Aesthetic garden, vertical planting strawberries

Very interesting idea of vertical planting strawberries is implemented using PVC pipes.If you start thinking about it now, there will be a time to be determined by placement of vertical garden beds and purchase all the necessary to the early season garden work. But let's take first things first.


The idea to write an article about vertical planting strawberries appeared once in an old magazine "Science and life" I read an article about growing strawberries in a vertically mounted design. What is a "vertical bed" and how to make your own hands, it is clear from the above figure.

Currently, with the advent of PVC pipes, to organize a system of vertical raised beds for strawberries is a snap. For this you will need:

1). A power drill with a drill bit-crown tree diameter 5-7 cm

2). PVC pipe with a diameter of 100-150 mm.

3). Plug for pipe.

4). Tube diameter of 15 mm for watering (it should be 8-10 cm long PVC pipe).

5). Tube.

6). Knife.

7). Adhesive tape.

8). A strip of geotextile or burlap for the taping of the irrigation tube.

9). Twine to attach the fabric to the tube irrigation.

10). Good fertile soil for planting strawberries.

11). Coarse gravel in a volume of 1 liter.

12). Several related plants (nasturtium or marigold).

13). Capacity for pipe installation.

14). Fasteners.


Step 1. Preparation of parts.

Are defined with a length of PVC pipe and pipe irrigation. Cut them with a hacksaw. Don't forget that tube irrigation should be 8-10 cm long PVC pipe.

Step 2. Drilling holes in the irrigation tube.

Drilling of holes is performed at the top of the tube to 2/3 of its length. If you make holes throughout the length of the tube, the upper part of the garden will not receive enough moisture.

Step 3: Finalization of the irrigation tube.

Cut a strip of geotextile or burlap. Strip length is taken such that overlap all holes tube irrigation. Otherwise the holes close to the growing roots of strawberries. Tube with holes wrapped with fabric and tied off with twine.

Then with a knife you need to cut the tube to the size of the inner diameter of the irrigation tube to close its upper opening with stopper and seal with duct tape.

Step 4. Drilling holes in PVC pipe.

PVC pipe is cut vertically three rows of holes with a pitch of 20 cm.

Step 5. Assembling planting container.

Place the PVC pipe into the tank, after closing the bottom hole with a plug. Insert a tube of irrigation and for greater stability fill the bottom 10 cm of the pipe coarse gravel.

Step 6. Landing.

At the bottom of the hole is recommended to plant companion plants that will reduce the probability of recovery of pests to strawberries. If you are using strawberry varieties growing a mustache, leave a few holes at the bottom free. When the whiskers go down, you can just stick in the soil of these openings. The soil it is best to load from the top, and plants to stick in the holes. In every sixth hole put related plants.


Step 7: Location.

Set the container in a well-lit place and securely lock it in the upright position.

Watering should be performed in warm weather, every day through the upper hole of the irrigation tube.

In such a vertical way can be planted not only klubniku, but many garden plants. It will decorate the garden or smallholding, and make it very practical




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