One boy...

One boy was very good. He always listened to my mom and dad, time to do homework and never naughty. And when he grew up, the police found in his bag twenty CDs with children's popnografiey and kilograms of cocaine.

One boy for a long time did not give the girl. So he wrote a very beautiful, romantic poems. And then some girl he was finally given. Then the boy took to drink and became an astronomer. But this is after five years for cocaine served.

One boy liked to listen to loud music at night. And he lived in the panel house, where sound insulation - not the leading edge of engineering. He released once the garbage boy bear - and his arm missing neighbor. And he said: - It is you, young man, playing music at night? - Well, yes, I have! What: the way? Too loud? - Oh, you, you! I just imagine something like rewrite ...

One boy loved to burn matches. Sometimes he asks some familiar figligana him to buy boxes, and then walks down the street and all around throwing lighted matches. Fun! How much do to be happy: the women of his time did not interest.

One boy wanted all my life listening to merry house, swim in the pool with water azure drinking martinis and hugging slim, tanned girls in bikinis. So it happened and ...

One boy was a skinhead. Another - a punk. And the third was so generally do not care who he was.

One boy hated people. And animals, too, hated. They are very fond of gasoline.

One boy once ran into a steep bandits. The chief bandit fired a pistol to the boy's chest. The bullet pierced the lung, the boy grunted, from his mouth flowed a trickle of blood, he fell to the ground and thrashed in its death throes.

One boy really wanted to become a hacker. But he did not.

One boy was very fond of sending. It will used to utrechka the balcony, but cried out: "And fuck you all!". And spit down for clarity. Three times. That he had an interesting tradition.

One boy constantly read books. That one night read, the other - all of it a little. And one evening suddenly grabbed his entire library in the bag, dragged out into the street, poured gasoline and threw a huge bonfire. Immediately ran from their homes joyful and began to drive the kids around him dance. "Heil!" Cry, rejoice ...

One boy liked to wear pantyhose in front of a mirror, bra and lipstick bright scarlet lipstick. Adults said that it does not bring it to the good. The boy grew up and joined the Palestine Liberation Organization.

One boy constantly flying in the astral plane. In Paris, she flew to Rio de Janeiro, in New Delhi. Sometimes it's so far away fly away, that then a few days looking for the way back. And his dream is one and the same all the time dreamed. Pro TV, which features a TV that features TV, which features a TV. And then the boy stopped eating hallucinogenic mushrooms, and went to study in the turner.

One boy once decided to kill their parents and eat their hearts. Even took out a knife with a special groove for the flow of blood. True then changed his mind.

One boy went to school and went on summer vacation a vacation to her grandmother in the village. On September the teacher asked the whole class to write an essay on "How I Spent My Summer". Sveta wrote on vacation in Sochi. Gregory wrote how to swim in a kayak. The boy did not write anything. Because in June died of dysentery.


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