which in addition that will adorn the garden, to bring more useful and tasty crop.

To the beauty of the garden all year round, not just summer and spring, you can plant evergreens. Of conifers include arborvitae, junipers, cypresses, pines, spruce, fir. To the more southern deciduous type plants include Magnolia, rhododendron, aucuba, Holly and others. Shrubs and trees, unlike flowers, it is not necessary to repot every 2-3 years and share. It is also noticeable saving of time and effort.

The garden for the lazy it is not necessary to plant lawn grass, requiring constant care, it is better to replace the groundcover.

The perfect lawn is a meadow sown with multilam, seduma, Arabism, saxifrage and other plants. Moorish lawn also can be a good alternative to conventional lawn. Unpretentious and looks very nice lawn of clover.

On lazy lawn do not install flower beds, containers with flowers, trees solitaires. They will create an unnecessary obstacle to lawn mowers.


It is best to have on-site plants to your climate zone. This step quite fit into the now popular concept of natural gardening. After all, heat-loving plants require shelter for the winter, cutting, fertilizing fertilizers. In addition, they can not endure the harsh Russian frosts. And all these works are not for the lazy.



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