The most beautiful girl in 2011

FHM edition every year chooses the most beautiful women in the world, so 2011 was no exception. This year, the ball is ruled by three very different women, the first of which was subjected to deafening criticism. Like, no it is not beautiful, and even more so - unpleasant. The most beautiful woman in this year, of course, stuffed nauseam, but thanks to his achievements in his personal life and career in a new incarnation, she won first place in the ranking of the magazine FHM. I offer a complete list of the most beautiful women in the world according to FHM and a little closer look at the top twenty.


List of the most beautiful girls of the planet from 100 to 21 seats as follows:

100 place - Izabel Goulart

99th place - Lady Gaga

98 place - Andrej Pejic

97 place - Bar Rafaeli

96th - Chelsy Davy

95 place - Gisele Bundchen

94th - Leona Lewis

93 place - Christina faded

92 place - Malin Akerman

91 place - Zoe Saldana

90 place - Angelina Jolie

89 place - Miley Cyrus

88 place - Olivia Munn

87 place - Genevieve Morton

86 place - Christina Aguilera

85 place - Hannah Taunton

84 place - Ana Beatriz Barros

83 place - Elizabeth Banks

82 place - Christina Hendricks

81 place - Dianna Agron

80 place - Natasha Alam

79th - Jessica Lowndes

78 place - Jessica Biel

77 place - Charlize Theron

76 place - Eva Longoria

75 place - Doutzen Kroes

74th - Avril Lavigne

73 place - Christian Sarratos

72 place - Billie Piper

71 place - Jennifer Metcalfe

70th place - Kylie Bisulti

69th place - Keira Knightley

68 place - Emma Stone

67th - Zoe Salmon

66th place - Olga Kurylenko

65 place - JANUARY Jones

64 place - Belinda Stewart-Wilson

63 place - Rachel McAdams

62 place - Candice Swanepoel

61 place - Taylor Swift

60 place - Alessandra Ambrosio

59 place - Lindsay Lohan

58th place - El Liberace

57 place - Holly Willoughby

56 place - Dani Minogue

55 - Jessie J

54 place - Anne Hetteuey

53 place - Amy Childs

52 place - Rachel Bilson

51 place - Kylie Minogue

50 place - Georgie Porter

49 place - Rachel Stevens

48 place - Kara Tuinton

47 place - Lea Michele

46th - Nadine Kuala

45 - Beyonce Knowles

44 place - Miranda Kerr

43 place - Shakira

42 place - Karen Gillan

41 place - Una Haley

40 place - Diora Baird

39th place - Kate Middleton

38th - Eliza Dushku

37th - Summer Gle

36th - Sarah Harding

35 place - Gemma Arterton

34th place - Emba Hurd

33 place - Eva Mende

32nd - Scarlett Johansson

31 place - Pixie Lott

30 place - Kaya Scodelario

29th place - Daisy Lowe

28th place - Abbey Clancy

27th place - Adrian Patridge

26th place - Michelle Keegan

25th - Britney Spears

24th place - Elisabetta Canalis

23 place - Emma Watson

22 place - Frankie Sandford

21 place - Hayden Penneteri

And now the first twenty ...

20th place goes to 22-year-old actress Vanessa Hudgens, recently found its replacement to the ex-boyfriend Zac Efron, which in turn can again fall in love with someone else.


19th place and then 30-year-old actress Natalie Portman. Recently gave birth to beauty can be considered a place in advance, because during that year, she was very pretty.




18th place was taken by 21-year-old Emily Atack. About this girl I hear for the first time, but it turned out she was an actress.

17 place - 24-year-old Ashley Greene. Kind of person, but with a twist. Boyish figure, but tightened.

16th place on the right goes to 28-year-old Mila Kunis. To be honest, I would put it higher ... Rumors of the novels of actress walks a lot, but it is still moving away from the eight-year relationship with the actor from the movie "Home Alone," Macaulay Culkin and starred in the new motion pictures.




15th place is so annoying to all of us 31-year-old Kim Kardashian. Without it, this rating could not do. Well the choice of FHM - have a choice of FHM ...



14th - model Adriana Lima, which this year has exchanged fourth ten. 30-year-old Adriana has recently noticeably thinner, and perhaps because of this her career will go up again, because the thinness - it's the only thing lacking in Lima last few years.


13th's magazine FHM gave star "Twilight" Kristen Stewart. I do not doubt that there are people who believe Stuart sex, but I'm not one of them. 21-year-old girl for several years now meets with his counterpart Robert Pattinson, in which millions of girls dry, and 17th place in the ranking, could become the envy. The fans of Rob only hands-free!



12 took place 28-year-old singer Cheryl Cole, who a few months ago decided to become blonde and make a new haircut. The new haircut - a new life!


11th's magazine FHM has awarded the mother of two children 30-year-old Jessica Alba. Sexuality, like beauty after the birth of daughters has not disappeared anywhere. Good for you, Jessica, forward and with a song!



But the place has got 10 more millipara girl Cristiano Ronaldo Irina Shayk. Our compatriot won not only the player, but also voters. 25-year-old Irina increasingly adorn the fashion magazines, but it's time to think about family. Cristiano somehow still does not work ...


9th place - 33-year-old singer Nicole Scherzinger, who is not very lucky in love.



He opens the top eight ex-girlfriend of Jason Stethema 32-year-old Kelly Brook. Unlike several previous beauties Brooke pretty shapely ...

7th place - 31-year-old model Marisa Miller. Figure beautiful!


6 took the 24-year-old model and wife of tennis player Andy Roddick Brooklyn Decker.



5th place - the dazzling 27-year-old Olivia Wilde.


4 places can boast a 25-year-old Megan Fox, which this year has been a clear decline in his career that feature. Fourth place, seems to be saying 'Megan, we believe! ยป.


Three leaders opens 23-year-old singer Rihanna, which unlike Megan worked this year like no other. New videos, new songs, new album ...


2nd place - Katy Perry. In his 27 years career and Katie he did, and got married. The daughter of the priest is very, very hot, although I would have in its place changed hair color and has ceased so brightly painted.


Well, who would doubt the first place ... 24-year-old model Rosie Huntington-Whiteley. This is definitely her year. Gold edition of FHM Rosie explained that the model is not only pushed Megan Fox in "Transformers," but also captivated the heart of the handsome Jason Stethema.



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