As 30 days to completely change my life

A small test, passing which you just over a month completely change your life.

We are what we repeatedly do.
And excellence is not an act but a habit.


Scientists have long speculated that for those who have at least a little willpower, you need about 30 days to form a new habit. As in any other new business, the most important thing in this – to start, and to overcome the first awkward steps. 80% of success. That is why it is so important to make small but positive changes in their lives for at least 30 days.

You've heard the old saying, "How do you eat an elephant? One piece at a time"? The same applies to the change in their own lives. Trying to bite off more than you can swallow, you just choke. But biting off a little at a time – for instance, starting to eat a little healthier, a little more exercise, a little reorganizing your workflow – and you will not notice how the elephant will be swallowed, and the goal is achieved.

In addition, you will not need a huge and indomitable willpower. The mere fact that you started to do something that will give you need a boost, and soon you will realize that unleashed the avalanche – one change will follow another with such speed that your eye just won't keep up with them. And when I started to do with my life, I liked it so much that I decided to share my experience with the world.

Below you will find 20 trials that could be completed in a period of 30 days. Ready to testify – each of them has the potential to create new positive habits in your life. Yes, some of them slightly overlap each other. And no, you don't have to take on all 20 trials at a time. It is better to select for the next 30 days from 2 to 5 tests – but really, for them to grip with all my heart. And once you have them completely mastered, choose a few more the next month.

1. Use words that contribute to happiness.

Usually when I ask someone "How are you?" I answer something like "Fine" or "okay." But one sleepy Monday morning a colleague of mine responded to a similar question, "Just fine"! It made me smile and then think. I asked him what happened to such a wonderful, and he answered: "Well, of course – I'm healthy, my family is in OK and we live in a free country. Isn't that wonderful"? Butthe difference between his life and mine was in the very small – the treatment of this life itself. His life is not necessarily better than the other, but he seemed twenty times happier than they are. But because po try in the next 30 days to use more words that cause smiles on their faces.

2. Try every day to try something new.

Variety adds life acuity. You can see or do something a million times, but for the first time - only once. Our first impressions often leave a mark in our minds for a lifetime. Try in the next 30 days every day to learn or experience something new. This can be anything from a new hobby to talk with a stranger. And once you get the hang of it – believe me, these new experiences will sooner or later open the door to a whole new world of opportunities that can change your life.

3. Try every day to make some sort of selfless act.

No wonder they say – as you sow, so shall you reap. And when you have a positive impact on someone's life, at the same time you change yours. Do something unselfish, something that will make someone else happy, or at least less miserable. I promise it will be a very pleasant experience. Perhaps one that you will remember for a lifetime. Of course, your choices in this regard are endless, but if you can help someone and it costs you nothing – do it.

4. Every day learn and practice one new skill.

If you can rely on yourself in any situation, you will certainly live a happy and productive life. And to rely on yourself, you need to acquire as many useful skills, becoming a sort of Jack-of-all-trades. And despite all those stories about what the handyman, he says, good-for-nothing, in fact they are much more adapted to life than specialists in one narrow area. In addition, learning new skills is fun.

5. Every day teach someone something new.

We all have our natural strengths and talents that can dramatically help people around us. That is for you, for other can be quite complex. We take these gifts of fate as a reality, often hardly realizing how much we can offer other people, and rarely something to share with them. But these priceless gifts can help us to spread around us happiness and the will to live.

What people often thank you? What they most often ask you to help? A large part of the passions and inner talents can help those who is in their circle of friends. For you it could be drawing, teaching of mathematics, the ability to cook delicious meals and is a teacher of some courses. Try the next 30 days to share their talents and experience.

6. Every day dedicate at least an hour on something you are really passionate about.

Don't forget to do your Hobbies. It can be anything. Some people get pleasure from participating in the political life of their city, others find comfort in your faith, someone else involved in the clubs, bringing together people with similar Hobbies, but even for someone of their hobby can be the most important thing in life. But each of these cases are actually similar to the others. All these people are doing something, what they are really passionate about. A passion that fills their lives with happiness and meaning.

7. Be kind to all. Even those who are rude to you.

If you kindly talk with someone who dislikes you, it does not mean that you hide your feelings. Rather, it means that you really are an adult and able to control them. Treat all others with kindness and respect, even to those who treat you the best, not because they are good people, but because you are such a person. Try to behave in a similar manner the next 30 days, and little by little you'll see the rudeness around you slowly dissipates.


8. Try to always keep a positive attitude.

Truly successful people try to always be optimistic. They nurtured the ability to create their own happiness and desire to create. It doesn't matter what you find yourself situation, remember that every successful singer was once an ordinary girl, always whitnesses find in his life a positive. She knows that every mistake is just an opportunity for personal growth, and a chance to learn something new. Those who think optimistically see the world as a place Packed full of endless possibilities, especially in hard times. Try in the next 30 days to look on the bright side of this world.

9. Always be grateful for the lessons you teach life situations.

It is important to remember that everything that you had to face – a life lesson. Everyone you meet, everything that you would face, and so on. It's all part of that great life lesson that we call life. Try to always be thankful for him, especially when things don't go the way you want to. And if you haven't got that job, which was the dream, or personal relationships have not led to anything serious, it just means that somewhere ahead of where you expect the best. And the lesson you just learned is only the first step on the path to a better option. Try the next 30 days to write in your journal all the lessons that you taught life.

10. Pay attention to your life – and enjoy it.

When a few months ago I watched the ceremony of the Oscars, I realized that a large part of the speeches the winning actors and Actresses started like this: "It means so much for me. My whole life has led to this moment."

But you know what the truth is? The life of each of us leading to this moment. Yes, to this very moment where we are now. Think about it.

All that you have done in your life – bad, good and neutral – brings you to the point where you are now. Ask yourself how do you live your life? And if you are like most people, the answer is likely "not Enough". So try a little less to focus on to achieve something and more to just live. Remember – we live for the moment. Life is here and now. So try to spend the next 30 days, being authentic.

11. Try in the next 30 days to get a day at least on one thing.

Every moment of our lives we live, surrounded by huge amount of garbage and unnecessary things – no matter where we are at this moment (at work, in the car, at home or somewhere else). We are so used to it that not even notice how it affects us. But if you clear external debris, however it will go and a fair amount of debris internal. So try each day to choose one unwanted subject and one way or another to get rid of it. This is actually very simple, although at first you may not seem so. But sooner or later you will get rid of your "squirrel syndrome" and your cleared of rubbish mind will tell you "thank you."

12. Try these for 30 days to create something new.

The creation of something new... Oh, this feeling nothing compares to it. The involvement to the fullest of their own creativity and create something new with their own hands will grant you unspeakable pleasant feeling of accomplishment, the likes of which simply do not. The only "but" — you must do something that you really like. If you have the whole day to make a plan of financial investment for their clients, hating every second of this process, it is not considered. But if you find a hobby that you really like, and create something that applies to him – it could change your entire life. And if you did not create anything with their hands just because you want it, try it. Release your creativity to freedom – at least for the next 30 days.

13. In the next 30 days don't lie a single word.

Yes, it may seem difficult, if not impossible, after all, "white", "innocent" lie often pours out of us in a continuous stream. But you will be able. Enough to deceive yourself and others, talking about, searching for the words coming from the heart, speak the truth.

14. Try every day to Wake up 30 minutes early.

Try every day to Wake up 30 minutes early, so as not to run in the mornings, like a rabbit, bitten by a kangaroo. These 30 minutes will help you avoid fines for speeding, tardiness and other unnecessary headaches. Try it – at least for those 30 days and see how it will affect your life.

15. Get in the next 30 days from 3 bad habits.

Eating too much junk food? Playing too much video games? Quarrel with their relatives? In General, you know your bad habits. Select 3 of them and try to get rid of them in the next 30 days. Point.

16. Try to watch TV not more than an hour a day.

Better entertain yourself with something from the real world. The best memories we have from the wonderful events that happen to us in real life, and only there. So turn off your TV (or computer, if you are watching TV programs on it), and go outside. See the world, enjoy nature, take in the simple joys that can offer you life, and just watch as it unfolds before you.

17. Set yourself a worthwhile goal and work on it at least an hour a day.

Break your large-scale, big goal into small pieces and focus on one piece at a time. Yeah, so, making one small step at a time, you will most quickly reach the goal, but to make the first step is usually the hardest. Try in the next 30 days spend at least one hour a day is what you always wanted to achieve. Take your dream and translate it into reality.

18. Read one Chapter of a good book every day.

Now that the Internet gives us an endless stream of information, articles, dialogues and discussions, people spend more and more time reading online. Nevertheless, all this cannot replace verified over the years the wisdom of some classic books that share (and will share) their wisdom for many generations. Books open many doors – both in your mind and in your life. Search the Internet list of classic books and visit your local library. Then spend the next 30 days reading at least one Chapter a day until you finish reading the entire book. And then select another one. And again. And again.

19. Try every morning to watch or read something that will inspire you to new achievements.

Sometimes in order to fill yourself with energy for the whole next day, you need a little. And because in the next 30 days, before you leave the house, watch a motivational video or read something (quotes, blog post, short story) that might inspire you.


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20. Every day after lunch, do something that will make you smile.

View funny video on YouTube, read your favorite comics or find online a couple of fresh anecdotes. Healthy laughter stimulates your mind and replenish your energy reserves. And this is best done after lunch, when a burst of energy you need most.published


P. S. And remember, only by changing their consumption — together we change the world! ©



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