Do you know why the bottom of a wine bottle necessarily concave?

The unforgettable Yuri Nikulin was fond of that trick with the champagne. If we had a feast with sparkling wine, it was up to dispute.

"Bet 10 rubles – I'll drink champagne out of this bottle without removing the cork. Even foil will not hurt".

And drank, turning the bottle and poured into a hole in the bottom of wine from another tank.

In addition, an informal, a concave bottom and has a direct purpose. And not even one.

Winemakers and glassblowers prefer this account to laugh it off, or refer to the mysteries of the profession. In fact, versions of the tradition to make a bottle of wine with an unusual bottom four:

  • the first - a romantic,
  • second - prose,
  • third - and not at all sad,
  • latest - modern.

Easy transportation

In France only recently ceased to consider themselves center of the world of wine, and before this century long exploited the best reputation without compunction. The word "punt" of those times — the so-called the concavity on the bottom of a wine bottle. Did punt consciously, as in ancient times, other containers for intoxicating drink does not exist, and the demand for it was enormous. That had to carry throughout Europe and beyond, thousands of dozens of bottles, each of which protruding tube rested in suitable size punt companions. Straw, to shift the bottle, do not have enough, so he found a way out.


To hide the residue

The imperfection of the technology, coupled with natural processes had resulted in the bottle of wine had formed a thick layer of sediment. Even worse than the picture. Pour it into glasses, of course, no one wanted, so went to the trick. In the narrow valleys around the concave bottom sediment eventually would like to get stuck, not mixed with the main fluid volume. And you can safely drink wine without risk a SIP of nasty sludge.


It's not a "bug", it's "feature"

Bottle of wine took shape in those days, when glass was blown by hand, neither of which are of the same type of machine stamping and speech was not. Make a flat bottom, without seams and ledges — an incredible and useless work, so the glass blowers went to the trick. They deliberately hid all the flaws inside the concave structure, avoiding the angry customers. They were not against for drunken gaze that not even a bottle of that with deformed bottom looked the same, but the second could pour a goblet of goods less and thereby save money.

By the way, the size and shape of the concavity is very different from region to region. For example, in Germany boasted of his skill of glass blowers, and in spite of French neighbors produced a bottle with a flat bottom. On the other hand, the North, the higher was the level of production and primitive alcohol, so the need for fancy bottles.


The modern version

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A key property of sparkling wines is in their ability to accumulate carbon dioxide. We all know they are capable the excess pressure inside a champagne bottle. This force does not escape prematurely, the capacity is given a characteristic, stable form, where the key element is the concave bottom. published



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