How to pass the driving test in the SAI

Not even driving two meters, the guy failed miserably exam - SUV driver almost crashed into the side of the Dacia marked with "Y". She forgot about the direction indicators and was sent to resit. Another cadet ignominious stalled on the viaduct. Now it is all recorded on video - in cars, which pass on the right, mounted recorders.

Reporters watched as the new conditions take the driving test. Traffic police estimate prepare future drivers very critical: in January, three out of four students were not able to get right the first time.
The process of passing the driving test has not changed. As before, first to answer the 10 questions on the theory, then do two exercises on the court, and then the most difficult - to get around the city. But now the whole process follows very much the small brother - the registrar on the windshield. The device two cameras: one captures what is happening in the cabin, the other - in front of the car. This is done primarily in order to be easier to understand in the case of dispute. According to the examiner, now it gets rid of many unpleasant incidents - less steel to offer a bribe, and therefore do not need to call the police, to take part in the proceedings. Last year it was composed of several materials such facts.
Traditionally, this part of the exam pass well. Many bison banal traffic rules and know all the wording and language snags. In recent years, little has changed: the students have to answer 10 questions on a computer when it is allowed only one mistake.

- Press twice the "Enter" key and go! - Brief the examiner instructs students who already know what to do.
In a class of mostly women and a few men. Usually, there is now a driving school youth, but there are students and older. In 2013, in Minsk, the graduates of driving schools have been issued 31,609 driving licenses (compared to 3463 is less than in 2012). Approximately 5,000 drivers in the capital were prepared less. The boom has passed, pass on the right is now less common. By the way, there is no age limit. Several years ago, 80-year-old assistant professor at a university successfully passed on the right. The theory was no problem, but the practical exam was given to her with difficulty - only the fifth time.

The monitor checks can see the current process: who and how many questions the answers given. You can also see the mistakes. Here, for example, she does not understand how to denote the car while towing.

- In general, "sypyatsya" on matters relating to the requirements of signs and markings - say in the Interdistrict examination department of the Minsk traffic police. - But it all depends on what items the SDA during the training's emphasis teacher.

Some take the test very confident: a few minutes and no mistake! Other little delay, resorting to tactics known - complex issues are left for later. As a result, the individual cadets critical situation: if one has missed his mistake a few questions. Even in this indicator was obvious that handing over is not very confident in their abilities. As a result, one wrong answer - and the exam is failed. Frustrated candidates for the driver leaves the class. According to statistics from the first pass the theory 70-80% of students.

It is believed that many people simply can not cope with the excitement. What tricks just do not go! Comes to curiosities. One cadets has not calculated the dose of valerian extract and ... fell asleep during the theoretical examination. Well, that is not driving! There have been cases pohlesche - the surrender of "site" and "City" are declared annually drunken students ... These are sent immediately.
- Note: the process is fixed on the recorder - a device involves the examiner in the car. - Today we take a diagonal parking and pier.

Many believe that this is the most difficult of the four possible elements. But inspectors say: a big problem for many people is "Teschin yard." Once on the court announced that it will take him many turn and leave. And come back in a few hours, is clearly already trained. Spread in a limited space in many driving schools simply do not study, considering that it is too easy maneuver. Maybe because the shaft is registered minor incidents in the courts.
First behind the wheel of Volkswagen Polo gets the girl. She studied on this machine, which is in itself an important factor.

Cadets confidently drives onto the overpass and puts the car on the handbrake. Now the most critical time - you need to move. Time is not too much - each element is given three minutes and two attempts. But the girl and the first great performing an exercise.

Now "diagonalka." Slowly but surely expose cadets car racks and drives it to the parking lot. An important point: the dimensions of the machine must not protrude beyond counting. Girl and deal with it well.
- Performed? - She asks the examiner.
- I would say perfect!

Among the students of many different tales goes, they say, can not allow for the examination of the inclusion of a mobile phone, or if you will pass on the lawn. But the traffic police flatly deny: this is not to find fault. On the contrary, the examiners somehow allowed cadets to take a barefoot. Another graduate of the driving school sang during the exam. It is not forbidden!

Next candidate drivers delivers a "platform" for the fourth time. But again, unsuccessfully: Volkswagen Polo stalls when trying to pull on the viaduct. During the second attempt, the car jerked and the engine fell silent again. Man admits no luck with the instructor, taught his age, because, they say, a bad result. It trainers are often criticized. The examiners consider that not in vain.

- Do you know who the best rents? The cadets of the Military Academy. 73, 7% of them get right the first time. Because there is discipline hoo! - Said the deputy chief of traffic police department exam Interdistrict Vladimir Sviridovich. - In general, the situation is reversed in the city. In the past year 67, 2% of examinees were not able to pass on the right on the first try. The leaders with a good point of view of the same organization - TSAUK, district organizations DOSAAF, some non-driving school.

In addition to the graduates of driving schools, there is another category of people who should take on the law. It is devoid of identity. Just such a man will take the overpass and "diagonalku┬╗.

I think for him it must be trifling matter that he was running and trying to demonstrate: playfully takes start calls in on the flyover, gets under way with the roar of the engine. Inside, just smell the clutch. But the element delivered.
- Stalled, or what? - Asks the man already during diagonal parking.
A second attempt is also unsuccessful, he was not able to stop by the parking lot. Man emotionally explains: "Alien Machine - like someone else's wife! Anatolich, well let retake ┬╗.

But it is not necessary. Especially that the registrar here it is - watching everything. Any checks present a claim examiner: on what basis have gone on assignment?
- Factor of another car is really significant - agree to take the exam. - Can, of course, hire a trainer with a specially modified car. But so do a few. For the hour rent is 250-300 thousand rubles. A re-sit in the traffic police - only 13 thousand. See the difference? If at least ten times as much, it would have stopped the untrained students.
The other two guys are trying to pass a "platform." One could not even stop by the pier - twice stalled. Here the matter is clear: the guy is clearly not ready. Another says that training for upland with his brother on the old Hyundai Accent. By the way, it is noticeable. It clearly turns out better than its predecessor. But flyover still calls in vnatyag. I wonder how he would cope in the real world, for example, on the street. Kupala (before turning on the street. Bogdanovich), or on the street. Lenin (near the stadium "Dynamo"), where in icy conditions even experienced drivers have easy?

- If the train with a good instructor, he would have explained that we should not stop at the beginning of recovery, but just before the arrival on the horizontal, - indicates an error examiner. - Then it would have been easier to call and.
We head to "diagonalku." The guy seems to be calm and conveniently park, but at the last moment putting the car on the handbrake, not having called before the end of the rack. Dimensions of the car in favor of the line marking. Try not to be counted.
- Again, the error - draws the attention of the examiner - between the rack and the side of the car was too big a gap. As a result, it was necessary to "catch" the bar and did not work fit.
But the second time the young man again make silly "blot" - during an exercise off the transmission. This is a violation, not passed the exam. The feeling that the guy still was ready, but the ignorance of the nuances at the time summed up the practical part. Can not talk about it in driving? Often, students 'showered' offensive to the little things ... The biggest screenings is at the site - the first time it can not pass more than half.

The most difficult thing - a trip to the city in real traffic - is always last. It's like a final exam at school. After him comes the adult has the automotive life, where you are left alone with the unpredictability of traffic, "teachers" driving big SUVs and severe DPS officers. Question: Are you ready for this? The examiner needs to understand it within a short ride on one of 12 routes (they hung on the building MREO GAI). Today - Room 3 (Semashko str. - St. Railway - ul. Uman - st. Gursky).

And driving the familiar girl who has passed a "platform." She now manages the car with confidence. But forget when passing parked under prohibiting (!) Mark vehicle include "turn signal". This is fine, but a mistake! A total of three allowed. Cadets quietly moves on the street. Semashko, he collapses on the street. Rail, clearly shifts gears.

- On the first a controlled intersection where a left turn is allowed, perform this maneuver - literally examiner pronounces the syllables.
These formulations do not look trick. Takes the exam is forbidden knowingly give false indications. Therefore, simply to listen carefully to the task. But she did not, until recently rebuilt, and rides on the right lane. It must be her baffled sign 5.8.1 "direction of travel of the bands", established at the first intersection (with a local travel near the shopping center "Globo"). It allows only straight ahead. And to the next intersection with the street. Uman is literally 50 meters away and all of the cars.
- Oh, I think there should have been straight - cadets only have time to breathe and passes by.

Not passed the exam. On the girl's face appeared tears. We were upset by not less than: a question of fact in particular traffic management, which she only inexperience could not know.
- I myself was convinced that she will pass! - Examiner surprised no less. - But after the retreat of the route, as well as after the establishment of emergency exam immediately terminated. Otherwise, the first inspection by viewing the video, ask, on what basis were violated instructions? On the other hand, a trip to the city - a test of non-standard situations in real traffic conditions. Sometimes you need a savvy! She could not just stay in the next row, the indicator is on, and requests in the correct lane. Nowhere does it say that the maneuver must be performed in motion. It would not be an infringement.
However, the students task doubly difficult than the drivers - the slightest deviation from the SDA will lead to failure in delivery of the exam. And add the factor of inexperience and stress ... One delivers on the right did not even get behind the wheel. Headlong jumped out of the car after the girl: "I better next time!┬╗

Behind the wheel of the other car marked with "U" gets another girl. We go along the same route. Please note that it includes the first set of traffic lights in advance, then it was easier to move. Then, for a long time he travels without going to the second. Later, the instructor explained, this is not considered an error, but bad for the car and apply this to their car - is more expensive.
- You made a mistake only once, - announces the examiner when she stopped. - At the very end showed no turn signal when stopped. And I put the exam, congratulations!

Happy now a driver in a hurry to please loved ones. Its place is taken by another student. But the guy did not even have time to leave the "pocket" as miserably failed the exam. It all happened in a split second, he turned on the turn signal and began to move. Then the car stopped abruptly, and the engine continued to roar. At the same time by us at the right band with a horn honk swept SUV.
- This is your signal. You have violated paragraph 58 of the SDA, and created an emergency situation - it turned out that the braked when the examiner, the guy is still hard pressed on the gas pedal. In the case of an accident is a policeman, who is considered the driver in this situation would be to blame.
Fortunately examiner all figured out in advance, and saw additional mirror SUV. If not for his actions - there would be a failure. Why is not the cadet saw in broad daylight is not a small car? Probably the accident happened, he would not even realized what had happened. Many say so, and I do not know where it came second driver. Releasing the road this unprepared cadet - a huge risk. None of the examiners this responsibility will not take. In total in 2013, drivers with experience up to a year in Minsk made 26 accounting accidents in which no one was killed, but 34 people were injured.
- When it deems that you are ready, you can go - says the next cadet policeman. It is also an important point - you need to adjust the seat, mirrors, breath. Nobody from the start does not hurry.

The guy starts to move. But not very well reconstructed. Ehavshaya taxi forced to leave behind in the second lane, slow circling "Lads Camp". Not an emergency situation, however, delivers remarks on the right to receive from the examiner. Then the young man as a whacko, he repeats the same mistake a few seconds. Then again ...
- And now, excuse me, I have to intervene - the examiner takes the wheel.
Cadet nearly clipped Ford. In general, the outcome is clear, but the guy finally asked to perform a U-turn at the intersection of rail and Uman.
Finally counterclaims cars stop. A young man begins to twist the wheel. Him and so hard to fit in, and suddenly starts to move a woman driving a Volvo, which does not allow to complete the maneuver. "That's why?" - On everyone's lips one more question. Put pressure on the car with a "U" - this is still hurt that baby!

- In the latter situation was not right driver Volvo, - recognizes the policeman. - But the guy - a chronic "not to yield." I said: the last time he did not pass because of this error. He was still too early to go on their own, is not ready.

Next cadets smartly adjusts the mirror, seat, fastened. All view shows that it is ready to receive the rights. However, the girls did not really go out to shift gears.
- You hear a distinctive smell? This clutch - said the examiner.
- Excuse me ...
- First neatly sums grip, and then squeeze the gas pedal.

She sharply drove up to the traffic light. And a few seconds later she zooms driver Volkswagen Tiguan, which has forced it to restructure. Then forget about the turn signal. Very performs a maneuver, and there is already becoming quite scary. The examiner asks to stop, while she again does not include pointers.
- You do not pass. Tell about errors? - Asks the policeman, and then sequentially transfers the items SDA.
Disputable situations, according to management MREO GAI, was markedly less when they began to actively use the recorders. Within three days after the entry into force of amendments to the legislation of a young man tried to appeal against the decision of taking an exam. He disagreed with the conclusions of the expert, complained of a faulty speedometer, a poor layout, untreated glass, late instructions ...
- While watching the recording turned out that he, if approached in principle, made more violations than were recorded, - says Vladimir Sviridovich. - In the appeal, of course, it was denied. Although the answer did not satisfy the cadet. But it is a chronic debater. Most enough facts registrar. In general, the training of drivers is poor.



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