How to open a car wash

Car absolutely necessary in any city in any season. In winter, the washes wash the sand and salt reagents. In the spring of motorists wash their cars every 2-3 days because of the mud and puddles on the road. In summer, the owners of cars to shine rub their "iron horses". Autumn - washed mud and leaves.


According to the professional car wash is a profitable company. Its margin of 30-40%. Full payback comes after 12-16 months, while more expensive gantry variants - in 1-2 years.

The business plan of opening a car wash

Before you open your car wash, you should develop a business plan. It is necessary to calculate in detail the revenues, costs, return on investment and profitability. Analyze the possible future development of the business enterprise.

Here are the main points of the business plan for the organization car:

 - A strategy;
 - Business;
 - The specificity of marketing;
 - The market of car washes.

Financial and accounting part of your business plan depends on the location of the car and consists of the following items:

 - Construction;
 - Registration of necessary documents;
 - The cost of land;
 - Consumables, equipment costs;
 - The cost of repairs;
 - Operation of the equipment.

It is necessary to carefully consider all the items.

List of required documents

What documents are required to open a car wash?

Required for SEZ (Sanitary-Epidemiological Conclusion) full package of documents specified in the order of Rospotrebnadzor number 776 dated 21.11.2005, the (para 19).

So, in order to open a car wash in Moscow, for example, you will need:

 - To conclude a lease of land in the Moscow Land Committee;
 - Obtain permission from the district council, on whose territory is located a car wash, as well as findings from Moskomprirody, Sanitary Inspection, Fire Service, MP "Mosvodostok»;
 - Agree with the construction plan Moscomarchitecture.

Also in accordance with the order of the Moscow government must be given:

documents of registration of cash registers;
a contract for the cleaning of the territory adjacent to the car wash, and export from the solid waste;
land lease agreement;
Situation plan showing the boundaries of the land.

Since there is no general requirements on these documents for all enterprises, the Federal Service determines the need for their presence, when the purpose of the survey comes out on the subject.

About the beginning of the construction or work car must inform the Office of Communications and Transport of the Government of Moscow. In order to obtain the SEZ and coordinate the project, it is necessary to call to the territorial department of Rospotrebnadzor.

An important aspect when opening a well-chosen location for the new car

Location and space for car

As mentioned above, the rate of return and profitability of the company will depend on the location. It is known that the car is ideally placed at the side of the large urban avenues and a busy highway. Many sinks located at the entrance to the city, border and customs posts. However, close to major transport hubs washing may suffer from excessive car noise. As a consequence, potential customers often refuse to maneuver between the scurrying to and fro car. Practice shows that the most profitable car wash is connected to the gas station, car parks and service stations.

Those who have to build their buildings under the sink is not enough money, you can rent a suitable property on the ATP. And with less paperwork hassle. And the location of almost all transport companies familiar to motorists.

Note that a certain area will need to take to store supplies.

Cleaning for car

Global environmental problems establish requirements that the organization of cleaning you will have to comply with. For example, opening car will not be permitted without the presence of a water purification system. Filters are used for purification of oil, grease and other chemicals that are found in the wastewater.

This equipment is compact transportable units. Operation of water treatment takes place in several stages. Because of the circulation capacity is possible of a working cycle of water treatment. As a result, the water circulates through the loop several times and purified, it allows for the absence of impurities in the water. It is best to place the cleaning equipment in a heated room, as it is operated at temperatures above +5.

How to choose the right personnel

After overcoming all bureaucratic obstacles, you will need to do the selection of your staff.

The main requirements for potential employees are:

availability of knowledge about cars (determined based on the specifics of the enterprise);
responsibility and friendliness (it is necessary for the acquisition and building a list of loyal customers).

Hour mode is optimal timetable car. For the successful operation of the business you will want to hire a foreman 1 and 5-6 washers.

Employees with a higher education is not the main purpose of the enterprise, so you can hire and students. The amount of salary will be proportional to the volume of execution of works. Also important is the motivational side, which serves as a material reward employees. By creating a positive image of the car will serve as a logo branded overalls.
How much is to open a car wash

To open a small car, you will need 5-6 washers

How much is to open a car wash

To determine how much it costs to open a car wash, consider the cost of renting (these data are necessary to find out, depending on the location) and add the cost of equipment:

 - High-pressure heated water (from $ 1800 to 3000),
 - High-pressure water supply 1 post (from $ 500 to 1,300),
 - Compressor ($ 200-250),
 - Detergent or cleaner Cleaners ($ 400-550),
 - Cleaning systems used water ($ 4800-6600).

Car wash owners prefer to equip their imported equipment. Up to 80% of operating equipment produced by the German company Karcher. Listed as the Danish and Italian equipment. From domestic equipment widely used machines used water purification technology.

To equip an automatic portal Karcher pressure washer post, you have to spend at least 100 thousand. Dollars.

The main consumables is shampoos, polishing, cleaning, cleaning wheels, engine and bumpers. They will need to spend about $ 300 a month if served at the car wash 30-40 cars every day.

What income is generated carwash

Below is a profit-standing sinks four post negarazhnogo type.

On the day of carwash serves approximately 300 cars. The average check is about 310 rubles. The rest of the income received by a car wash and cafe tire. Monthly turnover is approximately equal to 3 135 million rubles.

The main cost consists of taxes and salaries. With such a turnover can not apply the simplified taxation system, so the only option is the regular tax system. Every month on salaries, taxes and everything else takes about 2, 3 million rubles.

Published monthly net income 1 035 000 000 rubles. The payback period is 2 years. Of course, this figure is approximate, since much depends on the season.

Tips for a successful business

Finally, a couple of tips on how to open a car wash from the ground.

What do think of summer, when the flow of customers sharply reduced and mostly visited by people who want to cover your car wax? First, reduce the cost and increase the number of services. Secondly, everyone loves to sit in a cafe in the summer. Organize a tent next to the sink with barbecue and beer. As long as people are resting, someone wants to have the car washed. The more adventurous we recommend to open a small diner to increase profits. Small shop for auto parts (preferably in their property) - a useful thing in the neighborhood.

Inauguration of the first car built should pass without an orchestra, but in the presence of the commission, which will be firefighters, representatives of local administration, environmental service workers, sanitary and epidemiological stations, traffic police, and so on. They amount to an act of acceptance of the object. You must put all aware of the opening of a new washing and attract the attention of customers. Shields and announcements on local radio, for example, will tell potential customers about the location, time of the car, discounts, primary and secondary service.


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