Business idea: production of window low tides and drainage systems

All about how to organize the business producing rainwater systems, window flashings and other roofing elements with detailed calculation of the cost of supplies, rent and other payments.

Sooner or later each of us comes to the conclusion that the standard of work will never bring the desired profit. And to make, have smart enough to plan their next steps on opening your own business.

The first thing to do is to analyze the demand for different services. For example, one of the most promising areas today is the opening of a workshop for the production of flashings for window systems, a variety of roof elements and wind straps. Therefore, all that can be produced in a small workshop of galvanized steel with a properly sized equipment — bending machines.

Later in the article all the calculations are based on equipment of the Lipetsk plant forming equipment.

These machines allow even novice masters, to automate production processing of sheet metal, as are functionally able to accurately bend the metal in the desired direction. Using these units it is easy to learn to do high quality the eaves, downspouts, advertising signs, road signs, metal plaques and much more.

Their main advantages:

  • The ability to bend up to 180 degrees, allowing you to dohnut tin wares to a flat state.
  • Easy transportation from the shop to the object.
  • Equipment knife roller that significantly extends the functionality of the machine.
  • The duration of operation.
How to start from scratch?


Direction No. 1 — production of window low tides


First, let's write out all the expenses, focusing on prices in the Moscow region:

1. Buy bending machine.

Depending on the direction of buy manual listogib LGS 26, the minimum price of which varies from 33 990 rubles.

Suitable for processing sheets of steel, copper and aluminum. Ideal for the manufacture of roofing elements. Is light in weight, easily transported to the construction site. Or bending press with hydraulic or air type actuator.

2. Rent a shop or garage that will host the equipment and work staff.

Focusing on market prices, the amount of rent will be from 2 000 RUB — over garage with metal walls, to 55 000 rubles per month for the brick building on 60 sqm with security. There is also another more lucrative option — fabrication of structures on-site, without removal of the room.

3. Looking for semi-skilled staff.

Salary of one employee is 40 000 rubles.

4. The purchase of basic materials.

If the budget is small, buy galvanized sheets as much as is required, at the same time. This avoids the situation with the overpayment, and the remaining waste. You can, of course, produce window sills, galvanized sheet buying wholesale. For example, the price of galvanized steel sheet with parameters 1250х2500 — 36 000 RUB/t. A ton of galvanized sheet steel, with 2-m class of the Fund is equal to 64 square meters. The average tide meets the parameters of 100 cm to 200 mm.

Translate square feet to linear and get the 640,40 meters. Therefore, one ton of sheet you will be able to produce 640 sills for Windows. Basic cost of one tide will be equal to 56 rubles. This figure we received, dividing 36 000 to 640. The market price of 300 rubles for one meter.

The profitability of production is obvious. For a country house of medium size will require a minimum of 10 low tide (if in the house of the 10 Windows). Profit is equal to = 10 * 300 – 10 * 56 = 2400 rubles. Suppose that after the month of work you and your staff got the order from 20 similar customers. Total your profit is equal to 2400*200 = 480 000 roubles.

Spending on Internet advertising 40 000 rubles;
Tax payment = 6681,6 rubles.

Tax (UTII) is calculated according to the formula:

(DB x FP x K1 x K2 x 15%) / KD x KD 1


Database — benchmark return;

PT — physical indicator;

K1 — correction factor deflator (for 2016 equal 1,798)

K2 — correction factor deflator (for Moscow, is equal to 1)

A 15% tax rate;

KD — the number of days in the month for which to pay taxes;

КД1 — the number of days during which to carry out entrepreneurial activity.

Net profit per month = 480 000 — 55 000 — 40 000 — 33 990 — 6681,6 = 344 328,4 rubles at full load without the rental shop. Rental shop the amount of revenue will amount to 304 328,4 rubles.

Direction № 2 — Manufacture of drainage systems


Shop, employees, advertising and premises we already have.

Calculation of the drainage system for the house with settings of 9 x 10 meters.

So, the gutter we will need 10 sheets with dimensions 460х1250 mm 30 rubles = 3 500 rubles. For sewers 9 sheets with parameters 900х1250 mm for 420 rubles apiece = 3 780 rubles. Summarize and get 7 280 rubles.

Analyze market prices for a complete set of drainage system, and it costs:

  • gutter gutter – 694 rubles (about 20 running meters – 13 880 rubles);
  • splice — 236 rubles (4 pieces – 944 roubles);
  • external and internal corners 90° — 380 rubles (9 pieces – 3 420 rubles);
  • plugs – for 92 rubles (10 pieces – 920 rubles);
  • other components – 3 856 rubles.
  • Total = 23 020 rubles. Net profit = 15 740 rubles per house.
At partial load per month really perform 20 such orders, which is equal to 314 800 rubles. Subtract the tax — 6368,68 rubles and get a sum of 308 431 rubles.

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To summarize the profitability of our mini-production:

Working only in two directions, gross profit will be 940 400 rubles, with a monthly cost 327 640 rubles. Net profit will be equal to 612 780 rubles.

The tax burden is subject to mandatory tax payments will amount to 13 050, 28 rubles;
Overall profitability 65%.

Based on our calculations, the business of producing roofing elements using manual bending machine will pay for itself in 1 month. published


P. S. And remember, only by changing their consumption — together we change the world! ©



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