The main problem of Russia

"Tell the Emperor that the British guns do not clean brick: to let and we have not been cleaned, and then save the God, war, and they are not suitable to shoot" - Lefty

Ilya Varlamov writes:
The time has come to reveal to you the greatest mystery of the universe. You've probably wondered, "Why are they good, but we all through the ass?" - But could never find the answer. And it is. For many years, the government hid the truth from us ... They say that if people know about it, the regime falls, the world will never be the same. It's time to dispel the clouds of ignorance, open people's eyes. Today I will tell you everything ...
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So, what we see in the picture above? Left vodostonaya pipe in a pedestrian zone in Moscow, on the right - in Germany. What is the difference? We have all the water from the roof is always poured on the pavement in their sewers.

Germany entrance of the house. The pipe goes right down the drain. Please note that the visor water also does not fill the sidewalks.

This Belgrade. The pipe is hidden.

Belgrade, not only deduced pipe directly into the sewers, but the tube with condensate from air conditioners removed the pipe.

Belgrade still.


That's usually looks like a knot in cross-section. Then the water goes down the drain either directly or on the road. The main thing - the pavement should always be dry.

And this is the very center of Moscow, Nikolskaya Street, which ended a week ago to repair. Where water flows?

This, too, Nikolskaya Street.

And it is the same. The maximum that could do is put plitochki with a recess for the pipe. This is no kind of old street, which was done 100 years ago, under the old rules.

Let me remind you that a month ago it was made from scratch! It might just make things right, but not done:

And it's pedestrian zone, which made year nazad.Vse pipe just displayed on the sidewalk.

How bad is it? Well, first of all, all the water from the roofs floods the sidewalks, in the rain walking uncomfortable.

But the biggest problem in the winter, when the tube is formed around each ice!

Water destroys sidewalks

Huge ice around each pipe!

To fight this, the windshield wipers in winter put on each tube package in which water collects. Contraption.

Here is all the sidewalks. Incidentally, the water in the pipes from freezing, and sidewalks, installed heating. Technology perfected over the years.

All of this ice could not be, if we finally changed the design standards and would hide in the gutters sidewalks, how long do in many countries. Sidewalks can be much cleaner and more comfortable by changing only a few documents with the rules. All have long invented

Well, the next step may be to do the normal adjacency to the eaves gutters. There will be less of icicles.

Remember, the pavement must be dry and safe. All pipes should be removed. Everyone has the right to walk on the clean and comfortable city.

Wrong gutters across the country - is the main problem of Russia. Without normal pipes can not build a bright future.



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