Pauli effect - a facetious statement that the presence of some people can have a negative impact on the work of art

In the world of science, in different kinds of troops in the army, it made a good-natured fun of his colleagues from other areas: for example, biologists will never miss an opportunity to laugh at chemists, chemical - physicists and over t. e. However, within a single sector of science is also present a comic rivalry between people working on different directions: for example, physics theorists and experimenters conducting their research in laboratories, never miss an opportunity to each other, "pin". One such joke ended with the withdrawal of "Pauli effect", which can be formulated as follows: "One the presence of some people in the laboratory is able to knock out the most reliable instruments».

Laboratory equipment should be specifically and finely tuned, it depends on the accuracy of the results. Wolfgang Pauli (1900-1958 gg.) - A brilliant theoretician of physics, the Nobel Prize for the year 1945, "famous" among peers for its amazing luck, as soon as he'd ever for any need to look into the laboratory, there is always something break. Destruction after visits Pauli have become so commonplace that colleagues have come up with "Pauli effect" and the reputation of physics destroyer quickly spread throughout the scientific community.

It is particularly surprising that the equipment broke and knocks, even when Pauli and close to it did not come. A case where high-precision equipment in the laboratory of James Franck in Gottingen suddenly without any reason stopped working. Frank joke wrote Pauli in Zurich, in which he described what happened. In a response letter Pauli wrote that he went to visit Niels Bohr during a mysterious incident came back by train, which is the day just made a stopover in Göttingen.

In another case, we decided to play a trick on Pauli: using a relay connected to the front door of the room where the physicist had to give a lecture, with wall clock so that when Pauli opened the door, the clock stopped. But this did not happen when the scientist came unexpectedly denied relay.

Of course, the effect of the Pauli today can be attributed to a scientific folklore, but still keep in mind that if you are not "friends" with the technique, and you have all the breaks constantly, perhaps it's time to bring the world a favor and do theoretical physics.



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