Great martial arts, which you hardly heard

There are many styles of martial arts. Some of them are in the movies, the other show on television. But there are also those who are not considered to be the most beautiful screens, and there are very ancient, which have reached us in its original condition and did not have time oglamuritsya. Here are a few examples of the hard martial arts, which you are unlikely to teach.

Dam based on ancient traditions of boxing in Egypt and is a deadly martial art created by people of Hausa (Hausa people) from West Africa, many of whom travel between villages and perform martial ceremony and fight with all comers. The main weapon of the dam are hitting forte fist, also known as "spear." The fists are wrapped in a piece of cloth covered much knotted cord, and leading foot soldier wrapped in a thick chain. It seems to hit people in the face of stiff enough to butcher from West Africa. They need more and are wrapped his legs in a toothed metal to accurately let a little blood. An interesting note: many of the modern dam trainees traveling from village to village before the fighting ritual smoke marijuana.

Bokator (Bokator)

Bokator - martial art originally from Cambodia, appeared during the armies of Angkor (Angkor), which were among the best on the battlefields of Indochina more than 1,700 years ago. Bokator translated as "beating a lion," and the name comes from an ancient legend which tells of a person engaged in Bokatorom, found themselves face to face with a man-eating lion. According to legend, the warrior killed the bloodthirsty animal is a blow directed knee. Like many other martial arts, Bokator based on the movements and mannerisms of various animals such as eagles, cranes, horses, snakes and of course the lions. From other martial arts Bokator distinguished cruelty and practical on the battlefield. Bokatore in the presence of 10 000 different techniques, such as elbows and knees, fixation of joints, rolls and much more - it is a deep and diverse art, providing endless opportunities to soldiers in combat.

Coups and throws

This martial art is actually more severe than it sounds. In fact, it should be called "maim and kill," as it is to this end, the combat system in the south of the United States in the 18th and 19th century. The term "gouging" is also used to describe this style of combat, due to the fact that one of the most common techniques were eye gouging, with this was no ordinary poke in the eye. Soldiers' coups and surges "have focused on the maximum disfigurement and unlimited cruelty, comparable to a small number of other martial arts. Some of them, according to rumors, even sharpened their teeth into sharp weapon, they bit off ears, noses, lips and fingers of his opponents. And considering that the genitals are not protected by the special rule, a lot of men have lost their courage during these cold-blooded clashes. This heartless cruelty - the main reason that "Coups and throws" infrequently discussed or practiced in the modern "civilized" times. And since most of the methods were not officially ordered, and may not be used without the risk of severe injury, is a martial art for the most part ignored by the modern society of martial arts. Most people today, even those who like to fight, cruel enough for pulling out eyes, biting his neck, tearing off genitals used in "coups and throws."


Buck, the creation of the poor slums of Lima, Peru and is dangerously violent martial art that teaches not only quick to maim and / or kill your opponent, but also to use deception and "not honest" tactics such as the use of hidden weapons. Martial arts was coined in the 1980s, former Marine and prisoner, Roberto Pooh Bezada (Roberto Puch Bezada), and officially classified the modern hybrid martial art that includes various elements of jiu-jitsu and street fighting Vale Tudo (Vale Tudo). Common methods include seizures and fractures of hands, ruthless strangulation and accurate strikes to vital organs, all this is happening at a rapid pace in order to defeat the opponent before they realize what danger they face. The result is a bruising style blitzkrieg that is incredibly difficult to predict.



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