How to make gutters for the house with his own hands

Almost every it happened that ran in the rain past houses with no roof drainage system, you fall under a waterfall of water that flows down the roof. Laying out the perimeter of your house concrete pavement or paving tiles, you will not feel secure until you install a gutter system, because the water falling from a great height, will quickly destroy any blind area.

Therefore, once you start building a house, you need to take care of the removal of sediment runoff. Frequently to the fallen rain water flooded the facade and the building Foundation, constructing gutters with their hands.

You must make sure that the water, in obedience to your will, tech by you created way. In this article you will find all the information on this issue.

Select the required materialBefore performing the installation of drainage system with their hands, you need to determine what material it will be made:

  • metal;
  • plastic.
In housing and communal organizations, in most cases, it is customary to use a cheaper option – system made of galvanized steel. But, with frequent clearing of roofs from ice dams, icicles and snow galvanized system can not withstand such loads undergoes deformation and in constant need of repair.

Therefore, if a gutter is not to be provided with heating to clear ice basic tools will all Deplete the scrap, it is best to use galvanized steel. This variant is more economical in terms of reducing the budget for maintenance of the drainage system due to frequent repairs and replacement of gutters.

In the individual construction galvanized drain system is quite rare. Commonly used the following materials:

  • plastic;
  • painted metal;
  • elements of metal with a polymer coating.
Particularly impressive is the copper gutters, but it generally can be seen in the construction of copper roofs in luxury homes.

To match the facade or a roof can easily pick up a metallic system with polymer coating, which fears neither heat nor cold. The only problem of such systems can be considered to be increased noise in the rain.

In buildings with metal roofing is usually installed metal gutter, and if the roof is made with the use of shingles it is best to use the PHV system.

In a flexible coating using a mineral grit that gradually washes out atmospheric precipitation in the process of operation. Based in the abrasive particles, it destroys metal pipes, adversely affecting their functional properties. Mineral aggregate passing through a plastic pipe drainage system does not degrade their properties and does not affect appearance.

What type of drain to usein the construction and arrangement of the roof you need to take into account that hosted the drain with their hands must meet all of the requirements that apply to such systems. All the gutters for houses are divided into external and internal.

Gutter for roof inner recommended for use in those places where mostly harsh climate. This system is also used in the construction of a flat roof. When this is equipped on the roof slope, directed to the inside of the admissions funnel.

For internal systems downpipes are mounted in a distance from the walls inside the room.

Installation of a drain for internal system involves the use of the following parts:

  • hopper;
  • tubing;
  • manifold;
  • the connectors required for system revisions.
In accordance with SNIP 2. 04. 01-85, all precipitation is received in the internal system, should go into the storm drain.

If the building storm sewer is not provided, it is necessary to equip the external drainage from the roof. Moreover, the system should be made so that surrounding area is not eroded by incoming water. To consider external gutter system is necessary before the equipment directly to the roof.

Therefore, it is considered incorrect to do the installation of gutters with their hands after all the stages of the construction works and, especially, after finishing the house.

It must be remembered that to fix the holder of gutters to the front Board of the roof or the rafters need before placing waterproofing or roofing.

The structure of drainage system

The exterior drainage system consists of three main components:

  • gutter;
  • pipe;
  • drain.
When the pipe is mounted by means of pins with clips and gutter clips brackets or hook.

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Varieties of guttersIn General, gutters with their hands made from galvanized steel.

Modern manufacturers offer an alternative option that is completed the drainage system of the roof.

If you use this option, there is no need to do the gutters with their hands. Furthermore, the metal or plastic gutters, you can use different sections:

  • trapezoidal;
  • rectangular;
  • semicircular.
To prevent transfusion over the edge of the sedimentary trough of water experts recommended this design as a semicircular groove having an inner stiffening rib on the edge.

Collect gutter system – manualin order to make a gutter gutter with your hands, to make your own pipe and drain, you will need to purchase steel sheet, whose thickness must not be less than 7÷8 mm. Then do the following:

For seam connections on the leaves bend of the longitudinal edge.

Standing seam gutter seam

With a special rolling tool by rolling out a billet, the product takes the form of a half-cylinder (for the manufacture of gutters) or the cylinder (pipe). Roll-out is done manually. It is necessary to take a straight tube, a metal bar or piece rails. Steel sheet placed under the pipe and gradually bends until then, until you acquire the desired shape. For making the funnel is the correct shape of the steel sheet should be cut of three elements: the glass, bezel and cone. You need to follow the following rule: rim diameter must match the diameter side of the cone to be connected and the diameter of the drain pipes shall match the diameter of the bottom of the glass. Such nuances will be able to prevent unauthorized leaks. All parts of the funnel, as well as the funnel with the pipe fasten with seam weld. In the manufacture of drain special rules do not exist. Usually, use this as obliquely cropped tube attached to a water pipe at an angle. In the case where the downpipe consists of several components, one side of the link must be drawn at 5 mm, This will allow to tightly combine the links into one. To limit too deep composite parts at their ends is necessary to make projections in 6÷7 mm.

Proper installation of a drainCan be done independently all the details for the drainage system or to acquire details of the desired style. However, how to make a drain that is properly and regularly to work?

Disposal of sewage in groundwat this requires to observe the following rules:

  • You need to install a drainage system so that water could not seep under the base of the building. According to the construction standards need to divert water flowing down the drainpipe outside the system at a distance of not less than 1.4÷1.5 m.

    Wastewater wastewater

  • To the drains for these purposes, attached two-meter section of pipe with a diameter of 100 mm. Pipe buried in the ground, as if this is not done, the waste water will be returned to the home and moisten the Foundation in the case that the inclination angle increases.
Water drainage system with their hands must be equipped with a discharge pipe (often of corrugated plastic) that is on a slope and ends below the base of the house.Directly installation vodostochno need to do first and what is meant by a mounting and drainage system of plastic? First, calculate the required number of components included in the design:

  • gutter;
  • bracket;
  • plugs;
  • pipe;
  • funnel;
  • other connecting parts.

Collect the drain with your hands

Performed by the holder to the installed raftersAfter acquiring all necessary details directly initiate the collection gutter, observing the following sequence of actions:

  • Mounting bracket. To protect the gutter from damage that occurs when uneven movement of snow or rain, you need to mount the holders on the distance in increments of 500÷550 mm. Fixing the first and last bracket to do with bias. Between the two bottom points need to pull a cord, on which line the other holders of the design.
  • Installation of gutters. Proper gutter installation will depend on the normal functioning of the entire system. From the plane of the roof its outer edge is located at a distance below 24 mm. Then the gutter is placed in the bracket, wherein the joints are connected to the castle and promazyvaetsya with sealant.

Installation of gutters

To start laying you need from the crater. In drainage systems, plastic fit the required size of gutter are doing with a hacksaw or grinder.

  • Water that accumulates in the roof space, can be directed into the chute. To do this, the truss leg is attached to the drip edge, the lower end of which is lowered by 20 mm in the gutter. The curves of the angular elevation of the building can be repeated by means of special corner elements, which are attached to the gutter. Caps on the gutter are attached with a special adhesive.
  • Installation of the funnel. In areas where funnel set, made oblique gash. The inner surface of the perimeter adhesive is applied. After that, you must secure the funnel to the front edge and the rear edge of the gutter of our facility.
  • Installation of pipes. Connection between itself and the attachment to the funnel is carried out by means of special clamps. Leave a gap of 20 mm between the parts of the pipes.

    Clamp for the connection of drainpipes

Glue when mounting drain pipes is not recommended.Installing gutters with their hands videos and simple Assembly rules help to understand not only the features of the installation of the system, but in the rules of care for her. To clean the drain you need one or two times a year.

With proper design and installation of the gutter system will last much longer established manufacturer of time. After completing all the recommendations, you become the owner of the roof with a properly-made weirs, which harmoniously fit into the architectural ensemble of your home.

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