50 completely unpredictable places that you should definitely visit. Collect the bags!

There are places where they want to get everything such as Paris, Rome, Bangkok, Rio de Janeiro, Jerusalem, Tokyo, New York, Buenos Aires, Beijing and Stockholm. But today they are crowded with tourists and difficult to fully enjoy the beauty of these fantastic cities. The planet remains quite few places to which tourists have not yet arrived. So we made a list of the most unexpected of places that are really worth a visit if you are not happy with the touristy cities.

1. Isle of Skye, Scotland

It is incomparably beautiful island, located off the west coast of Scotland. You can visit the colorful town of Portree, a delicious drink whiskey and explore Dunvegan Castle.

2. New Orleans, USA

It is not just a city, it is a way of life. In this city of mixed European, Caribbean and African culture, making it one of a kind.

3. The island of Okinawa, Japan

Okinawa is located about 600 kilometers from the mainland of Japan. Its tropical climate makes it an ideal place for swimming, hiking and sunbathing. If you love nature and history, it is the perfect place for you.

4. Killarney

Quaint, but a vibrant city in south-west Ireland. If you love whiskey, nature, history and Irish culture, you should visit this city.

5. Montreal, Canada

It's a little piece of Europe in North America. The people here are friendly, the food is delicious and there are countless opportunities for entertainment.

6. Yerevan, Armenia

It's a magical and historic city with a wonderful view of Mount Ararat. With its unique architecture, hospitable people and delicious food and drinks.

7. Galle, Sri Lanka

City with a rich colonial history. Here you can enjoy the beaches, art and beautiful colonial architecture. In 1663 the Dutch built a fort here, which you can also visit.

8. Lofoten Islands, Norway

Located in the northern part of Norway, Lofoten islands are ideal for fishing and hiking. You can see here some of the most incredible scenery in the world.

9. Mestia, Georgia

This isolated city, located in northern Georgia, but it is certainly worth a visit, to drink Georgian wine, to go to the glacier, mingle with the locals and see the indescribable beauty of the Caucasus Mountains.

10. Reykjavik, Iceland

Reykjavik - Iceland's capital, and, surprisingly, one of the most beautiful cities on the planet. You'll be delighted with the ethereal nature of Iceland.

11. Beirut, Lebanon

Beirut is the historic capital of Lebanon. He is often called the "Paris of the Middle East." This is a great place to eat, travel and fun.

12. Pyongyang, North Korea

If you want to do something really adventurous, visited Pyongyang. This site will open your eyes to the eccentricities of humanity and at the same time recall the great privilege to have free people.

13. Gallipoli, Turkey

This place is one of the bloodiest battles of the First World War. It is a beautiful city with a rich history and stunning views of the Aegean Sea.

14. Kathmandu, Nepal

Kathmandu - the capital of Nepal. Over the years it has become a favorite place for tourists, but in it there are still many places untouched by foreigners.

15. Big Sur, California

There is nothing to see except on the waves crashing on the rocks. This is a great place to relax with tents and hiking.

16. Freetown Christiania, Denmark

This town is located inside the other city. He is a self-governing part of Copenhagen, which was established in 1971 by a group of hippies.

17. Trans-Siberian Railway, Russia

It is the very longest railway in the world, which stretches from Moscow to Siberia. Surely this is the most spectacular way to explore this vast country.

18. Lake Garda, Italy

Garda - the largest lake in Italy. It is located in the north of this beautiful country. This is a great place for swimming. And about Italian food, I generally keep quiet.

19. Corsica, France

Fantastic island in the Mediterranean. It is not for nothing is considered one of the most beautiful places in the world.

20. Tulum, Mexico

It is a paradise. One of the most beautiful beaches of Mexico is located near the Mayan ruins.

21. Rumbur Valley, Pakistan

If you're ready for adventure, visit this valley in northern Pakistan. There is no electricity, no newspapers and phones there is not catch.

22. Cartagena, Colombia

There are beautiful beaches, rich history and colonial architecture. You do not want to leave here.

23. Ha Long Bay, Vietnam

This place is famous for its beauty and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

24. Ulan Bator, Mongolia

The capital of Mongolia - one of the most remote cities in the world. You will like its culture, and you'll be impressed by its history.

25. Brussels, Belgium

Brussels is often seen as a political and business center, but it is not. Architecture magic here, the food is delicious and the people are experts in entertainment.

26. Zhukey, Brazil

The most popular city in Brazil - Rio de Janeiro, and in Zhukey very nice, quiet and there is a very tasty seafood.

27. Tzaneen, South Africa

This tropical city located in the north of South Africa, very beautiful and full of natural attractions.

28. Zaanse Schans, Netherlands

If you want to see windmills, museums and unique architecture, visit this place. It is not far from Amsterdam.

29. Eilat, Israel

A place where the desert meets the sea. There is always good weather and great food.

30. Belgrade, Serbia

Belgrade may seem a poor city, but it has a very rich culture and the people here are very hospitable.

31. Park Monastery de Piedra, Spain

This is a natural waterfall, as well as the place where the Moors built a monastery. Perfect for hiking.

32. Ljubljana, Slovenia

The largest city of Slovenia is full of friendly people. The ideal place to spend the summer.

33. Isla de Vieques, Puerto Rico

The island is only about 22 km long and 6 wide, but it is definitely worth a visit because of its crystal clear waters and beautiful beaches.

34. White Sands, New Mexico, USA

Desert beleyshego gypsum sand. During the day it is very hot, the heat comes from everywhere, from the sun and due to the reflection from the sand. At sunset, the snow-white sand dunes are bright pink.

35. Budva, Montenegro

It has everything: discos, restaurants and bars, a casino, sports fields, tennis courts. This place is suitable for active and fun holiday.

36. Coles Bay, Freycinet National Park, Tasmania, Australia

If you love beaches, outdoor recreation, beautiful scenery and adventure, visit this beautiful national park.

37. Gothenburg, Sweden

He is often cited as one of the friendliest cities in Sweden, and is famous for its cuisine and architecture.

38. Seoraksan National Park, South Korea

In the north-east of South Korea placed a beautiful corner of nature - Seorak National Park, famous for its waterfalls, bubbling geysers and an ancient Buddhist temple.

39. Atacama Desert, Chile

This is the driest place in the world. Some places have not seen rain for 400 years.

40. Plitvice Lakes National Park, Croatia

This paradise is located in the mountains of Croatia. 140 waterfalls, 20 caves, a unique beech and pine forest and 16 beautiful lakes with emerald waters with numerous waterfalls, which are poured into each other.

41. Jiuzhaigou National Park, China

This reserve in the north of Sichuan Province in central China. Known for its multi-level waterfalls and colorful lakes, declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

42. Rotorua, New Zealand

Rotorua - a unique geothermal area of ‚Äč‚Äčnature, the most famous mud baths, the most stunning and unparalleled views, and even the heart of the ancient culture of the Maori.

43. National Park Taman Negara, Malaysia

Taman Negara - is one of the oldest rainforests in the world, whose age - more than 130 million years. The abundance and diversity of nature here is just phenomenal.

44. Zanzibar

This island has a rich and diverse cultural heritage, the stored carefully Coast, unspoiled coastal waters and many species of marine animals.

45. Chavin de Huantar, Peru

Most people go to Peru, Machu Picchu to see, but this set is even older. It is worth seeing.

46. Broome, Australia

Main Beach Broome Cable Beach is known for its length and the beautiful golden sands.

47. El Shalten, Argentina

El Shalten - a small mountain village in the Province of Santa Cruz in Argentina. Located at the base of two mountains leads to the popularity of the area with climbers.

48. Varanasi, India

Varanasi is an important religious site in the world Hindu pilgrimage center of Hindus from all over the world, such as ancient as Babylon or Thebes.

49. Kazan, Russia

One of the oldest cultural centers of Russia with a unique multi-ethnic and cultural heritage.

50. Bagan, Myanmar

Ancient pagodas, temples, sacred caves and stupas, located in the bend of the river Irrawaddy, the memory of the former capital of the Burmese Empire.

Even from the photos these fantastic places is breathtaking. You will not regret visiting them and you will be sure to tell your friends about the incredible adventures!

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