10 of the most famous cities - ghosts

Abandoned places, especially when it comes to cities, towns, factories and plants, have always attracted the attention of many curious adventurers. So, we offer you a selection of 10 of the most famous cities in the world abandoned:

1. Gunkandzhima, Japan. H4> Island Hashim or Gunkandzhima a unique ghost town. In the early 20th century, the Japanese company "Mitsubishi" is scheduled to start production of coal on the island and built a huge number of residential buildings for workers. Co time coal mines have lost their importance and the city became empty.


2. Pripyat, Ukraine - 100 km from Kiev. H4> was abandoned in 1986, during the Chernobyl accident were evacuated the entire population of Pripyat. In consequence of the high-level raditsii in the city it was impossible to live. Although the reactor has been neutralized, Pripyat is still uninhabitable empty city.

3. Centralia, Pennsylvania, United States. H4> Centralia when it was a flourishing mining town with lots of cafes, restaurants and magazinov.Seychas road to this place meets the words "Welcome to hell." Under Centralia burning the land for over 50 years. People left the city in 1984, although the problem started much earlier. This area is very dangerous, although the crack from which smoke is attracted turistov- extremists. If you remember the famous horror film "Silent Hill", then you may be wondering what is in Centralia.

4. Varosha, Cyprus. H4>
The city was occupied by the Turks in 1974. Prior to that, Varosha was the modern tourist area. After the Turkish invasion of the Greek Cypriots were forced to flee from goroda.Varosha remains completely abandoned the city, surrounded by barbed wire.

5. Bodie, California, United States. H4>
The ghost town of Bodie, California is located in Mono County on the border with Nevada. The city was named in honor of S.Bodi prospector who first discovered in the Sierra Nevada largest gold deposit. In 1861, they started to mine gold, and when it was found the second deposit, the city began to grow rapidly and razvivatsya.No every prosperity sooner or later come to an end. When the mines became depleted residents began to leave the city. Body now considered one of the best preserved ghost towns.


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