10 amazing underground cities

Probably all heard stories about people living in abandoned mines, caves and underground. Or maybe someone has read "The Time Machine" by HG Wells, and then probably remember the Morlocks. In many places in the world underground city not only exist, but sometimes even thrive.

1. Underground Pekin

Mao Zedong in 1969 ordered the construction of temporary housing for the socialist government. Construction took 10 years, and finally under the Beijing stretches an entire city with a total length of 30 kilometers. In it are shops, restaurants, schools, theaters, hairdressers and even a skating rink for roller skates. Apart from all these facilities, the city has about 1,000 shelters in case of attack.

Rumor has it that in every home "upper" Beijing was a secret hatch to the citizens, if necessary, can quickly retreat to the underground complex. In 2000, the cave was officially open to tourists and some bomb shelters are now used as hotels.

2. Setenil de las Bodegas

Unlike most cities in our list, the Spanish town of Setenil de las Bodegas is home to 3000 people. However, homes in this city are built directly into the rock, and not under the ground.

Most of the city streets is in the open, and tourists often come to this city to see the house, as if weighed down by rocks. Previously, the city served as the Moorish fortifications, and later used as an outpost in the struggle with the Roman Empire.

3. Moose Dzho

The city is located in the Canadian province of Saskatchewan, where winter lasts for a very long time. At the beginning of the 20th century there was so cold that take to the streets was almost impossible, and to build a tunnel under the city - it was warmer to reach jobs. Given the time period, when the tunnels, it is no wonder that they soon began to be used for illegal purposes.

Under the ground there were bandits and traffickers of alcohol - then in Canada was passed Prohibition. And where illegal alcohol and prostitution there is gambling, so it soon became an underground town in a mini Las Vegas. They say that in all this illegal activity was involved himself Al Capone.

4. City Bogov

Great Pyramids near the Egyptian city of Giza is still considered one of the greatest wonders of the world. But the pyramids - not just an architectural marvel. It is interesting by the fact that under them stretched a network of tunnels and chambers.

Researchers are studying the underground complex, called the City of the Gods, so far, but it is still shrouded in mystery. However, taking into account the scientific interest in this place, which arose as early as 1978, will soon succumb to unraveling the mystery.

5. Portlend

Under one of the largest cities in the region of the Pacific Northwest of the United States Shanghai tunnels are also known as the Forbidden City. They are under Chinatown, previously used for the transport of goods and, according to rumors, people. Because of this underground complex Portland acquired the glory of the worst places on the west coast of America - from the last century abducted healthy strong men for forced labor in sail boats. In addition, in the tunnels of prostitution. However, today the situation has changed for the better, and now is no risk when traveling through the tunnels there.

6. Salt Mine in Velichke

Located in southern Poland Wieliczka Salt Mine was built in the 13th century. Salt mining was conducted here until 2007, making it one of the oldest salt mines in history. But apart from that mine is a residential underground complex, where there are statues of the chapel, and even the cathedral.

The length of the shaft is about 300 kilometers. During World War II it was used by the Germans for the construction of ammunition. In addition, the mine has a large underground lake, which attracts to this place more than a million tourists a year.

7. Coober Pedi

Coober Pedy is also known as the opal capital of the world because it is a rich mine - is mined almost 30% of the world's opals. The town consists of houses called "dugouts" and is home to 1,600 residents. Dugouts have emerged as a means of combating the unbearable heat at the surface, and in addition protect the miners and their children from wild dogs Dingo and Australian Aborigines.

In addition to accommodation, the town boasts an underground shops, pubs, and even a cemetery to the church.

8. Kish

Under the city of Kish in Iran spread another city, so mysterious that even his own name does not matter. He was about 2 500 years. Initially, the underground city was used as a water management system.

Of course, like many ancient places, the city has recently been renovated and will soon open for tourists. Under the city plans to build cinemas, restaurants and hotels total area of ​​10 000 square meters.

9. Kappadokiya

The region of Cappadocia in Turkey is known primarily due to its underground city Derinkuyu. The town consists of several levels, and they say, has several thousand inhabitants. This is a big city with its own control system, shops, churches and schools. Here, even the wine is made.

It is believed that the underground facilities have hiding places where he was hiding from the persecution of the Roman Empire, Christians who do not want to go to feed the lions.

10. Bёrlington

In the vastness of the countryside in the UK there is a city code-named Burlington. It was built in the 1950s to house the British government in the event of nuclear war. City located in the old quarry area of ​​1 square kilometer and could accommodate 4,000 civil servants, however, without their families.

The town had its own railway station, hospital, underground lakes, water purification facilities and a pub. In addition, the city has provided the station from which the Prime Minister could inform their decisions around the small village. Burlington remained in operation until 1990 and was ready to accept the residents until the end of the Cold War.

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