Mezhnarodnye competition parkuuru rossikyskih sporsmenov and place in the development of this sport


For many, the phenomenon of parkour is a certain subculture street or hobby that involves finding an alternative movement in space. In Europe and the US in particular, for several years, international festivals and competitions that gather crowds and hundreds of teams from around the world. For Russia, participation in such events is a relatively new phenomenon, because in order to create and strengthen the sports facilities in this area, you must go through several stages of formation.
Parkour is a modern twist - a search for possible ways of moving in space, by non-traditional perception of the world as a training field. For many parkour - a niche and earning fame for other philosophy, morals, interests or exercise. Despite the fact that Russia recently joined the ranks of countries where parkour is perceived as a separate stand-alone sport, she has managed to declare itself at several international competitions.

Following the participation in international competitions, the country's widespread inter-regional competition, which revealed the winner and future member of the European game. It may be noted that the Russian athletes in just a couple of years, several teams have been able to recreate a world-class, and even make adjustments to the sport. Recent events, which took place in Greece showed that the preparation and the desire to keep up with foreign athletes, allowed to take the prizes and to declare to the whole world. Team Parkour Russian , showed good results in comparison with previous years, reflecting the uninterrupted development and improvement of skills.

In general parkour as a standalone sport more and more into the consciousness of people and gaining a full scale international competitions. Such conclusions can be drawn after the festival in Greece, which showed that the mass of athletes and people who are interested and engage in the development of the discipline. It is planned that parkour can become a full-fledged sport, due to the wide arena where Russian athletes, definitely find their prize.



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