How to make an underground watering their hands

In the hot and dry summer, the question of irrigation of suburban land comes to the fore. Instead of wasting time and effort on traditional watering with a hose or watering, the station can be equipped with an underground irrigation system. Now in DIY stores have a full set of materials in order to make an underground watering their hands and, coming to the country, enjoy a vacation, not spending time with buckets in hand. The garden will be provided with life-giving moisture.

The essence and advantages of underground irrigation

Technology installation of underground irrigation garden Underground irrigation for garden sprinkler System for garden and grape automation system of underground irrigation the Essence and advantages of underground irrigation Providing plants with the necessary amount of moisture is not from above but from below, water is supplied directly to the roots. To do this, the land lay a system of perforated pipes through which water enters the soil.

The flow of a fluid, usually by gravity from a tank mounted above ground level. Under the action of gravity force it gets into the distribution pipeline. The water flow can be constant or be dosed with a special block at the right time. Also the supply can be by electric pump. This ensures constant feeding of the plant roots with the necessary amount of moisture at any time of the day.

Introducing the purpose of the underground irrigation of trees and garden plants, you will get a long list of benefits. Here are the main ones:

1. Time savings.

2. The reduction in water consumption. This is achieved by eliminating the evaporation of moisture from the surface of the earth. 3. Reducing the number of weeds. Many weeds have a shallow root system deep moisture will not be reached.

4. The reduction to no risk of dripping onto the leaves and flowers of plants.

5. The retention properties of the soil. Underground irrigation on the earth surface will not peel. Accordingly, the loosened soil is to provide air circulation that will reduce the possibility of mould formation.

Technology installation of underground irrigation of the garden

The principle of operation of underground irrigation for garden plants and garden the same. But for each case there are a number of features to consider when equipping your site such irrigation system.

Underground irrigation for the garden

Garden plants mostly have a superficial root system. Therefore, organizing an underground watering the garden, it is necessary to take into account not bury the irrigation system of more than 2 bayonet spade. A smaller depth may cause damage to the pipelines at once digging the beds.

Before starting work, the entire system should plan. The ideal would be if the plan is to create garden beds, the configuration of which will vary from year to year. In this embodiment, it will be easy to design and the irrigation system.

In accordance with the project, dig trenches, in which will be laid irrigation pipes. The bottom is shrouded by a layer of polyethylene. Then fall asleep a drainage layer and pour. As material, you can use crushed stone or gravel.

Now you can proceed to the manufacturing and Assembly of irrigation systems. It is most convenient for these purposes would be to use a ready-made perforated pipes for drainage of soil. But they have too large diameter (50 mm or more). The optimal size – 15– 20 mm. For this, take an ordinary plastic tubing or even garden hose. It drills holes with a diameter of 3 mm and a spacing of 30– 40 cm

In the operation of the system of underground irrigation there will be the problem of clogging of nozzles. Therefore, immediately necessary to provide filtering. As such, you can use a women nylon pantyhose. But for better protection, better pipe wrap in geopolotno.

When laying the piping for gravity system of underground irrigation is important to observe the slope from the water source. Length of irrigation contour depends on the pressure at the entrance. Therefore, with natural circulation tank, which stores a supply of water, it is desirable to raise as high as possible to ensure a sufficient height difference.

After installation of the pipe cover with another layer of geopolity that will protect them from the roots, germinating on the surface of the weeds, and it all poured the first small drainage layer and earth.

Irrigation system for gardens and grapes

For gardens where root systems are more complex and embedded than the garden plants, horizontally laid pipelines will not cope with the problem of a sufficient supply of moisture to the root post. The same applies to vineyards. Even the three-year old vines root system can go in depth more than a meter.

For underground irrigation of trees next to them and drill holes that are one-third filled with drainage. Then they put in a perforated pipe with a minimum diameter of 50 mm with geopolitinis filter. The depth of the pit depends on the age of the tree and the depth of its root system. For seedlings will suffice 70 cm For Mature trees to be deeper. To all the water from the pipe did not go through the bottom end, it can be closed with a plug.

Vertically installed pipes can be merged into the General system of pipelines of small diameter, which will connect them with the capacity to store water. And you can manually fill in each of them. It is important not to forget to close the upper ends of the lids in order to avoid blockage of the system.

Automation of the system of underground irrigation

In order to minimize water consumption for irrigation and maintenance of the system, it can be automated.

The easiest way to do that in that case the supply of water in the irrigation pipelines is carried out using the pump. For this part of the system include a timer. It can be used to program any mode of inclusion of the water supply.

There are models of timers that open and close the passage for the liquid moving under the force of gravity. It is installed at the outlet of the accumulator. The presence of such elements is necessary for the owners of summer cottages, visiting only for the weekend.

For the purposes of underground irrigation you can buy a ready-made kit. But universal does not take into account the specific features of the site. published


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