25 cities in the world, which you must visit. Collect the bags!

If you - a lover of history, and just oobozhaesh metropolis, then you will be thrilled with these 25 wonderful cities. They are certainly worth a visit! So look and come up with a route on the next trip. And these places will not leave you indifferent.

Venice, Italy
How can you not be included in this list Venice ?! With its endless channels, beautiful architecture and cozy wine bars. There is no other place on Earth.

New York, USA
This city is often called the "Crossroads of the World". Nowhere else you will not find such an astounding concentration of art, culture, cuisine and business.

Lhasa, China
Lhasa is the spiritual center of Tibetan Buddhism. Monasteries and palaces of this city created one of the most memorable views of the Earth.

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
From the world-famous carnival to its iconic skyscrapers, Rio de Janeiro is one of the most dynamic cities in the world.

London, England
With its prestigious museums, the famous street markets, and a bustling financial center, it is not surprising that London is one of the most visited cities in the world. What are you waiting for? London is waiting for you!

Marrakech, Morocco
Endless mazes, corridors full of colorful bazaars, stunning architecture - that is Marrakesh.

Of all the great cities of the ancient world, Petra - one of the most unusual. Built in the desert, he is cut off from the madding crowd. I do not believe it until you see.

Rome, Italy
Walking through Rome like the study of the world's largest open-air museum. Simply put, no city on Earth combines so many: art, kitchen, tons and tons of ancient history just as in the Eternal City.

Varanasi, India
Varanasi - one of the sacred cities of India. You never forget those beautiful sunrises in this city.

Florence, Italy
As the birthplace of the Renaissance, Florence boasts one of the most incredible art collections in the world, not to mention the magnificent cathedral, delicious Tuscan food, and rich architecture.

Havana, Cuba
Wander through the streets of Old Havana, it's like back in time to the world of stately pre-revolutionary buildings, classic cars, and the smell of home cooking.

Kyoto, Japan
Kyoto was the capital of Imperial Japan. Its elegant tea gardens and castles - this is the best way to discover the essence of traditional Japan.

Jerusalem, Israel
Jerusalem is the true crossroads of cultures. Nowhere is this not be seen as in the streets of the old town, where there were the greatest events in history.

Paris, France
It is called the most romantic city in the world. And for good reason. Charming area, cozy cafes ... What else do you need for the perfect date?

Beijing, China
Beijing - historical and cultural capital of China and home to two of the most spectacular places on Earth: the monumental Forbidden City and the Great Wall of China.

Lalibela, Ethiopia
One of the great holy cities of Ethiopia is famous worldwide for its unique collection of monolithic churches.

Granada, Spain
Granada has an undeniable magic power, which is rare to find even in the big cities of Europe.

Athens, Greece
The Acropolis is one of the first places in the list of amazing architectural buildings, but the sunny streets of the city, decorated with flowers and space museum does an incredible Athens more famous than the ancient ruins.

Bagan, Myanmar
Best sunrise can only be here, say experienced travelers.

Kathmandu, Nepal
Kathmandu - one of the most picturesque cities in the world.

The Vatican - city within a city and the birthplace of the Roman Catholic Church. Even if you're just a tourist, columns and domes of St. Peter's Square enough to the participation of your breath.

Lisbon, Portugal
Lisbon - the sun, the sea and the decadent atmosphere.

Tokyo, Japan
Tokyo seems to be a city of the future. While this metropolis is a mecca for shopping, gourmet and parties, it still remains home to some truly world shrines.

Istanbul, Turkey
The city where East meets West. With its monumental mosques and noisy bazaars, Istanbul - a city that boasts a thousand years of history and at the same time to remain contemporary.

Go round the world right now, otherwise you risk not to have time to see all these wonderful cities. Share the post with friends and leave together!



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