10 habits that kill luck

Do you want to get lucky? Then learn about the 10 habits that in no case can not acquire, if you really want to be a lucky man. Here they are:

1. The habit of jumping to conclusions.
Very often we think that we are already in advance know how and what will happen, and begin to act in accordance with their misconceptions about the future. In fact, life likes to throw up such surprises, which even hard to imagine, so do not rely on your hasty conclusions. Also mistakenly think that we know the causes of people's actions and their subsequent actions. This is absolutely wrong, and very often leads to conflicts and misunderstandings in the relationship.

2. Habit dramatize events.
We should not exaggerate minor setbacks upset over little things. When this behavior we have an alarm occurs, which does not allow to be successful in life.

3. The habit of creating stereotypes and labels.
When we try to once and for all determine the nature of things, we can very much mistaken. In fact, everything in the world is much more interesting than it might seem at first glance, so do not try to drive all within certain limits.

4. Habit share all "black and white┬╗.
In fact, the color palette of life, there are thousands of options, and the desire to get "all or nothing" leads to the fact that we simply do not notice. There is no perfect job, friends, relations. Great art - be glad that you have.

5. Habit generalize.
Often we try to find a trend in a series of our successes and failures. In fact, several repeat the situation has nothing to show. Treat each event as self-worth.

6. The habit of taking everything to heart.
Do not worry because of the bad news on TV stories about the diseases your neighbor or the failure that befell your colleague. Sympathy, help, but do not worry because of other people's problems.

7. Habit trust flood of emotions.
Your feelings show your subjective perception of the world that is not always true.

8. Habit be apathetic.
To be successful, you have to be an optimist. Wait, look for and believe in the good - and you'll get it! People with a negative attitude often do not even notice the opportunities that would bring them good luck.

9. The habit of doing everything by the rules.
Often we ourselves set itself certain limits, which do not bring nothing but difficulties and nervousness. Should not create unnecessary obstacles where they do not exist.

10. The habit of digging up the past.
Much better to leave the past alone, forgive all the insults to himself and others, and with a pure heart to live. It is not necessary to keep in the heart of past failures and disappointments. Live on, believing in luck and hoping for the best.


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