New ultra-thin solnechne "Wallpaper" Sunflare can stick to any surface

Imagine that there are strips of thin, affordable solar cells and they are installed everywhere: on the roofs of trailers on the sides of buildings or on your car. New solar technology Sunflare makes this possible. In Los Angeles, has developed solar panels with thickness of a few micrometers, which, according to the founder of the company Len Gao, "can be attached to any surface with special double-sided adhesive tape".

The American team Sunflare spent 16 years developing the perfect solar panels from copper, indium, gallium and selenide. Solar panels outperform traditional solar technology, in terms of weight and efficiency, generate 10% more power and 65 % lighter. Solar cells CIGS Sunflare are also available — their potential value is only the 1.07 $ per watt.

The flexibility of thin film solar cells Sunflare, which does not have a glass substrate, gives an opportunity to put them in places inaccessible to traditional panels.

Sunflare is the concept on its website: "Panel Sunflare can easily be incorporated into existing systems or integrated into a unique architectural projects, providing clean, renewable sources of energy available."The process of production of solar panels is very puzzled manufacturers in the past, the production processes could be very expensive because the raw materials or the use of chemicals. In Sunflare say they found solutions to many of these issues in proprietary technology "Capture4 solar technology", which makes solar panels less toxic (as it does not use cadmium or lead) and reduces water consumption. It also includes the recycling of water.

In the company say that they have successfully started to produce solar panels last year, and is expected to start production on a large scale this summer. Sunflare will manufacture solar panels for practically all industries, ranging from military to construction and automotive industry. published




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