Marine Solar Cells – floating solar panels from Phil Pauley


Plans to create huge solar plants in the desert, where a lot of free from the exploitation of space, already exist and have even begun to be implemented. But designer Phil Pauli (Phil Pauley) offers to install solar panels on a ... the vast expanses of the world ocean.


The name Phil Pauli, probably the most other names can be found on the website Novate.Ru. Indeed, many of his numerous developments deserve our attention. Among the works about which we wrote, Pauli can think of the project monorail Monorail Drive, dual tablet A3 — A3 Tablet Book, a submarine on wheels Pathfinder and giant Biome biosphere Saudi in Saudi Arabia.


But Pauli never ceases to generate new ideas, each more interesting than the previous one. One of the latest developments of this designer is the project of floating solar power Marine Solar Cells.

This project involves the installation directly in the neutral waters of floating solar panels that will generate "green" electricity, collect it and send it through cables on the ground, where it is needed.
The project Phil Pauli Marine Solar Cells two definite advantages. The first is the lack of need to seek free land for huge arrays of solar panels, as well as having to pay for her rent.


The second is greater efficiency floating solar panels, compared to those that are on the mainland. Because water reflects light, and because the panel, due to its distinctive, curved shape, will be able to produce 20 percent more energy than if they were located on earth.
In addition, the Marine Solar Cells can be not only solar power but also hydro power plant. Because its segments, in addition to solar energy, can convert into electricity and wave power, on which they swing.

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