The competition in synchronized swimming (33 photos)

Synchronized swimming spectacular view of sport, almost like figure skating, but only for women. August 5 in Budapest has started the European Championship in water sports, and in the first five days were given to synchronized swimmers and open water swimming.

The events of the first week of the Russian team brought joy and disappointment. Synchronized swimmers won all four finals, including Sunday combination, supplied to the music of "Carmen". And Natalia Ishchenko ten world titles and now has seven European added the title of absolute champion of the Old World. The main outcome of the competition: despite all the twists and turns to the composition, thanks to the skill, talent and efforts of Russian coaches "reproduction" champions in the sport literally put on stream. Such domination of domestic approx synchronized swimming in the world, continued the first year, is bound to cause resentment among rivals. In this regard, the next World Cup-2011 in Shanghai is likely to be subject to competition rules of adjustment to enable and athletes from other countries to rise to the top step of the podium. Under the cut best moments of the competition. Photo: Ukrainian team.

She Carbonell and Andrea Fuentes (Spain)

Linda Cerutti (Italy)

Nadine Brandl (Austria)


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