Underground City SS "Regenwurmlager"

In continuation of the rate of Hitler What hides near Vinnitsa? and Hitler's Bunker "Bear's Den» (Barenhohle)

During the Second World War and after it, the degree of advance of Soviet troops in Nazi-occupied territory, stories began to appear, the testimonies of those who experienced and saw with my own eyes underground structures by the Nazis. Even today the appointment of some of them remains unknown and excites historians its mysteries.

In Poland and Germany still times are legends about mysterious underground fortifications lost in the forests of north-western Poland and on the chart indicates the Wehrmacht as "Camp earthworm." This reinforced concreted and located underground city remains to this day one of the terra incognita. According to the testimony of those who have been there in the 60s of the last century, this area appeared as lost in the folds of the terrain north-western Poland, a small town, which seemed all was forgotten.

Around the sullen, almost impassable forests, small rivers and lakes, old minefields, dragon's teeth, nicknamed "dragon's teeth" and overgrown ditches thistle intruded by Soviet troops fortified Wehrmacht. Concrete, barbed wire, moss-covered ruins - all that remains of the powerful defensive wall, once had to "cover up" Fatherland if war rolled back. The Germans Mendzizhech was called Mezeritsem. Fortified, absorbs and Kenshitsu - Mezeritskim. Here, on the little-known world patch of Europe, there was talk of military secret forest lake Krzywe located somewhere nearby, in salary deaf coniferous forest. But no details. Rather - rumors, speculation ...

At that time there was located pyatibatalonnaya Brigade, stationed in the former German military town, hidden from prying eyes in a green forest. Once upon a time this place was marked on the map Wehrmacht toponym «Regenwurmlager» - «Camp earthworm."

According to local residents, protracted battles were not there, the Germans did not survive the onslaught. When it became clear that the garrison (two regiments, the school SS Division "Totenkopf" and part of the software) can get into the environment, it is evacuated. It is hard to imagine how it was possible for a few hours almost a whole division to escape from this natural trap. And where? If the only way was already intercepted tanks of the 44th Guards Tank Brigade of the First Guards Tank Army General Katukov Soviet troops.

The stunning kenshitskoe forest lake surrounded by signs everywhere mystery that seems to be here even the air is saturated. From 1945 and until almost the end of the 1950s this place was, in fact, only under the supervision of safety management Mendzizhech city - which is said to be in the service of his supervised by a Polish officer by the name of Telyutko - yes commander stationed somewhere near the Polish artillery regiment. With their direct participation and has been carried out temporary transfer of the territory of the former German military town of the Soviet team communication. Convenient town fully meet the qualifications and seemed all at a glance. However, prudent brigade command decided at the same time not to violate the rules of the quartering of troops and ordered a garrison neighborhood and thorough an engineering reconnaissance.

It was then, and began opening, impressing even the seasoned veterans, still held at the time service. Let's start with the fact that near the lake, in a reinforced concrete box was discovered bushing output of underground power cable, instrument measurements on the veins which showed the presence of industrial voltage of 380 volts. Soon attracted the attention of sappers concrete pit that swallowed the water falls from a height. At the same time intelligence reported that may have underground power communication comes from Mendzizhecha.

However, it does not exclude the presence of a hidden autonomous power, and also the fact that its turbine rotates water falling into the well. Said that the lake is somehow connected with the surrounding bodies of water, and a lot of them here. Check these assumptions sappers Brigade was not under force. SS units that were in the camp in the fateful days for their 45th, as the water sank. Since the bypass around the perimeter of the lake due to the obstruction of the forest was not possible, the military decided to do it on the water. Within a few hours they rounded the lake and were in close proximity to the shore. On the eastern side of the lake stood a few powerful, already overgrown with underbrush hills-heaps. Mostly they guessed artillery caponiers facing the front of the east and south. And was able to observe two similar small puddles lakes. Nearby stood plates with inscriptions in two languages: "Danger! Mines! ".

The military then told that the hills-piles were the Egyptian pyramids. Inside, they seem to have different secret passages, manholes. Through them out of the ground in the regeneration of the Soviet garrison radioreleyschiki fetched veneer. Said that "there" real picture. And as these puddles, then, according to the sappers, it is flooded entrances to the underground city. There was there and another mystery - an island in the middle of the lake. Military noticed that the island is not actually an island in the usual sense. It floats, rather, drifting slowly, as if standing at anchor.

Here is how this island one of the witnesses: "Floating island overgrown with pine trees and willows. Its area does not exceed fifty square meters, and he seemed really slow and hard rocking on the black water of the Pacific basin. Forest Lake was obviously artificial and south-west and south continued to remind the appendix. There are six went to a depth of two to three meters, the water was relatively clear, but the wildly growing and fern-like algae completely covered the bottom. In the midst of this bay stood gloomily gray concrete tower, which had obviously once a special purpose. Looking at her, I remembered the air intakes of the Moscow metro, accompanying his deep tunnels. In the narrow window could be seen as within the concrete tower standing water. There was no doubt: somewhere beneath me underground structure, which for some reason it took to build it here in remote places under Mendzizhechem. "

During one of the many engineering intelligence sappers revealed disguised Hill entrance to the tunnel. Already at a first approximation, it became clear that this is a serious structure, moreover, probably with all sorts of traps, including mine. For obvious reasons, the information about this unusual expedition remained confidential while.

One of the participants in one of the search groups technician captain Cherepanov said later that in one dot at a steel spiral stairs they went down deep into the earth. By the light of lanterns acid entered the underground metro. It was exactly the metro, as on the bottom of the tunnel is laid railway track. The ceiling was no signs of soot. On the walls - a neat jointing cables. Probably, the locomotive is moved electricity.

The band entered the tunnel is not at the beginning. Start tunnel was somewhere under the forest lake. The other part was fixed on the west - to the Oder River. Almost immediately discovered an underground crematorium. Slowly, with caution, the search party was moving through the tunnel in the direction of modern Germany. Soon threw considered tunnel branch - they found dozens. And the right and left. But most of the branches was neatly bricked up. Perhaps it was the approaches to the unknown object, including parts of the underground city.

The grand underground network remained for the uninitiated threaten many dangers labyrinth. Check it thoroughly not possible. In the tunnel was dry - a sign of a good waterproofing. It seemed, on the other, unknown, the parties are about the lights seem a train or large truck (truck, too, could move there). From the words of Cherepanov, it was a man-made underground world, is an excellent implementation of engineering. The captain said that the group was moving slowly and in a few hours stay underground began to lose feeling really traveled.

To some of its participants had the idea that the study of conserved underground city built under forests, fields and rivers - a task for specialists different level. This new level demanded greater effort, money and time. According to military, subway could stretch for tens of kilometers, and "dive" under the Oder. Where to go and where to end station - it was hard to even imagine.

Gradually evolved a new vision of this unusual in its scale military puzzle. It turned out that in the period from 1958 to 1992 at pyatibatalonnoy brigade commanders in turn was replaced by nine, and each of them - like it or not - had to adapt to the neighborhood with this unsolved underground territory. According to an engineering concluded only under the garrison was discovered and surveyed 44 kilometers of underground utilities. According to one of the officers who served in the Soviet garrison, the height and width of the trunk subway is approximately three meters. The neck is gently lowered into the ground and dives at the fifty-meter depth. There tunnels branch and intersect, there are transport-platform interchange. The walls and ceiling are made of underground reinforced concrete slabs, the floor is covered with rectangular stone slabs.

According to local lore, a Pole, Dr. Podbelskogo for many years engaged in the study of the city, the Germans began storoit this strategic site in 1927, but the most active - since 1933, when the power in Germany, Hitler came. In 1937, the last person arrived at the camp from Berlin and, as argued by the secret underground rails. In fact, from this point on the hidden city deemed to be delivered for the use of the Wehrmacht and the SS. Some hidden communications giant object is connected with the plant and strategic storages, also underground, located in villages is high and the sand that in two to five kilometers to the west and north of the lake.

The lake Krzywe is an integral part of the mystery. The area of ​​its surface is not less than 200 thousand square meters, and the depth scale - from 3 (south and west) to 20 meters (east). It is in the eastern part of some Soviet troops succeeded in the summer with a favorable light to see in the silty bottom of something, for its shape and other characteristics resembling a very large hatch servicemen received the nickname of "Eye of the underworld."

So-called "eye" was tightly closed. Is not it at one time had to cover from view of the pilot and heavy bombs already mentioned above, the floating island? What could serve as a sunroof? Most likely, he served as Kingston for emergency flooding of part or all of underground structures. But if the door is closed to this day, so did not use it in January 1945. Thus, we can not exclude that the underground city is not flooded and conserved "to a special occasion." Something kept him aquifers? Someone waiting for? Around the lake, in the woods, many preserved and destruction of war. Among them are the ruins of the small complex and the hospital for the elite SS troops. Everything was made of reinforced concrete and refractory bricks. And most importantly - a powerful pillboxes. Their concrete and steel dome were once armed with heavy machine guns and cannons, air supply mechanisms semiautomatic weapons. Under meter armor these caps to a depth of 30-50 meters went underground floors, where a bedroom and utility rooms, storage of ammunition and food, as well as communication centers.

Approaches to these deadly weapon emplacements were securely covered with minefields, trenches, concrete tank obstacles, barbed wire, engineering traps. They were at the entrance to each dot. Imagine, from armored door leads into the bunker bridge, which immediately capsize under the feet of the uninitiated, and will inevitably collapse into a deep concrete pit, where he will not live up. At great depths bunkers connected by passages with underground labyrinths.

So for what was built "City of earthworm"? I do not whether he unfolded a network of underground cities and communications up to Berlin? And if not here, in Kenshitse, the key to solving the mystery of the disappearance of concealment and "Amber Room" and other treasures stolen in Eastern Europe and especially Russia? Maybe, «Regenwurmlager» - one of the sites of Nazi Germany preparing to acquire a nuclear bomb? And today, daredevils, adventurers and dreamers go there to try to make opening and answer the questions that are in the story.


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