How to get your luck back: no magic — just specific actions

Many famous people admit that no luck would not have achieved success. "To be at the right time in the right place" is one of the indispensable components in the recipe of success of great people. Without luck, any work becomes a Sisyphean task. But what if luck suddenly left you?

On the Internet you can find many tips about how to bring good luck: believe in yourself and good; to be open to people; give more than; to have a goal and know what you want; do what you love and do not retreat before difficulties.

Of course, these tips will help you become more successful. However, if you can with their help become visible for the Happy Occasion and to bring luck into your life?

And how about those lucky people for whom there is no need for any rules and special actions? Luck consistently comes to them itself...

Someone always has money for unplanned expenses, and someone often gets to open the turnstile in the subway and goes without a badge. One client told me that she in her life never looking for work and not a day of sitting without her – her work has always offered friends. And, the best, ideal her a suitable, well-paid.

Why is this happening and can I change the situation to the same lucky man of steel and you?

On the trail of Fortune

Of course, if luck just doesn't happen, then catching it useless. But how to bring luck into your life? Everyone has long known: to win the lottery is only possible if you buy a lottery ticket. So give luck a chance to prove themselves! Do, act, engage – and then you're lucky.


"People reaching success in the world — those people who stand up and looking for the right case" — Bernard Shaw


If luck has left you, remember the circumstances under which it happened. What is the important (and Unimportant) happened at that time in your life? What has changed in your behavior, habits, and beliefs?

It is advisable to think about the context of possible significant dates in your family (birthdays and deaths, weddings and divorces, relocations, etc.). Maybe something important happened to any of your relatives or ancestors at the same age or same stage of life?

Try to remember that time in your life when you've been lucky really. Luck happens to all of us, even the most unlucky. How did you feel then? What was your condition, thoughts, feelings? Make sure to return to these feelings – perhaps you will find something forgotten in myself that had attracted good fortune.

If luck avoids hard your life party, it makes sense to take a closer look at what is happening with you.

Why so unlucky?

Luck and luck – it's not just the gifts, it is also the ability to rely on the world around us. We are lucky in the moment when we experience a state of harmony with oneself and with the outside world, unable to hear ourselves and what surrounds us, and move synchronously with the world. And then there is what people call luck: I take a step and the World takes a step forward. Luck is the dance of a man with the events happening around.

To understand how to get your luck back, you need to first consider those causes which are preventing you from being successful.

Sometimes these reasons are obvious, and sometimes have their roots in the fate of previous generations.

The ability to make

Good luck to all-took place, it still need not be frightened and accept it. Strange as it sounds, all that goes easily alienates people. "Free cheese only in a mousetrap!", I think we go around luck party.

In addition, when luck finally manages to break into our lives, it may be that people who wanted, in fact, cannot accept anything that goes "easy". All you need to "earn", and the harder the work, the tangible achievements...

Good luck — this is the basic attitude to the world

Install that prevent to let the man luck in his life, can be varied.

Part of them originates in early childhood when we learn the world and form their attitudes. How fully met our needs, how we feel comfortable and safe, further defines our relationship to ourselves and the world.

Parental attitudes and relationships with parents have a huge influence on how people will be successful in adult life. At a very early age the child learns and remembers very firmly, if I love him, do as he or she may be loved, protected, not alone.

Deep acceptance of their parents entails the acceptance of oneself. It is the only way to hear yourself and be at peace with myself and with the outside world.

Luck is the fate of our ancestors

Our relationship with happiness and success do not only depend on the way our childhood. Installation can be a beginning and in the lives of our ancestors. Dekulakization, collectivization, painful the division of property among the heirs, war and famine – all these tragic events leave a deep mark in the lives of many following generations.


Any win if he handed out some cards, professional wins regardless of the cards dealt.


"Success can only be achieved through hard work", "Money is dust, nothing", "Money "Shine" and put them on display – and it is better not to spend at all, Or a successful career or a happy personal life" — the installation that prevent success are as varied as the many stories that lead to the formation of such beliefs.

Money and success can accrue with great difficulty, but be of great benefit.

They can come off easily, but also easy and leave, leaving no trace.

Money can slip through your fingers, to disappear, to melt.

Profitable business proposals may like to bypass the human side and break one by one.


David Steindl-Rast: If you want to be happy — be grateful!

Anthony Robbins: 7 steps for SUCCESS in the coming year


So how do you improve relations with your own luck and back luck in your life?

Fortune will turn to face you if you can clearly see the cause that leads to failure. Identifying the source of his bad luck, man acquires the ability to manage your own installations.published


Author: Irina Ishchenko




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