Business idea: the columnar Apple trees in a high yield

The columnar Apple trees are popular with small farmers. These trees begin to bear fruit after a couple of years after planting, give large yields useful fruits. Their Apple characterized by excellent taste, let you beautiful to decorate the garden area and does not occupy much space.

Because of this the average yield of the columnar Apple trees is 140 t/ha, with standard planting scheme 20 000 seedlings for 1 hectare. Profitable to plant a garden even on a small plot of land.

High demand for the product, due to the versatility of the fruit. In addition they make:juice, jam, compote, dried, marmalade, sauces, salt, use as a garnish for poultry, etc. Indicator long-term storage of such products allows you to talk about business success. However, here there is a specificity.


Let's try to calculate the profitability of this business. Planting 200 saplings in 1 hectare will cost 1600$ from calculation of purchase of seedlings for 8$ /PC. It's average retail price by grade, but if you take in bulk would be cheaper.

Additional costs:

  • fertilizer when planting – 200$ (1$ for each seedling);
  • monthly fertilization – $ 80 for 1 season (5 months) = 400$;
  • drug or preventive drugs – $ 100 / season.
The total amount to start the business will amount to $ 2,300 per one hundred square meters.

The approximate profit from the sale of apples simply to calculate. After three years the trees will bear about 8 kg of fruit. The harvest from all 200 Apple trees, it will amount to 1600$ per year if you implement all Apple retail at an average price of$1/kg. Ifto sell wholesale, for example, for processing to juice producers, the income will be much lower – about$ 500 for 1.6 tons. In this business the best solution isto combine retail and wholesale ways of implementation.

Don't forget that next year Apple will produce a greater harvest. Accordingly, the profit will grow every year. Organizing the proper care of trees, and finding a good point to market the fruit, you can get a decent profit from small plots of land.

Examine successful grade columnar Apple trees "President", and features planting and care.

President – refers to the summer varieties, in addition, considered one of the best among peers. The tree is resistant to frosts and many pests or diseases. Its white-yellow fruits weighing up to 250 g have a fine-grained juicy flesh, sweet-sour taste and pleasant aroma. Actively buying apples "President" for conservation and fresh consumption.

The variety is characterized by high yields and usually Matures in late August and early September, depending on weather conditions. In the second year after planting you can get up to 10 fruits on each tree. During the period of active fruiting (4-5 year) with one tree you can collect up to 10 kg of apples. Maximum yield can reach 15 kg.

Thanks to a dense root system, seedlings are not demanding maintenance and easy to take. The scheme of planting is carried out in the following way: among the trees of 60cm and 90 cm between rows.

Proper care after planting for the flagship varieties of columnar Apple trees involves:

  • periodic replenishment of fertilizers according to the technology of natural farming;
  • wrap from the cold and rodents in the winter;
  • proper pruning;
  • spraying before the beginning of the flowering period;
  • special watering.
The fruits of the variety "President" have excellent presentation and great demand all year round.

The scheme of planting columnar Apple trees

Columnar Apple trees produce fruit usually up to 20 years, after 13 years, the productivity is markedly reduced. After 13 years most of the trees of the garden can rejuvenate. Save on expensive seedlings.

To achieve large yields seedlings it is better to buy two – year. The columnar Apple tree begins to bear fruit 2 years after grafting. To plant seedlings is better in early spring (not fall) before the formation of the kidneys.

To properly plant a columnar Apple in the spring, the planting hole should be to dig out the size of the root system of seedlings. Surround the roots should fit comfortably. Then added 4-5 kg of compost or rotted manure. Do not interfere, and fertilizers. Is a good composition of 60 grams of potassium, 70 grams of superphosphate and 50 g of dolomite. The vaccination site should be done above ground level.

Seedlings are planted in pits, straighten the roots well, and fill with water. After total absorption pit filled with fertile soil, then there is a groove around the barrel. Planted trees are subjected to flooding again and the soil multimedia.

The distance between the columnar Apple trees at planting:

  • the spacing in the row – 40-60 cm;
  • the spacing between rows 90-100 cm
10 acres really to accommodate up to 200 seedlings in the standard planting scheme. Pass through the ranks easily, and the trees are not closely due to their shape. Do not forget about the separation of grades. Summer varieties may be combined, but did not land near the winter. This is because agricultural plants are different, so the timing of fertilizing, trimming and spraying different. With proper placement of seedlings labour costs for the cultivation of trees will be significantly reduced.

A useful tip!

To complete rooting of planted trees, it is recommended to use a trellis. This will ensure the vertical position of seedlings.

Tree planting is done in April, September or October. It is worth noting that "spring" trees of certain varieties of columnar Apple trees can bloom in the first year. In order for the trees matured, you can remove the flowers. It is better to plant trees in the lowlands. The drifts going down there in the snow, protect from freezing.

A useful tip!

The columnar Apple trees due to the compact crown almost overshadow the plot. The abundance of sunshine allows some gardeners to successfully grow among the trees of strawberries.

Care of Apple trees after planting

Intensive watering (2-3 times a week) desired seedlings in the first years of development, subsequently rather than 1 time. Pruning Apple trees are not required (they have enough of pridobivanje side shoots), as is predominantly the main escape.


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A pair of competing shoots may develop in the event of damage to the apical Bud by frost or pests. Upon reaching the shoots length of 15-20 cm is selected the strongest, the rest are cut. Sometimes there are long lateral shoots. You need to remove them at an early state, that is green and soft. So the tree is not damaged.published


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