10 differences between men and boys

How to distinguish the men from the boys by his behavior, not the age factor

Almost all women dream to see next strong arm, a reliable rear, loving person, caring friend, financial and stable source of money and a passionate lover. The main thing that all of these qualities were as one person. In the favorite, and the only proper hero. Of course, for all women, and the sequence of the dosage of these criteria are different, but basically the essence remains unchanged.

The world has changed a lot over the past 20 years: the marriage is not concluded immediately after graduation, the first children appear after thirty women increasingly began to earn more than their men.

The modern woman has become more demanding of their choice of partner. She was not so naive, but still wants to get his share "to deceive." She knows that "all Men Are Bast ..", but stubbornly looking for his one and only. A woman from the modern society has made progress in his career, but already tired to go ahead alone. The period of its "all you need to try" coming to an end, but to limit itself, it is not accustomed. It is the attitude of "unmasked", but still dressed in his armor.

Modern Man - this is a classic type of a confident male. He has his principles and rules, you can say "code of honor". He knows what he wants from life, and boldly takes its toll. It is difficult to "dissolve" and he knows exactly how to persuade the scales in their favor. He is a strong, self-confident, but its main feature is that it can solve any problem.

According to the laws of gravity pulls the girl the boy and the woman attracts men. By its nature, a real man would not be able to pay attention to the infantile, silly lady without any signs of adaptability to life. Can not all, because his beloved woman must match its status and be worthy motivator for future exploits.

In this article we look at the differences between the "real men" and "boy." Age and experience are not an indicator of the differences between these types. You can be a 35-year-old boy and 18-year-old man.

Consider the following version of the differentiation of men and boys:

1. behavior in critical situations
Man is not always much to say, rarely uses nice words and a lot of adjectives, but he knows when it is time to act. Men do not have the habit of fuss and panic. He has a sober look at the situation and have a deliberate strategy of behavior. The man - a rock.
The boy only knows how to speak beautifully and does not know how to behave in critical situations.
2. The ability to admit his guilt
This man is not afraid to admit his guilt, he knows when and what was wrong. He is not afraid to make public apologies. Perhaps the man does not necessarily tell us the usual "I'm sorry." Instead, he can make a gift, to create a pleasant situation for their women immediately offer solutions to its partners to create a task. His method of solving conflict situations more effectively than ordinary words.
The boy will be the last to insist on its right to build its defense and in the position of "attacks».
3. Life principles
Men have an unspoken code of honor and behavior. There are principles that are true for years. The man will not go against his will, he always set priorities and most importantly be able to painlessly for themselves to find alternative ways more profitably for their prospects. This is true friendship, personal, and business circles.
The boy is on his irascible temperament and can not adequately respond to the situation. He does not have a clear position behavior - there is only the desire to be noticed. His course of life - "go with the flow».
4. The response to the woman's "no»
Woman by nature accustomed capricious, crave the moment when it will be to persuade, compel, persuade. In short, "flirt". The man adequately respond to this desire. He's in the genes inherent ability to "sum up" the woman to the right decision. A man is pleased when he takes his own decisions, and the man has a special gift to persuade, convince, argue without too much pressure, but always get what they want.
The boys do not want to complicate your life with new challenges. For them, it is important to quantity rather than the quality of his "exploits". The boy will never fight for to be seen of a particular woman, he would bask in the glory of his fans.
5. Drinking family
Men build strong relationships. They spend their free time with his family, not because they are a homebody and did not know how to have fun, but because they are good fathers and husbands. Anyone can become a dad, but not everyone can become a good father. No wonder that the majority of women in the choice of his men are subconsciously as he is the father of her baby.
The boy will be driven, it will not take decisions, and will seek every possible way to "hang" of his duties. Family for a boy - a special cargo which is necessary for society, but a burden to him personally.
6. Respect for women
Women sometimes go too far, too capricious and behave frivolously, but the man never allow himself to hit a woman and wounding her in public. Men can discuss their "conquest", but never will "suck" the situation with everyone, exposing his exploits in all its glory. Men are always respectful of the woman, and not just their own. He will skip forward a colleague, a neighbor, a stranger (sometimes, of course, to evaluate its fifth point, but it is not the main reason). Good manners are more important than any flirtation.
Boys also boast of their exploits stable. They make lists of their "victims", allow themselves to incorrect treatment of women.

8. Drinking world
The man knows exactly what he wants and how. He is confident and anticipates the behavior of others in a given situation. Man realizes that the world revolves around him, it will move forward to improve their lives and the lives of people close to him. Men important process of self-improvement, and conquest.
Boy hopes that it will carry. No confidence and control over the situation. One hopes and desires.
9. Future plans
Man aims and goes to her, he thinks its strategic steps to achieve the goal.
The boy lives for today, with the idea of ​​not having a desire to bring them to life.
10. The choice of a woman
Man will always be able to see a wise woman among rich assortment. And the wise woman, the better her choice. We have a number of intellectual woman claims that she secretly makes her man. Real men never choose infantile and weak woman. He needs a confident girl with a rare gift - to be his personal muse. Spiritually rich woman will help him in the business unobtrusive advice in their personal lives a comfortable life, while in bed maximum relaxation.
The boy will be with the most vivid and crazy party girl. It is important for brilliance and popularity, not the depth and ability to inspire.
Between knowing the world there are different types of girls to men, "romantic", "a man for the weekend", "businessman", "eternal skeptic," "Apollo" "womanizer", "party-goer", "mentor", "athlete", " stranger "," Superman. " Perhaps this list is not exhaustive, but it is the category of the most memorable of those men who found the girls.

So, those who can still be attributed to the type of "man", always ready to help when asked for help, and notice them not to beg for it, but only once asked. Type "boy" always seeks to evade or delay this aid to the period of "never." There are doubts whether the ever type "boy" to become a "real man"? But you must have faith in the people, that each of us can change, subject to personal desire for personal growth.

Dear girls, please do not marry, then to change her man. All the same, decades later you say, "Where is that fine man, whom I married?". Try to identify with you, "Man" or "boy." And if you're comfortable with, "boy", do not hesitate to this, because it's your choice, your life and your future. Take it today for what it is, and just be happy right now.

Marina Poznyakova


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