Art of the money (10 photos)

Do not want to buy a portrait of Putin or Medvedev costing several hundred dollars, which is made of ... dollars! Many artists make money from art, but 22-year-old artist from Latvia Irina Trukhanova, on the contrary, makes art out of the money.

1. Irina Trukhanova makes art out of the money. She tears to pieces, cuts and glues rare dollar bills, creating collages, which are scattered over a few hundred dollars. (Irina Truhanova / Rex Features)

2. "As soon as I will present will look like the picture, I pick up part of dollar bills and cut them out - she says. - These little pieces come together in the whole picture. " Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin. (Irina Truhanova / Rex Features)

3. Dmitry Medvedev. (Irina Truhanova / Rex Features)

4. "I wanted to create a mosaic that will embody the freedom, independence, business and capital, using real American money, I think, perfectly fit this description." (Irina Truhanova / Rex Features)

5. "I immediately began to receive orders and within a few months I realized that I could easily give up work in the office and make money by selling pictures of money." (Irina Truhanova / Rex Features)


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