Alien rod

But, baby, you tale of Grisha and Sasha ...

Loves Vovk rest in summer in the country. That's where the beauty is: the forest near the house, a mirror pond sparkles in the sun, and in the carp pond with golden scales, play sports themselves on the hook Ord. How fry this krasnoplavnichnuyu grandmother delicious fries - Yum! Vovk bring a bucket with the catch, put in front of my grandmother, and she vsplesnet withered palms: "Oh, what have you done! Earner! The best fisherman in our village. " And Vova does not submit the form that he was pleased grandmother's praise, solemnly say, "Yes, is not it ... mining. Thus, one mischief. "

Yes, it will. The boy smiled, unwinding bait. Weather something which is good, and the fish in the pond and splash. Noble will catch thought Vovk. Efficiently the bait spat and threw a tackle. Upload a fun float above the water spotted and quiet. Sitting on the shores of our rybachёk ten minutes sitting for half an hour or one poklёvki. Nervous, just another chipped. What kind of attack - misses the float! He became angry Vovk - would know the bottom rod established. And then, unexpectedly turned up in the neighborhood of an unknown guy, boy winked:
Come on, say, a race to catch!
He threw his fishing rod. Yes, I started carp, one after another to carry. Zalyubueshsya. Fish as the selection of gold and coins. An hour guy got two dozen carp and each half the size of the palm - Calculate full bucket. And Vova ershishka with one finger. Laughs lucky neighbor:
- Another couple and catch enough.

A Vovka insulting. How it to her grandmother with an empty bucket Godmother?
- Uncle - cautiously asks a stranger - and what you catch?
- On the hook! - The answers and laughs.
- Well, it is true, uncle, - not far behind boy - you put some bait? Bread or worm?
- No, - answers the lucky fisherman. - What for? I and so biting.
- It does not happen! - Vova angry. - Do not want to say - do not!
- Why do not you want? - Shrugged strange guy. - But he see. - He picked up the bait, caught the line and showed the boy empty hook. - Look.

Hook without bait again flew into the pond. Vovk not believe his eyes when the float stranger abruptly went under water, and a second later a lucky fisherman, fishing rod twitched - hooked and now, look, already removes the hook a fat carp.

Miracles, and just thought to myself, Vova and uncle said:
- That's right - the miracles and no cheating, just a fishing rod in my magic.
- How so magical? - Surprised Vovk.
- Yes, that's so magical I tell you what I want, it would get me.

Do not believe the boy snorted, offended that with him as a little talk, and wanted to leave have already pulled the bait out of the water when the guy stopped him:
- Do not believe me, then tell me, for example, what do you want today?
Vovk frowned.
- I want lemonade! It's hot!
And he a stranger to ehidtsey glances, like this guy get out? I suppose you will say that not bite.
And he just nodded and threw the bait. Float jumped in the water, so went down.

The boy jumped up in surprise when the sun flashed a half-liter bottle of "Duchess". A stranger sighed:
- Oh, like "Pinocchio" to catch, but the "Duchess" before pecked. On hold - holodnenky.

Vovk took the bottle in his hands, can not believe that everything is for real for real. And here it is only soda and a label on the bottle cap and there, and the gas bubbles floating in it. Maybe joke? The boy cried:
- Tell me, you did not cheat? Maybe you have a grandmother to play a trick on me conspired?
- No where is your grandmother. Yes, you are open, try it! What is good? And what a bite? "Mars" or "Snickers" you?
- "Mars," No, better let it be "Twix»!
- Let it be "Twix" - laughed uncle, removing the hook chocolate and handing it to the boy.
Vovk gnaws cookies dipped in chocolate.
- Delicious! - Soda blissfully sipped and smiled - I wish I had a fishing rod!
- Here, - the uncle handed him the rod. - Daru.
- True? - The boy clapped his hands as much. - Do not be deceived?
- No, I do not cheat. Catch health.

Vovk gently took from the hands of a stranger bait, stroked the smooth polish, gently touched his fingers to the aluminum coil - it is necessary, simple inertia. Interrogative uncle looked at - you can?
- Catch, catch, - she nodded one white-toothed smile.

Vova wanted first worm to spread, but remembered that in his hands is not an ordinary gear and magic rod. He dropped his empty hook into the water, dreaming of gold Qarase. I float first walked in a circle, then plunged. And there you are, nearly half bent rod, taking prey. Big carp, seasoned by the golden scales of age greens went - like that catch!

Satisfied Vovk. The fish took the hook in the direction of his sidelong glance at his neighbor, and of gone. How he appeared and disappeared. Wonders!

The boy was interesting to experience the magic rod, and if I can catch him with a chocolate candy. Cast a line, he closed his eyes, presented in a silver ice-cream bar wrapper - and here, please: all like to dream.

Vovk ate ice cream, then cake eclair ordered some water and then mineral bummed - beauty! The severity of abdominal nice, complete contentment on his face.

"I wonder - thought the boy - And maybe a fishing rod to catch toys? I wish I had a car, like Lёshki ¬ - a neighbor ».

Whispered Vovk hook your order and thrown into the water. Immediately fishing line taut, and take a look - boy pulled a model fire engine. Same as a neighbor, reds with a sliding ladder. I rejoiced Vovk, the machine from the water obtёr and contented in his pocket stuck.

I was about to return home, but remember - my grandmother is waiting for carp. He ordered miracle - a fishing rod to catch fish - sitting happily unexpected rejoices. Only manages to shoot the hook carp. I catch so much that barely lifted a bucket - just like production! Never such was not the catch.

Vova goes along the beach and joy whistling songs. And suddenly he hears a village fisherman swear. One says:
- I do not understand. In the morning sitting - no bites. And the dough tasted, and the worm, and semolina, even crank set - does not take carp!
- That, and I have the same thing in the morning and the weather is most suitable for them, and it is time - the month of July, other times tired fish on Kukan string, and then all I mosquitoes snickering, but yawning defeated.
- Oh, wait a minute - the other shore fisherman spotted the boy that summer visiting her grandmother, - Vova is like our walks. - And I asked. - Vova, like fish you?
Vovk fishermen bucket showed they were surprised, throw your hands - you can see it is not just luck. Boy about magic rod did not tell anything, ran home.

Home bucket in front of his grandmother on a bench set, and that if he had not pleased at all - troubled Vovk. Asks:
-Babulechka What happened?
- A bad thing - an elderly woman sighs. - We wound up in our village thieves. Offspring do not remember. Our neighbor STEPANOVNA granddaughter from waiting. I bought all sorts of goodies: ice cream, cake, chocolate, lemonade, mineral water. Everything in the refrigerator clean. Came granddaughter STEPANOVNA opens the fridge, and it is empty.

That's the case, I frightened boy in the village of thieves!
¬- However, babulechka, they have, something that is not pokrali. - Vova said, and ran into the yard, under the porch to see whether its toys are safe.

Everything was in place, and a bow and arrows, and the kite, and a box with colorful cards, and a battery-powered boat and the plane with red stars and soldiers. Vovk squatted on his haunches on the fabric of his pants pocket he Provocation - where the machine is, he thought about it, took out and laid next to her toys. Just from under the porch came out, thinking how he could better perepryatat everything from thieves, he hears - gate slam. There is a visit to his friend Lyoshka - neighbor at the cottage. There is an angry, eyebrows furrowed, and the nose darts. It is seen upset about something.

- I have a machine gone! - Shouts Vovka. - The one that you like! You did not take?
- I really need it. - Responsive to Vova. - I myself have now such ...
- Show! - Leszek demanded.
Vovk shrugged his shoulders, crawled under the porch, took the machine, but does not give a neighbor. And he grimaced as much indignation:
- Give! This is my!
- Not yours! - Vova angry. - You lost her, and now you want to take away my!
-My! - Yells the neighbor boy. - Do you want to prove it ?! It has my name on the bottom is written! I scribbled a nail!

Vovk turned the car and was stunned - exactly the name "Alex" scrawled! How so? He's her magic rod to catch? But I had time to give someone else. Without a fight, but not without resentment. Out Lyoshka to himself.

Vovk sitting on the porch alone, wondering, perhaps, whether the magic rod, not just someone else's car had brought him, but someone else's fish, strange sweetness?

Upset boy. I asked my grandmother, "And what kind of food out of the refrigerator at Ste stolen?". "Yes, like" Duchess "lemonade, cake, chocolate so little with ice cream in front of me, she took in the store, and you're so serdeshny, worried, I do not what happened to you?»
"Did not happen" - muttered Vova and went to look for the stranger.

I found in the pond. Sitting on the banks of the Wizard, and laughs at him:
- Well? Satisfied, the fisherman?
- No! - Shouted the boy. - Not happy! Poor you Rod, the wicked! It takes someone else! And I do not need someone else!
- Since it is not necessary - come here! - I asked the sorcerer. - I'll give it to another!
- Do not donate! - Vova said. He grabbed the bait on the knee and broke and very frightened, because the stranger's face was evil and scary. Like a chilly wind blew at the boy.
Well, that next voice heard. Sorcerer retreated away, and was gone. A Vovka familiar to fishermen approached.

- Who are you talking to? Also fisherman? And we, you see, for you have come to take lessons, or you do not know the secret!
- Uncle! - Happy boy. - I'm with you now share the fish! We were with my grandmother so do not! Come to us before it gets dark!
- Come on, if such a thing!
They strode wide and fun in their village.

And when on shore pulled the twilight, strange broken rod, lonely lying in the bushes, he disappeared as if it never happened.

© Grigoriy63
© glass cutter



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