The idea of small business: Growing strawberries in bags

Initial investment: 300 Tr

Profit of the year: 840 Tr

Berry production is a promising and profitable business. The income in this kind of entrepreneurial activity is determined by the type grown berries (strawberries, blackberries, and so on) and method of cultivation. In this article we will consider the most efficient and economical method of growing strawberries in bags. We want to remind you that already wrote a business plan on "Growing strawberries", where given another technology that has become a classic.

A wonder to open his business and get him stable and respectable income. Often innovative business ideas involve high initial investments that are not recouped in a few years.

In our case, things are quite different. Strawberries grown in bags throughout the year allows to obtain, as shown, quite a handsome profit, even in spite of seasonality, which is more than is justified by demand. Approximate cost of 1 kg of strawberries with regard to the season of the year: January-December – 400; April – 250; the season – low 150 rubles.

The features of the technology.

To achieve success in any business is possible only in case you create and maintain desired conditions. Is no exception and the cultivation of strawberries in bags. This business can not do without facilities, which should be enough warm, well-flowing sunlight.

Naturally, in the room to create all necessary for the normal growth of strawberry microclimate parameters: temperature, lighting. The temperature must not fall below 20 degrees. Of course, the premises must be nonresidential.

So, grow strawberries in bags in the utility room, fit a household premise, garage.

With the method of cultivation will need bags. Preference should be given white plastic bags, as they most of provide the necessary light conditions. Dimensions of film: a thickness not exceeding 0.2 mm; diameter 16 cm; length 210 cm as a substrate will require a mixture represented by the perlite and peat.

After the bag is filled with substrate on one side sealed. If you do not wish to waste time and their energies to the manufacture of bags with their hands, they can be purchased at the store, which specializiruetsya on the sale of goods for garden, garden. However, you should understand that the ruble's saving every penny and much cheaper to make them myself.

Tip: do not buy (not make) the bags with a large diameter, as in this case, the use of space is irrational. However, such bags does not affect the yield.

Planting strawberries.

Planting strawberries will be preceded by a preparatory stage. Make sure that along each bag is made of 4 vertical rows, dug incisions (each 80 mm, the location of incisions chess, and the distance between them from 23 to 25 cm). Installation place the plastic bags directly to the ground (floor). To save space, more berries per unit area to arrange the bags have 2-3 tiers (which is allowed and a larger number of tiers, when the height of the room and you have access to the top of the bags).

Naturally, for the formation of the tiers is impossible without appropriate supports (needs to be reliable and durable enough, as the weight of each bag is about 30 kg, and after watering and even more). When growing strawberries in this way has a number of limitations, such as the maximum number of bags per 1 sq. m – 3. This restriction is effective for each layer. Strawberries need regular watering, and for this purpose it is necessary to consider the irrigation system, the main channels and sum them to the bags.

You have to understand that like other plants, strawberries with insufficient amount of moisture behind in growth and, consequently, yields a small harvest. Prolonged lack of moisture will cause the death of a planting material. Need irrigation system is quite simple, so if you want it can be made with your own hands.

Watering strawberries with this method of growing is perfect drip irrigation system. The optimal number of sources (tubes) watering – 3: 1 – top, 2 – bottom, 3 for the middle. It is more practical to mount the water over the bags. When watering, consider the fact that 1 bag should have a day at least 2 liters of water. As with any undertaking, growing strawberries in bags has its own tricks and nuances.

Take, for example, preservation of seedlings, which helps to extend the shelf life to 7-10 months. Plants from canned planting material is characterized by stable yield, high taste of berries, this increases the safety genetics variety.

Be prepared for the fact that one square will have to spend at least 3 dollars at the exit of the berries in an amount of from 16 to 48 kg. we Focus your attention on the fact that the main profit in the business is possible in the transition periods (autumn, spring) and summer. Greatly facilitate work in this business will allow a partial automation of watering and heating.

The profitability of growing strawberries in bags.

The net profit calculation is complicated, and the results of the relative numbers. This is due to business seasonality and unstable price of berries. Profits realistic, you can always calculate what we'll do below.

The original data. Area of the greenhouse 100 meters or the width – 10 m length – 10 m. in this approach to growing strawberries yield fruit with 1 hundred is 0.8 tons (for comparison: in Israel in the greenhouse cultivation of strawberries the yield of berries from 1 hectare up to 90 tons). For the year usually get 5 harvests. Price of 1 kg of grapes varies from 150 to 400 rubles. Average its value and will receive 270 rubles per 1 kg.

Calculation of estimated profit.

First, we calculate the number of berries per year: 0.8 t * 5 charges = 4, Then the result multiply by the cost of 1 kg of berries and get the heavy profit for the year: 4000 * 270 = 1080000 roubles. Now let's calculate the same indicator, but for the month: 1080000 / 12 = 90,000 rubles. Next you have to calculate net profit.

And here we meet with some difficulties that are associated with different cost, which is determined by the season of the year.

For example, in winter, the main costs are associated with heating of the greenhouse. In the summer, this cost element is excluded.

As shown, in the winter the cost of 1 kg of berries is 50-70 rubles.
In the end we will calculate the annual cost of 1 kg of berries.
For this, we have the amount received for the year berries times the highest price of profitability: then: 4000 * 60 = 240,000 rubles.
Calculate the net profit: RUB thousand 1080 – 240 thousand rubles = 840 thousand.
The same indicator, but for the month: 840 thousand / 12 = 70 thousand RUB.

Calculate costs.

In one bag fits about 20 bushes of strawberry seedlings, the cost per seedling of about 25 rubles. 100 sq. m. fit 300 bags, just need 6000 seedlings with a total value of 150 thousand rubles. As for the equipment of a greenhouse you will need about 50 thousand rubles, as well as other expenses in the amount of 50 thousand rubles, we will need about 300 thousand rubles. Thus your investment pays off after the implementation of the two crops.

Recall that these calculations are highly contingent. Real numbers can be obtained in practice. With the aim of eliminating the risk of losing large funds as a result of "burnout" of the business, you should try your hand in a small greenhouse, which is the proper approach to business will bring a few hundred dollars. A small greenhouse should be also new to the greenhouse business.

That will help the business – pride in your product. You should be proud of your product, as strawberry, in some cases, has healing properties. We should not forget about the taste of this berry.

Strawberry is an effective remedy for eczema. Berries reduce blood sugar levels. Stomach stone disease treated strawberry juice in the morning is enough to drink 1/4 Cup. The berry helps to remove excess moisture from the body, has a diuretic effect. Strawberry is very useful for those people who have liver disease, kidney, diseases of the cardiovascular system. Healing properties of strawberries is, relative to other diseases.


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As in other types of businesses, it is possible to meet some difficulties, problems, obstacles. For example, sometimes there are difficulties with the implementation of the entire harvest. What is the way out of this situation? Can residue to prepare jam, jam, which can be implemented later or used by you, your loved ones, family.

This approach to the problem will also allow you to expand your range of products. Note that the jam from these berries is detrimental to the microbes, the pathogens of the gastrointestinal tract, influenza. Thus, you will be selling not only berries, but also a cure for many diseases, medicine without chemicals.published



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