How to water the garden

Planting care is a quite difficult and time consuming. Alone watering the garden or gardens is worth. Proper organization of irrigation is the key to a quality and abundant harvest. The thing to remember is how much water is needed for each individual varieties of cultivated plants. This article will tell you about some aspects of the irrigation of gardens and vegetable gardens. Remember that watering is always done with drinking water, but not always cold. Some use irrigation from the septic tank, as the water is more purified. Here in the septic tank pass water out of the well, wells, rivers, etc. Watering water garden can be accomplished in several options. 8fafb6e078.jpg

Irrigation optionsthe options for irrigation of orchards and gardens:

  • irrigation;
  • the overlap of the formed bands and checks;
  • overlap in the formed furrow;
  • surface drip irrigation;
  • subsoil drip irrigation.


These options have both advantages and disadvantages. The slouchy options the most simple and easy, but they degrade the soil structure during the flooding of the earth. Also an easy method of irrigation water – irrigation. But it leads to the development of fungi. At the same time, soil irrigation saves time and water, but it is more expensive.


As equipment you can use the wells, sprinkler system from the septic tank or other tools.

Experts recommend that for maximum efficiency and saving water and time to use several methods at once.Video "Wick method of watering the garden"Through the wick moisture spontaneously, slowly fed into a root system that does not require any inspection and maintenance for the entire week.Easy to feed the root system. Ways of organizing How much in today's time there are ways to irrigate vegetable gardens and orchards it is difficult to imagine. So we have this article lists only those methods that are used at a given time the most. It should be remembered that the choice of method of irrigation and cold drinking water depends on several factors:
  • a view of the plant (only if it is clear, cold or warm drinking water they can be watered);
  • the composition of the soil;
  • climatic conditions;
  • the availability of water. The presence of near rivers, wells or boreholes where it is possible to organize the system from the septic tank or special equipment and devices;
  • the financial ability of the person;
  • how many need to be watered.


The following types of irrigation water:


  • irrigation. Perfect for watering shrubs and trees that need large amounts of water. This method is not for the lazy, as around the plant you should dig the hole. In them water is poured manually (for example, is taken from a well), although nice to use well (you can connect the sprinkler with the hose). The use of sprinklers is not always effective. Use only drinking water. Apply after the completion of the vegetation period;
  • borozdna method. Applies if the land has a slope horizontally. Again, the method is not for the lazy as it requires complex calculations. It requires consideration of the composition of the soil and quantity of water for irrigation. In heavy soils the width of the furrows is about 80-90 cm, and with light — 0.5 m. drawback of this method is the high consumption of drinking water, as well as the complexity to do with his hands.
  • the drip method. Be the best solution. It can be used on all types of sites. A special device allows you to use water very sparingly. As a source of drinking water, you can use the well, wells, etc.;
  • irrigation. In this case, a hose with numerous holes. Fluid using this equipment is supplied under pressure. The pressure that gives the sprinkler can be adjusted depending on your needs. The result is a long sprinkler. The sprinkler is laid in the ground. In addition, the sprinkler can be placed on special tripods. The septic tank is not applicable, and drinking water can be lifted from the well. Nowadays, it is a fairly common method of irrigation.
In addition, another unusual way of watering plants with drinking water is the wick method. To do such a setup everyone can do. This setup has one drawback – the inability to control the degree of moisture of the soil.


The scheme of the wick watering method

For lazy people suitable way of using the pump. It is very convenient in terms of implementation method. Thanks to the pump you will be able to save time when watering drinking water to large areas. The only hitch here was the choice of the type of pump.

By construction, the pumps are of two types:

  • drain;
  • surface;
  • submersible. This unit is divided into a borehole (suitable for wells) and wells (for well).
It is worth noting that the septic tank is used when watering young plants and is suitable for many of the methods described above.

Another very popular method of irrigation with potable water from an automatic system. The advantage of this system is the full automatic process of watering drinking water plants in the garden or the garden. For lazy gardeners. Source of water can be wells, wells, etc. it is Worth noting that such a system is quite difficult to implement with your own hands.



How to make the most

Nowadays, many prefer to make the irrigation system of drinking water for their land with their own hands. Consider the common points, basic steps to do it yourself:

  • preparation for work. At this stage you should determine the type of irrigation system, source of water (wells, bore-holes, the use of a septic tank, etc.) to estimate the area of irrigation;
  • then make a plan of placing the system on the land;
  • buy all the necessary materials and tools needed in order to make the selected type of irrigation system;
  • in the process of building the system, all joints of the elements should be filled with sealant to prevent leaks;
  • pipes/hoses can be placed on special supports, dig in the soil, and leave on the soil surface;
  • to prevent rapid clogging of hoses or pipes in the system use special filters.
At the same time, if you want to make an automatic watering system, you will need to purchase a special electronic controllers that operate on self-contained batteries. How much depends on the region of the country and the type of controller.



Each type of irrigation system has its own characteristics and disadvantages. Details and understand all their benefits and select the most suitable method for your area.


The basic principles of garden irrigationprinciples irrigation of the garden include the following points:

  • water you need depending on the type of plants;
  • better to make irrigation less often, but plentiful. Remember that frequent watering will bring more problems than benefits;
  • under fruit trees and bushes need to pour more water;
  • watering is carried out only to defend drinking liquid;
  • the best time for watering is early morning or evening.


Irrigation of vegetable gardens is an essential part of proper care of the plantings. Choosing the best irrigation method, you will provide your site the necessary level of moisture and expect excellent and delicious crop.


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