Riddle of Chinese ghost towns (12 photos)

You have all probably heard about the ghost towns in China. Here are the images are walking across the internet.

Why China is building a large, well-designed ghost towns that are completely empty?
Photos for Google Earth city in the country represent a huge complex consisting of office skyscrapers, government buildings, residential buildings, residential towers and homes, all connected by a network of empty roads, and some cities are located in the most inhospitable places in China.

Images of ghost towns (after countless billions of dollars spent on design and construction) show that they have no one lives.

Picture looks like a giant film set, prepared for the filming of some apocalyptic film in which a neutron hit or unknown natural disaster destroyed the men, leaving skyscrapers, sports stadiums, parks and roads completely intact. One of these cities all built in the middle of the desert, in the inner Monogolii & quot ;.

Business Insider published a series of photos of the Chinese ghost towns. None of these cars is not observed, except for about 100 pieces, parked on a large vacant lot near the government building, and another one, which depicts a beautiful park, and people are added to the photo editor.

China is now by some estimates about 64 million empty homes. In its "large areas of available land," China is building up to 20 new ghost towns in a year.


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