20+ original use of plastic bottles in the country


Today's all-everything is sold in plastic bottles: water, soda, milk... of all the debris that we're saving the nastiest — that bottle. One bottle in the trash sunet — all: consider half a bucket filled. And what in the country! In many suburban towns dumpsters simply no. One way out: either to take all this "good" in the city, to the nearest container, or to use what is not recyclable in country conditions.

The logical question is: how plastic bottles can be used in the household, so that would be both useful and convenient, and beautiful? Here and talk about this.


By the way, factsheet: water in the plastic decomposes from 100 to 500 years (according to various estimates and depending on the type of plastic).

Plants that recycle waste, we are few, and people sometimes find interesting application of a simple and seemingly completely unnecessary things.

Plastic bottles in the garden decorare the ability of such beauty to create a neighbors jealous! Want to decorate the garden without too much cost? Look at your cottage empty plastic bottles.

Nice neat flower bedsPlastic bottles can protect flowerbeds. The benefit here is obvious: the beds and the beds are not washed away by rains, always look neat and pleasing to the eye. In my opinion, looks great... How to make a flower bed?


Of course, need a lot of bottles. Preferably of the same size. Pour them into the sand, close and begin to build a "stockade". The bottles have a little heel in the ground, so they were stable. After the fenced flower bed, paint the border any color of the rainbow. In principle, you can do it in advance as you wish. But I think the painting already finished the fence than each bottle separately. And capacity of dark plastic and you can leave as is, also looks nice.

Flowers, palms, butterflies and other "tropical" Beauty indescribable. Turn on the imagination, awaken the imagination and create in your garden all kinds of flowers that will never wither and rot)). To make it clearer, as from a bottle to do something (say, flowers), let us consider an example.


You might need:

  • plastic bottles of different colors;
  • scissors, an awl, a thick thread;
  • PVA glue and "Master";
  • acrylic paint;
  • candle;
  • wire;
  • beads, beads — for jewelry.
Everything else is more or less understandable, but why a candle? It's simple. Cut from bottle necks. A neck cut is not until the end along, making 6 petals. Give the petals a rounded shape. Light the candle and each petal is scorched, so a little melted. First the edges so they were nice and smooth, and then at the base of the petals by bending them to form the shape. Plastic when heated is well formed.

Stem better make thick wire. Stamens — thin wire on which to thread the beads. Will only need to collect the whole thing, bonding with adhesive, optionally using an awl and wire. The finished flower to decorate. You know what the beauty of it?


Trees, bells, butterflies and stuff to do also not difficult. For example, the trunk of a palm tree is easily constructed from a brown plastic bottle, cut off each bottom and strung the bottles on one another. Be creative, and succeed!


Cute animals for sudais bottles who just don't. The simplest, perhaps is the pig. Just want something to cut and bend the "ears" to attach the tail and beautifully decorate. However, there are crafts and very very difficult. For example, animals from fairy tales. I'm not going to explain how to do them in stages, otherwise the article will get a galactic scale. Better to just show a video of the slides. In the photo, in principle, you can see how to do not hard to understand. How do you like these animals?

In my opinion, looks great! And if you involve kids, they will love it!
The tools used are the same as those listed above. Paint — not necessarily acrylic. But they dry faster which is a plus. And almost no smell. However, they, too, are different.


Air curtains for sadati DIY captivated me is its lightness and uniqueness. Specially gather up the bottles and make such a curtain in his yard! I think you can use bottles of different sizes. Useful mainly the bottoms, but it still leaves to cut! From afar, it is unclear on what hanging these sheer flowers, the more interesting idea =) Look...

As you can see, you can seal the flowers thread, you can glue them to the substrate (e.g. plastic film). I think this option is perfect for the gazebo. And light, and rain will not penetrate. Options for curtains from a great many bottles. But I still liked more the first option. And you?


Lamps and chandeliers for salesonline, why not? To buy in garden lamp — not profitable, it's just a light bulb to hang ugly. Lamp from plastic bottles — great lighting garden plot.

These chandeliers are not ashamed and in the house to hang.

The main rule: we cannot allow the plastic parts in contact with the light bulb, they can melt. However, you can use energy-saving lamp, it is heated less — up to +50...+60°C.


Garden path of butylacetate and bottoms will make a good trail, which is nice to walk barefoot to massage the feet.

Please note: the bottoms are stacked on the soft sand. When laying the master applies a force to the workpiece crammed with sand. This will prevent their deformation in the future, when you walk on them

Housewares from plastic butylochku really where the expanse something... If you think that garden decor from bottles — not for you, maybe you will be interested in what useful things they can do.

Umyvalnikom simple variant — to hang upside-down bottle, and when you need to wash your hands, just Unscrew a little cover. The bottom of the bottle it is better to cut it off and make it removable to make it easier to pour water. There is nothing difficult, and the child cope. The washbasin can be hung on the tree or somewhere else. By the way, use this idea when you go on a picnic, in handy, and hands always clean.


It is desirable that our makeshift sink was closed, so that the water from falling leaves, insects and other debris. There are more complex designs. You can, for example, embedding in a large bottle hose with a tap. But it is so very convenient.

Loadedinto scoops and scoop with your hands easier. Take a bottle and mark with a marker the shape of the future scoop. Further — a matter of scissors. Well, or knife.


Capoccio of these shoes, which wear out really fast. So strong and beautiful Slippers in the economy is always useful. Not-e-et, don't think that Slippers from bottles that only scoops with heels. I'd like to see this... Although simple variants too. For example, this one:

A more complex version looks like this:


These bouquets do, of course, optional. And in General Slippers excellent. To avoid slipping, and foot feel comfortable, you can experiment with the "layers". How to make holes? Yes, at least a punch! But if there is men, give them to solve this puzzle.

Details should look like this:


Devices for repelling rodents and nasekomykh different sorts. I planted only about vetryachok from the mole and a trap for mosquitoes.

Let's start with traps
To make it very simple. Cut off the bottle top and stick in it into the bottle upside down. The design should be darker with paper or cloth — mosquitoes are more likely get there.

As bait in bottom of bottle to pour the sugar-yeast syrup. To make it simple: pour hot water, add to the sugar and yeast, stir and let cool. This trap will attract mosquitoes, but also bees, wasps, flies.

You can put a design on a window or hung — it's optional. Need to clean it once a week.


By the way, I don't know why in the photo the brown syrup, maybe brown sugar?))) Or maybe it's the brew. By the way, Yes — the brew insects also fly. Once left a jar of kvass, there are so many things flew!

Vane-vetryachok, scaring away moles and not only
Here is a General diagram of the repeller:


Ask yourself, what is he afraid of? On the bottom of the bottle advise to put beads, ball bearings and other "rumbling" elements. Say the sound of this wind turbine, moles can't stand. Anyone have moles? Try it, then write a review here, huh?
Yes, the axis on which is mounted a hack, you need to stick to the land — I think you understand.


About the fact that some are saved from medvedok using bottles, I think you already know. The bottle cut the bottom and the throat, turns the cylinder, which digged in the earth. This "case" protects the root system of young plants from the attacks of the mole crickets.

Boxes for instrumentable these purposes more suitable bottles rectangular. For example, under machine oil. However, there are water bottles shaped like this. Are the boxes easy. Mark with a marker — cut. =))

These boxes can be useful in the household:


A device for the deep watering of plants and their night obogrevateli plants do not like surface irrigation. Not to mention the fact that the moisture on the surface — a good environment for the development of putrefactive processes. Therefore, some of the beds my mom pours using the plastic bottles.

The bottles need to cut off the bottom, but not until the end, to get something like the caps. The ground on the side of the plants torn, make a small trench and put back the stones. Drainage is needed so that water does not erode the soil. Then put the bottles with their necks down and perevalivaet the ground. Now to water the plant only need to open the lid and pour the desired amount of water.

Some dig in the container neck up, but then you need in the bottle to make holes so that the water was gone.


With regard to the heating plant, then you can just pour in a bottle of water and impose their plant. In the sun the water will heat up and will be for some time to give heat to the earth. Know, glass bottles is also digged in the earth, but today we talk about plastic.

Knee pads for sadanori people in General are contraindicated to work upside down. This is especially true for hypertensive patients. How, then weed the flower bed? There are many fixtures, I will tell you about the knee pads. If you work on the knees, the head will not be at the bottom, therefore the health does not suffer.

All you need is to find suitable bottle, try them to their knees and cut the knee pads of the desired shape. Then attach the ties. It's simple.


Pots for cvetovi what are the only pots made of plastic bottles are not. Some do not viagrausa and just poured in the bottle land. Others do real masterpieces. The possibilities are endless. What is good: bottles can always be painted in any color and hang anywhere. For example, do you like this idea?


Or here's:


Very nice, and not immediately guess what made pots.

Podsvechnik first candle holder from a plastic bottle I did in elementary school, in the classroom work=)) It's just. Cut off the bottle neck and the bottom (about half the bottle). Then the part that is with the bottom, cut into strips and folded them. A stick inside the part with neck. It will hold a candle. In General, simple. But this is only one of the options, and two of the neck to connect. Here's how:


MetroWest a thousand words will show one video.

Why buy a broom when it can be done in half an hour?

Voronkov the farm occasionally, you may need something to pour it from one container to another. Not necessarily something edible — it happens, and diluted fertilizer, and poison for Colorado beetles... Not to use same for such purposes, a funnel from the kitchen! And out of the hopper can be made at any time.


Feeders picmy all winter fed birds near the feeders. Bottle used large, 5-liter. I cut them into Windows, did a little "rapids" and "the porches". To and sit the bird was comfortable, and the snow inside is not seasoned. Another plus — these convenient feeders to hang on trees, they already have handles.


Construction of plastic buylocate you don't funnel with the pots, but something more serious. Enterprising people whatever it can afford to build. From plastic bottles, for example, make excellent greenhouses and gazebos.

Greenhouse plastic greenhouse butalongola medium size is worth more than 15 thousand rubles. I know as interested in this question. Add to that the cost of the Assembly. Not everyone can figure out what's what. But there is an alternative that is not inferior in performance and will cost you... just something in the 500-700 empty plastic bottles!

Plastic used to make bottles, 20 times stronger than dense polyethylene. It keeps excellent temperature, does not melt in the sun and could serve for decades. Greenhouse from a plastic bottle has a number of advantages:

  • it is cheap;
  • durable;
  • easy to repair;
  • light in weight, it can be moved if necessary;
  • looks pretty cute.

I walked on different sites and realized that there are 2 basic ways to use plastic bottles in the construction:

Each bottle is cut off the bottom. Does a thin rail and it is strung all the bottles. You will have completed construction of the bar. From bottles cut off the bottom of the throat. Then what happened — the middle part is cut along. It turns out a rectangular piece of plastic. It iron iron (required of hard paper) to flatten. Of these sheets sheets sew more. Preferably, overlap. You can use an awl; for bonding of parts — cord thread or wire. It is not recommended to sew a thread or fishing line sutures rapidly break down and disperse. 3e479d3308.jpg

When the leaves (boards) are ready, and you frame to do. He made of the usual wooden bars with a hammer and nails. Form — any. Can — house, you — triangle. And then fasten on the frame that made from bottles. In the first case, the strap should be put as close as possible to each other to the wind walked. Well, you can always tape glue. In General, will understand!)) And in the second case the finished plate out of plastic bottles simply nailed to the wooden frame.

Important point — the roof. In General, a good frame can withstand pretty heavy weight, but insiders suggest the roof to be covered with bottles, and polycarbonate sheets. Or in the winter something to strengthen suddenly a lot of snow in bulk.

Gazebos and other auxiliary buildings of Butylochka you immediately that the bottles, even houses are built, and how! A sight for sore eyes! But mainly use glass bottles — they are stronger still. And they need sand to fill.

Technology of construction of houses made of plastic bottles, in General, is simple. The child will understand. Bottles stuffed with sand. It will be our "bricks". Mark out the shape of a gazebo, think through the architecture, making the cement Foundation and erect the walls!


There are, however, subtleties. For example, between rows of masonry it is better to put a reinforcing mesh — stronger structure. In addition, until complete drying of the solution bottle better than something to hold, not to spread. Well, follow the rules common to the masonry brick wall. Will succeed!


Although it is possible to make and more easy arbor — much like a greenhouse:


In conclusion, I want to say this. Friends, let's be able to find debris some more good use than the dump. If the world was as less as possible waste dumps. And that is even the seabed is dirtied.


I in the spring are generally very angry people. The snow is melting, open eyes first "snowdrops"... So even in the newspaper wrote, tried conscientiously to exert pressure useless. I think I should print this post and bring them to all their neighbors))).
Of course, it's not all the use of plastic bottles in the country... you Can even boat to do... mugs, chairs... anything! published

P. S. And remember, only by changing their consumption — together we change the world! ©


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