Watch out for the car...

This incredible story began yesterday, yesterday it ended. The street was strange: dusk, dusk darkened while sprinted drizzle and drizzle raindrops wet autumn rain ... Ominous dark blue shadows quivered and twisted in the wrong dim light of gas lamps, throwing for rare passers-by, hurrying into this dark hour home curse , cones and fallen leaves ...
The old cemetery chapel chimes at midnight struck in hazy peat wastelands alone and shrill screaming bittern and rainy sky, the face of the formidable holy ancient dark images, bent over the huddled on the ground unconscious fear ...
 In short - I was returning home from work at seven o'clock in the evening.
 More precisely - not exactly home, I had a meeting with local recruiters - not otvyazhutsya. The meeting, as expected, got mediocre - I tried to load an eternal theme of "marketing and PR - crooks and thieves" (damn, yes, but why did they constantly need to work?), I gruzanul them back and we had a nice goodbye forever .
 I went out into the street, quite lively and lighting. He came to the place where my car was parked.
 Was ...
 Machines were ...
 Calmly, I told myself, you just overlooked it. But after running back and forth a dozen times I have come to understand that the car was stolen. Vile've stole "nine" in a crowded place, despite multilok, additional blocking gearbox and a number of foreign cars parked.
 I nervously smoked bothered the taxi drivers, but in my head spinning just two thoughts: 1) that tomorrow I'll write about it in LJ; 2) it is necessary to go back and otpizdit director of recruitment agency, which is 40 minutes bother me any garbage.
 However, I did not come back, and on the advice of taxi drivers began to call the traffic police.
 Then the circus began.
 By the way, the challenge of city traffic police on mobile, in any case, "Kyivstar", in two ways: (area code) or just 02 102.
 I call to duty, the dialogue from memory:
 I am Alla, MILITSYYA, the guard and Achtung !!! (Good evening, I drove the car, this model is a number such and such, the color green, the owner - so and so)
 GAI: Yeah ...
 I am distinguishing marks there ...
 SAI: So. Speak.
 Me: There's ... daisies painted on the hood ...
 GAI (unemotional voice): So. Daisies on the hood. White?
 Me: Yes ... And this ...
 GAI (already starting to show interest): Yes, but ...?
 I (inwardly shuddering, representing a person on duty): There are mice on the wings has drawn ...
 GAI: Who?
 I (resignedly): Mouse.
 GAI (pronouncing the syllables): So-o ... M-N-SH-K-I. Anything else?
 I YES!!! Kittens ("whore" by Ed.)
 SAI: That-a-a-a-ak ... kittens?
 I (falling into the pit): Well ... just do something ... this (come on, come on, I say to myself, tell me ...) In short - the cubs. Two tiger ...
 GAI: Ta-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-oo ... D-B-A-T and G-P-E-N-K-A.
 I (plaintively): orientation of taxi service will give? Attire send?
 GAI (ohuevaya likely to complete the program have the entire control room):
Kanechno !!!
 After 20 minutes, when he came running to my friends, I remembered that I parked quarter below ...

 That evening, traffic police called me a few times. Every time I explained the situation, they say, the girl a second key, drove away, I was not told, and each time the caller was interested:
 -So Found the car, huh?
 Yeah ...
 C daisies on the hood?
 Yes, with daisies, - I said, and added, in order to avoid the next question - and with cubs.
 Newest called me some Polkan already from the regional administration ...



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