Wolf Messing. Unknown predictions.

He could read minds, predict the future and see the events that took place thousands of kilometers away. Who was actually Wolf Messing? ..

Wolf Messing was born on September 10, 1899 in a devout Jewish family in a poor town of Góra Kalwaria, located 25 km south-east of Warsaw - on the territory of the Russian Empire. Childhood can not be called the prophet of the future rainbow. His family lived in poverty and poor. His father nicknamed Hershko-tramp, was not lucky in life, and he often vented anger on their children. Lived a family renting a tiny garden and Wolf with his brothers, three of whom were already at an early age working in the garden, taking care of plum and apple trees, was rewarded only cuffs and curses father. Mother - Messing Khan died early from tuberculosis.

Wolf grew strange boy. At the age of four years, the boy began to walk in a dream. He said that, looking at the moon, I saw there as much in the picture drawn. And once night star conversed with him, bluish ray of light penetrated his left temple - and heard Wolf: "You - not like everyone else. In you is hidden incredible power, you only need to work hard ... And all of us, the inhabitants of heaven will help you .... " He remembered it all my life. What was certainly a little boy could not understand, and much later did not find this explanation. Not seriously alarmed mother, on the advice of people who have started to put next to his bed with a bowl of cold water. Stepping into it, the boy woke up and, in the end, therefore, recovered from sleepwalking.
Soon, the boy manifested unusual and Now More then unconscious of his own gift. And that's how everything happened. After another hard day of work in the garden, tired family gathered for a meager meal. The head of the family was not in the spirit and incessantly scolded his wife and son, for the credibility of banging his fist on the table. But suddenly tirade father broke the son of a thin voice:
- Wait, Dad, do not swear. You know, our cows tomorrow evening izdohnet.
Father even more was furious and swung the little Wolf - and he knew the harsh nature of his father, frightened silent.
The next day, a cow, as predicted by Wolf izdohla no apparent reason. However, if no one paid attention to the prophecy of the little boy, finding it just a coincidence.

The next incident occurred in the early morning, when the little Wolf woke up and got ready to work in the garden. He went to the window, which was just beginning to dawn dawn, but the moon was still visible. Standing at the window, he stared at the moon fascinated until he slapped slap father, saying that he came to suffer foolishness and went quickly to work, thus withdrawing his son from torpor. Wolff, as if waking up, said that two days later a neighbor's house burn Joachim. However, even when this prediction has come true exactly, parents do not pay attention to such strange abilities of his eldest son.
Wolff himself is also the time did not understand and did not realize the power of his will, is not happened to him one story. Once, he had to visit his grandmother, who lived a few hours away by train from his home. My parents were busy working in the garden and could not accompany him, but then two old ladies-odnoselchanka just went to places and Wolff sent to them.
- Look at me, do not play, and then come the evil controller, shove you in a bag and throw off the train, - he admonished her son's father.
Sitting on the train the boy, frightened by the words of his father, at first he behaved quietly, but in a way, when the old woman dozed off, I forgot about the threats of his father and began to run around the car, imagining that he is the owner of the train and can do anything. And suddenly appears before him a real controller, which results in a small Wolf full horror, he immediately recalled his father's words of evil "uncle" who put him in a bag. The frightened boy hid in the vestibule of the tank, but the supervisor noticed him there:
- What are you doing here? This is no place for little boys, go in the car!
Then Wolf under the influence of some completely suddenly gushed at him and hitherto unknown sentiments began to send a mental command Controller: "The train stopped, come out of him ...." Suddenly a man, slowly and steadily turned the door handle and stepped out of the train was moving at full speed ... From Wolf happened then was horrified and sat a few minutes in complete daze unable to recover and understand what happened. His frightened and worried then not so much what happened with the unfortunate Controllers much came so understanding that he "can it" because "not like everyone else." These two phrases heard they do not know how, as a child, when he led his conversations with the moon, and so clearly understood in the day that will haunt and torment him throughout his life.
At the age of six small Wolff was learning in cheder - a primary school at the synagogue. Even then, the boy found some phenomenal ability - he memorized long passages from the Talmud. This has not gone unnoticed, and his father decided to send the Wolf learns more, to become a rabbi - a true piece of bread for his son, and at the same time for it. However, the spiritual career did not relish the boy, and after visiting the presentation of a visiting circus, he firmly decided to become a magician and entertainer. Beating his father gave nothing, Wolf continued obstinate, and then the head of the family decided to go to the trick. One evening, Wolf saw on the porch of his house a huge bearded figure in a white robe:
- My son, I am a messenger of the Most High - said the stranger - I was told to tell you God's will: go to the yeshiva and to serve the Lord!
The boy was shocked so much that he fainted and waking up obediently went to the yeshiva - religious school.
And who knows, perhaps one day the world would have found a very different Messing, Messing rabbi and not a prophet, if not for a whole series of coincidences that will soon change the lives of young greatly Wolf.
One night, two years after the accident so strongly shook the little Wolf, they drove to the house for the same burly, bearded stranger, thanks to which Wolff went to the yeshiva. Young Messing instantly recognized him. At that moment, a strong resentment against his father lurking in his soul, because he had deceived him, to make people forget about the dream of becoming a magician and uninteresting for him to engage in business.
That day eleven Wolf makes just three serious misconduct. Later, in his autobiography, Wolf G., shame recalled the events of those days. They quickly seizes childhood dream of traveling circus and fakirs, and he secretly left his father's house, steals money from alms bowls hanging in front of the synagogue, but the money is too little to go in a circle was only eighteen cents. So Wolf sits in first train without a ticket, which turned out to be in Germany. Making his way secretly to the third-class carriage Wolf fell asleep - he dreamed of parents ieshibot, giant beggar ... Suddenly, unexpectedly, as if by an invisible push Wolf awoke with a vague and disturbing premonition. In the corridor of the car slowly moved Controller with a flashlight, walking to the next passenger, he would wake him and sternly demanded to present the ticket, the same ticket, which our fugitive was not. Frightened verification Wolf crawled under the bench, hoping that the controller will not notice it there. But a strict man in railway uniform came to his shop and began to closely examine, someone traveling stuff bag, trunk ... and then he saw shoes sticking out from under the bench, and then of the free-rider.
- Your ticket, the young man - said the supervisor, addressing the terrified Wolff. Quickly took himself in hand, Wolf, grabbed the floor first got a piece of paper, and with all my heart wishing that he turned into a real ticket, confident movement handed it to the conductor. While the man saw that he handed the young telepath, Messing, staring into the eyes of the conductor, mentally convinced him that he is in the hands of a real ticket. All this lasted a few seconds, but then, a little terrified, and Wolf seemed an eternity ...
- Procedure - and the supervisor snapped punch on a piece of paper.
The only thing that surprised him, because that's what Wolf, having a ticket was driving while lying under a bench. Now Messing, I realized that he really did not like everything that he possesses some supernatural abilities. In his memory swept childhood experiences when manifested his gift, but then he was too young to appreciate it. Now, however, it is another matter, he now believed in his gift.

There is still so much unknown, a whole life ahead of him. Life is full of dangers, adventures, dramas, hardship and glory. There are still so many new things, as long as he has time to think about their gift, to understand everything that happened to him in recent years to stop the train in Berlin was two hours ...
Here is Berlin! The huge, bustling city, cloudy and gloomy, so he first appeared before Messing, then producing it depressing. Only after he got used to it, and then fall in love.
But the moment Wolf was another question: how to survive, where to get food, what to do in order not to starve to death? About homeless poor boy does not even dreamed of. His fears were not in vain, first to Berlin it almost killed, and he could easily be buried in an unknown grave for the poor and homeless ... It happened all so: having decided to be arranged at least for some work, not to die of starvation, Wolf began to walk for employers. However, none of them did not show much interest in the weedy and haggard-Jewish boy stroller. And yet in one of the restaurants he managed to get a dishwasher, for meager salaries and food. And the first owner of the restaurant did not want to take it to work, but then you took pity on the poor boy, whether Wolf enlisted the assistance of his gift, most likely, it will remain a mystery. After he worked as a messenger at the station, he brought a vegetable seller in the market - in other words did not shun any work. However, hunger and fatigue were his constant companions. And then one day, without eating for a long day of work, he fell in the street in a hungry fainting. Lying on the sidewalk, he spent some time as if in a dream saw and heard as he surrounded the crowd of curious onlookers, and then there was darkness ...
Soon arrived at the scene medical coach. The boy showed no signs of life, it is almost absent breathing and pulse, and the doctor declared him dead, and then taken to the morgue Wolf. There he stayed for a few days and would soon be buried in a cemetery for the homeless, if not fortune. One went to the morgue and studious young doctor student who occasionally practiced here. Doctor named Otto. He, as usual, went to the dissecting room, and began to carefully inspect the dead. He was accompanied by a nurse who worked at the morgue. Going to the unfortunate lad, Otto suddenly froze.
- What is it, doctor? You are in doubt about something? - I asked the doctor a nurse, noticed a change in his behavior.
- On the contrary, not only did I have no doubt, I am sure that this boy is alive. He's just sleeping for several days, and I, alas, do not know how to help him. I think it will help my teacher Prof. Abel.
As it turned out, the boy fell into a coma due to chronic malnutrition, and lack of sleep.
When Wolf woke up, he saw a man bending over in a white coat - he looked at it. Wolf gazed into his eyes and said suddenly:
- Prof. Abel, please do not send me any shelter or the police, I do not want to ask you a very ...
Hearing this, Professor Abel was surprised at first, because nothing like this, and he did not say at that moment I caught myself thinking that a moment ago he was thinking where to send the boy back to life.
- I know, Professor, that you did not say it out loud, but you think about it. - Continued the unusual patient of Dr. Abel.
The famous doctor was so shocked occurred that has decided to take patronage over the kid.
Asked the Wolf, where he lives, and learning that he was homeless, Abel invited him to live at home and study under his leadership, psychology, hypnosis and telepathy. In addition to teaching the basics of psychology Professor Wolf guess the thought at a distance and to give mental orders. Wolf himself was indescribably happy - now he was not only a roof over his head and he had forgotten what hunger, but also interesting he studies under the guidance of the famous mentor - Professor Abel.
Periodically, Dr. Abel, with his friend, Professor Schmidt, arranged his student testing. Assistant inductors (conductor thoughts) often spoke of Schmidt's wife. Especially good Messing remember this experience. Wolf left the room, and in the meantime the men were hiding a coin in the back of the oven, lined with tiles. Messing task was to find and get the coin, but not inside the oven, and from the outside, it is breaking the tiles, for which there is coin. Well done several times this experience with my eyes open, holding the hand of conductors, Wolf was able to repeat it, but blindfolded.
As a result of the thrust of two years of employment and occupation under the leadership of Dr. Abel, a young Messing achieved good results - becoming more disciplined and confident, he could quickly gather their will in a fist, and to control their emotions, thoughts and desires - the ability of self-control a lot of help to him stormy.
Professor sincerely rejoice in the success of his protege and admonished continually train and never stop.
Strolling through the streets, Messing, practiced "read" people's minds. Some he even helped and warned them of impending danger or misfortune, or on the contrary tried to calm fears and dispel the vain man. Many people are perplexed, whence the young man knows what they are thinking and where it is known to all ...
Professor Abel soon realized that he was no longer able to teach anything new of his ward and decided to contribute to his future and career.
Familiar Dr. Abel impresario Tsepelmeister contained Circus in Berlin, to be exact freak show. A dream come true for children Wolff - it will work in the circus!
People there just was not - and armless sharpie-magician who performs all his own stunts exclusively legs and a woman with a huge beard ... - all this attracted greedy for spectacle spectator, but the highlight of the program, breaks down notices, was the last room, the main actor - wonder boy in a crystal coffin, and this major artist, he was - Wolf Messing.

Room was the fact that the young telepath immersed himself into a state of catalepsy - anyone viewer could go and feel his pulse, pulse absent, and some trays to his mouth mirror, but signs of breathing and was not, and he looked the boy very pale, - in a word like a corpse. In this state, Wolf could spend up to three days, and what was the surprise of the audience, when the boy mysteriously comes to life, and not in what had happened, he got out of his crystal coffin. Needless to say some good money bringing the circus impresario, this was very popular among the audience room. Wolf also received for speaking quite a decent sum in those days - 5 marks per day - now he could not just eat normally, but some of the money sent to parents. Then, when the number outlived its usefulness, the impresario Tsepelmeister resold Wolf another circus. And in a new place it is also very useful lessons professor Abel. In the circus, he showed two main rooms, one, he acted as a fakir, spewing fire from his mouth and piercing themselves with swords, and the other, collected from the blindfolded in the audience a variety of things, and then come back every unmistakably his thing.
All rooms Messing enjoyed great success, and he began to acquire fame, soon the city blossomed posters "Wolf Messing. Catalepsy, hypnosis, transmission and mind-reading from a distance and blindfolded. Envisioning the future ».
Meanwhile came the hard times - the First World War. Tsepelmeister, which is very rich thanks to Wolff, continued to patronize the young man and urged to engage in circus performances and focus on. The young man also had long dreamed of getting a good education, and thanks to good earnings, was able to hire private teachers in various disciplines. With a phenomenal memory, he quickly memorized and mastered the knowledge and soon was able to combine the work of circus performances in Vilenskom University in the department of psychology.


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