66 days that will change you! Get rid of bad habits, and alive to the fullest.

Habit - a very peculiar human phenomenon. Part of the life of each of us is made up of a succession of habitual actions. And we do not particularly seek to change this, because we feel comfortable with a minimum of innovations.

It may be a little harmless habits such as clicking of a pen or the crunch of bones as well as dangerous to health - smoking, alcoholism. The habit is so firmly embedded in our lives that we can not even recall the moment of its appearance, equally imagine life without her.

But in fact there is a clear mechanism by which each work habit. It consists of 3 required elements. The first - is the trigger that causes your brain to do a certain thing. The second - a routine repeated this action. And the third - a fee, or any advantage that we get when we do something.

Your brain remembers the sequence and displays it each time the trigger is pressed. This occurs on the machine - you do not think about how to do this, everything happens by itself. Because of this lack of full awareness, the habit is very difficult to overcome.

Gradually, you become a slave to his habits. You do not feel free, because you can not refuse to perform a particular action.

But it is possible to replace the habits that you do not like on the other - positive. Imagine for example, how cool to have a habit of doing sports, read a book or eat right. And I do it not because they have to, but because they simply can not do.

In fact, to achieve such a result, it will take 66 days. Only if the case does not concern any of potent substances that are addictive in the physical layer. But the emotional component of habit can be overcome during this period.

Be obnoxious (days 1 - 22)

Tell us about your plans for the greatest number of people around. Let your friends, relatives, friends and colleagues know about your problem. Ask them to control you, swear, if necessary, and constantly reminded.

The pressure of public opinion and unwillingness to get disapproving praised by others, the process will return to the old habit more difficult. It is much easier to disappoint myself than someone else.

Spend introspection (Days 22-44)

At this stage it should be a good closer look at his life. Try to understand what you want to achieve the kind of results achieved, what constitutes.

Getting rid of the habit, it is important to answer the question, why is it you have there, it gives you. Each habit usually have many secondary benefits that you receive. If it is smoking - the soothing nerves, communication, the ability to think in solitude, always a lot of options. Try to deal with each of them and found them worthy replacement. Find out what the underlying needs are met or that habit and learn to satisfy their different way. For example, you can do breathing exercises or meditate to relax.

work on motivation (Days 44-66)

Even if you survived all the previous days, during this period it is very easy to break. Therefore, we must pay special attention to the motivation.

Close your eyes, relax and imagine a new life in detail. Lost in the mind of every advantage that it gives you. Draw everything in as much as possible the bright colors, worked every detail. Look closely at this picture and remember it. Now imagine another self - the one who was not able to break the habit, draw in the imagination as much as possible the negative and deplorable way, the worst of what could be, if you refuse the habit.

This is one of the techniques that can be used to increase motivation, there is a plurality of them. Work on it, and the chances to achieve his dream to grow at times.

Pamper yourself (66 +)

Get rid of the habit - this is a great achievement, so try somehow to please yourself when you finally reach your goal. Meet friends or do something about what had long dreamed of. Mark this day to be remembered to you and become a symbol of the fact that you yourself can dispose of his life.

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