Putin and boy

On Wednesday, June 28, 2006, Maria Stepanivka Podkobatko with his five-year-old son Andrey arrived in Moscow for the first time. Maria Stepanovna, rural history teacher, has long wanted to come to the capital of his vast country, a stroll around Red Square and reduce Andreiko in McDonalds. From the cultural part of the problem was not directly at the train station were sightseeing buses and barkers with megaphones promised quickly and inexpensively to show the whole of Moscow. After some hesitation - excursion to the Kremlin and the overview of the memorable places - Maria Stepanovna selected first. The day promised to be successful.

They were on the Ivanovo area, when suddenly the sky darkened and became somehow chilly. Near the group of tourists from the air is woven by people in mufti. Maria Stepanovna felt something, Andrey took the hand, and at that moment she was approached by three men in identical suits and faces. All three got some ID, and Maria Stepanovna knew what was going to happen something, to put it mildly, unusual.

 - What is your name? - I asked first.
 - Maria. Maria Stepanovna Podkobatko - squandered the woman said.
 - Is that your child? - I asked the second.
 - Yes. What?

The phrase "what" voice teacher sat as usually happens after six lessons.
 - Good boy, - said the third. - What is name?

Andrew was silent and looked at the mother, then the strange uncles.

 - Andrew - stranded voice said Maria Stepanovna. - What happened?

The first reason is stopped up his ear and listened finger. Then he swore under his breath and neither nobody in particular, said: the object looks like is, yes, you need to type, have five minutes left, let the team here, quickly.

 - Maria Stepanovna - started second, - the fact that after four and a half minutes through this area will take the President of our country. According to the regulations, the President will come to a group of tourists, and say hello ... kiss your boy in the stomach.
 - In the stomach? - Mary Stepanovna thought she misheard.
 - Yes, in the stomach. That's right. I hope you do not mind? - With light pressure third he asked.
Maria Stepanovna squandered silent. The first again pinched his ear, and after a while he began to speak quickly and clearly:

 - We have little time. If you agree, now the boy will work stylists, makeup artists and speechwriters. The meeting will take less than a minute. After that you will be taken to where you ask, and will hand over some memorable gift from the coat of arms of the Russian Federation. What do you want a gift for his son?

Near Ste Marie, Andrey and three men in civilian clothes like from the air appeared 10 people and all with stress looking at the rural teacher and her son.

 - You're three minutes. Do you agree? Not more than a minute for all. A kiss on the belly.
Which present? Why are you silent?
 - I want an apartment in Moscow - said Maria Stepanovna.

Around formed so quiet that Mary Stepanovna heard her heartbeat.

 - Sorry what?

 - I want a small apartment in Moscow - repeated Maria Stepanovna strange voice.

All stared at the woman, then began to exchange glances.

First reproachfully looked into the eyes of a woman slowly raised his hand and said in his ear plugged into your sleeves:

 - She asked for an apartment in Moscow. Yes, the apartment - here he made a face, as if he abruptly ill ear. - I'm sorry, what? No time, just two minutes ...

First on his face reflected confusion. He dropped his hand and looked at the woman.

 - Do you agree to the studio in South Butovo?

All men in civilian clothes behind him from a distance of some uterine sound. Maria Stepanovna seemed that at this point it looks at the entire universe, and its solution depends on the fate of the world.

 - I'm not sure I need to think. Maybe there is something close to the subway? Still, in the belly!

Someone gasped, another grabbed his head and groaned. First crawled under his arm, it seems, for the gun.

 - We agree - a woman's voice from behind.

As long as the trade, quietly approached a woman with a little boy about five years old.

 - We agree to a one-bedroom in South Butovo.

Three men in civilian clothes critically examined the woman and her little son. It was very similar to Andrey, only slightly lower than the growth in the same T-shirts and shorts, but no cap.

 - What is name? - The second in a stern voice asked.
 - I - Svetlana Petrovna, 69, born, Russian, married, working doctor. And this is my son, Nikita.
 - Nikita - mused third - and you and mom had just pulled the lucky ticket.
First raised his hand up and said:

 - Group note here an object - he pointed to Nikita - 1 minute left. Fast! - Wait, what about me ?! - Almost fell to the cry of Mary Stepanovna.

But she has no one heard. The team of stylists, makeup artists, copywriters, and God knows who else went to work. Nikita took off shirt, belly rubbed with a damp cloth, immediately put on a new snow-white shirt, combed and sprinkled with something delicious.

 - No-ki-ta. Please repeat again. So, well done ...
 - Attention, thirty seconds! ..
 - Svetlana Petrovna, your role is simple, stand back and be embarrassed ...
 - Tell the driver not to forget the fucking order ...
 - Twenty seconds ...

The square has become like brighter. Team disappeared into thin air, as if it had never existed, there were only tourists stood bewildered in front of Nikita, and next to them even more confused Andrew. On the part of the Grand Kremlin Palace approached a group of people led by the President of the Russian Federation.



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