Comparative advantage of drainage systems made of metals and PVC

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Even specifically enlarged eaves of the roof do not ensure complete protection of the Foundation and basement from rain and meltwater. Device hidden drainage system is troublesome and costly. Therefore, objective decision – external gutter system in Almaty.


Types of drainage contemnible common and popular gutter system:
  • metal;
  • plastic.

In the category of metal usually include copper, aluminum, zinc, steel, zinc titanium. For some sorts of applies additionally a special polymer coating with a color pigment that performs protective and decorative function at the same time.

Plastic products (made entirely of PVC) entered the market relatively recently, but bistro had to prove its efficiency.

Comparative advantages and disadvantages
  1. Durability. For metallic systems, the mid-price segment, the service life of 30-60 years and over 60 years will be able to work out of class premium (copper, titanium alloys). Manufacturers of vinyl systems claim the product lifetime of 30 years, and resistance to corrosion PVC is much superior to metals.
  2. Resistance to loads. In contrast to metals, vinyls have some elasticity: under prolonged exposure to significant loads of metal gutters irreversibly deformed; vinyl products can accept an input form.
  3. Noise. PVC drains during rain behave significantly quieter than metal.
  4. Specific gravity. The mass of PVC is much smaller making the use of plastic gutter for light buildings erected on low-depth continuous footings.
  5. Color palette. The range of colors vinyl gutter systems completely covers the RAL scale and allows you to create unique options for the design of the roof and the entire exterior of the building.
  6. The possibility of restoration. Replacement of defective structural element in a metal gutter systems are possible, but "patch" is a long time too noticeable. Vinyl products are guaranteed to preserve original color and texture for 10-12 years, and in the case of repairs the replaced site is not evident.
  7. Cost. For drainage systems from PVC price can be called affordable. Compared to metal options, vinyl products available to a larger consumer audience.

Rules ekspluatatsionnaya gutter system is susceptible to contamination, not less, than metal. To save bandwidth it is necessary to clean from debris and leaves. Since PVC is resistant to aggressive environments, systems, light shades can be washed with solutions of chlorine-containing household products.



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