Love and money

I saw one person's status in the social network, "I love money and money love me!" For me it is an indication that the person was not, and never will be money. Ask Yourself: Why? And I will answer you: BECAUSE!

Love should be alive

Somehow, studying the English language, I noticed that about the English people rarely say "Love". Usually they say "Like". "Why would it?" — I asked myself. "Why do they use the word "like" instead of "love". After all, Russian people and loves bacon, and vodka, and the sea. Oh, and money... And that's what the answer I found for myself.

From the point of view of William Glasser (founder of Reality therapy) every person has the need for love, though tiny, unity, but still there. To love means to "give" the object of love, attention, warmth, tenderness. To give them their time. To show care of him, to wish him well.

The child can be covered for the night the blankets to tell the tale. Husband tasty feed. To call my mom and half an hour to spend to listen to her health complaints, neighbors, Nurse. "Former" to wish happiness in a new relationship. You can walk your dog, play with the cat. Water the flower... Love is, by definition, ONLY living objects.

To love money means to revive them (on the background of devaluation of people and relationships). To give money the ability of free will and informed choice. Here's Pete's money, "love", and Jones is not. Thus, it is obvious that Peter with Bob – Inanimate objects (they have no will and choice in relation to money). In this "logic" Bob is powerless to dislike money. It suffers from not only John, but also any person who really "loves" money, but they don'T reciprocate.

In fact, money can neither love nor not love. It's just a colorful candy wrappers to facilitate the exchange process. Somebody probably remembers how in childhood we traded candy wrappers... Those who survived the nineties in the age of reason, remember how hard it was to give people their salaries. This was the era of barter and complex chains of exchange. Very lucky for those people who were given salaries pots or furniture. Those who do not understand what it was about, you can read "Diaboliad" by Bulgakov.

Money nobody wants

Never need any colored pieces of paper called banknotes or pounds of gold. If you were in the place of Robinson Crusoe on the shore of this uninhabited island is flooded full of money frigate, you do with this treasure? Would eat the money from hunger? Drunk would be plenty instead of fresh water? Would ringing ducats nakedness? Would have made them soft feather bed for a sweet sleep? Protection from wild animals?

Each person has the most common needs. And all a need is to satisfy their needs. Money a good tool, using which you can meet most of them but not all. For example, in modern society, the more money the better, more and better food, clothing, housing and recreation.

Money is correlated with dignity

More money – more of the feeling of power and freedom. Only the dependence is bidirectional: the more responsibility, power and importance, the more money. The amount of money in your hands (pockets and Bank accounts) is directly related to personal dignity.

In my life's story. The consultation price was 1400 rubles per hour. The Cabinet I then rented by the hour (400 rubles for the same hour). Came to the reception young man, long complained about the girl who dumped him. Really wanted to get her back, and something very costly to use the services of prostitutes.

By the end of the second hour, I mean, he had an Epiphany, and maybe an Epiphany or even a fashionable word "insight". With joy, relief and a plan to remedy the situation, he broke up with me. Only here's the thing: the money he had only to pay one hour of my work. I took 1400, paid for the Cabinet 800, and remained in my arms 600 rubles for 2 hours of work.

I looked at it and said to myself: "I, with three higher educations, training and internships abroad, a twenty-year experience, can't get for their work less than prostitutes!"

After all, the price my advice is the price of my life, a whole hour of my life! And this time I can use to relax, socialise with the people closest to me or... to create results in the lives of my clients.

Create the difference – get a reward

Money is the price. you have created value in the lives of others. People are willing to pay for the result, for qualitative change. Someone once decided that your sleep will be better on a pillowtop mattress. So you don't want to sleep on the Mat, and willing to pay a salary, and maybe not even one in bed with a good mattress.

Of course, I know contemporaries blinded "the Yeltsin years", when for decades created a public property "prihvatizirovat" the Dodgers. There was a feeling that you can have a lot of money for doing nothing. Network companies are still lured into their network idea: that's work a few years and then get rich, will be able to do nothing, just smoke bamboo under a palm tree.

On this subject there is a good anecdote about Thais and Chinese.

They lie on the beach. The Chinese say, look, mango ripe. Let's gather in the city will get, sell.

Why? asks his Thai.

— Well why? Earn money. Then another crop will sell, we'll make more money. We will have a lot of money. Buy a Villa and a yacht. Will be able to lie down and do nothing!

— So we're not doing anything! – surprised Thai.

Money where liability

There was a period in my life when I worked as a chief accountant. My salary was high. The years were cruel (the nineties). In those years paid accountants not so much for work, how much for liability. Since then little has changed...

For example

  • The person appointed business meeting and was late for 30 minutes. How do you think a lot of it will have business partners, if it always comes at a bad time?

  • Promised to do some work for an hour and a half after 8 hours it turned out that I did not do or did for the sake of. And so a regular timing of breaks, arrangements do not comply, does not keep the word?

  • Tells of situation in his life: "We worked as a team made a big project. I've failed everyone time and money and lost a lot. I am ashamed". But this is not about shame and not about guilt. It's about irresponsibility. About the fact that people, their labor and time, relations with them have neither the price nor value. Devaluing the other person devalues yourself, your contribution, the value of each hour of life.

Want money to expand their area of responsibility.

People often resent why the loader 20 thousand receives, and the Director of the 200? Yes, that's right, the loader creates a difference: for example, carry heavy cargo from one place to another. And the Director? He is responsible for these goods in the enterprise at all was that they moved in time, in the right place and so that each employee had a job and could get wages.

And every year more and more of those who do not want "working for the man", takes credit for "business development" and goes bust. And close people, covering debts of pseudo-entrepreneurs, take responsibility for the irresponsibility of the victim collapse "businessman".

Down obscurantism

I have a suggestion for you: leave alone the energy, conspiracies, fenshui, visualization, and "glass ceilings". Start doing this (may not be inherent) responsibility, the value of their work and personal dignity. From millions is not a promise, but a decent quality of life achievable.


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Those who dreams of the millions and billions, I recommend: learn to think, to think outside the box, expand your horizons. And then. at the junction of different Sciences and branches you can find the idea, whose implementation will change the quality of life of millions of people and, as a consequence, will bring you the coveted amount of money. Don't forget to take responsibility for the implementation of the plan.published


Author: Maria Kudryavtseva




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