Martial arts

Ten rare and little-known styles of martial arts

1. Bokator

This Cambodian martial art that originated in the army of Angkor, who won in Indochina more than 1,700 years ago.

The word "bokator" means "spouting lion." According to ancient legend, one student who has studied the style, found himself face to face with a lion. Young soldier killed bloodthirsty beast one single, incredible precision strike with the knee. Like many other Asian martial arts, technology bokatora based on imitating the movements of different animals. What distinguishes it of other species, so it is cruel and training process. More than ten thousand different techniques and strokes bokator do one of the hardest martial arts.

2. Fight without rules

In truth, it should be called "cripple and kill", as this name is more appropriate to describe the ultimate goal of the match. "Technology" battle arose between the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries in the United States. By the way, one of the most effective techniques considered squeezing the eyes.

Soldiers fought so violently that only the most desperate brave dare to challenge them. According to rumors, some even sharpened their teeth to razor sharpness, in the battle to bite the ears, fingers, noses and lips. And since no prohibitions on genital trauma was not, many literally lost his "dignity┬╗.

I hardly need to explain why this fight without rules is not so popular in our "civilized" world, as before.

3. Buck

He was born in the poor slums of Lima (Peru), and a ruthless martial art that not only teaches quickly disable or kill the enemy, but also to use deceptive tactics (such as concealed weapons).

It was founded in 1980 by a former Marine and criminal Bezada Roberto Puig. Buck is officially classified as a modern mixed martial arts, including the various elements of jujitsu with Vale Tudo. In it there are such methods as the wrist wringing, strangling and accurate strikes to vital organs. All this takes place at a furious pace that the enemy did not have time to understand what's going on.

4. Ledra

This is a modern martial art that dates back to Muay Thai practiced fighters of Thai Royal Army commando. His technique is based on the same principles. However, there are a few differences.

Fighters are taught to attack without warning, as soon as possible put the opponent on the ground and to finish one of the fatal blows (foot in the throat or elbow in the head). At the same time to reduce the risk of injury to strike hard body parts are used (knees, elbows, shins, hands). Like many other military martial arts Ledra was designed to destroy the enemy.

5. Dambe


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