This profitable to sell cars - House or outbid?

"Urgent buy your car" - the headlines are full of ads almost on every post. But how the "redemption"? Who benefits quickly sell the car? To find out, we decided to "sell" an old Ford Escort.

The machine is in good condition for its age, the design model is quite simple and maintainable. No, since nothing wrong with the machine did not happen, the owner still planning to ride on it for some time and is not going to sell. But the car for the experiment gave - check out how much it will take away "outbid" I do not mind.
Draw the experiment!

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What now problems with the car? Given the model year and brand of car - Ford, of course, there are questions about the body. Rear arches restored, right at this rust thresholds also losing out.

Under the carpet in the trunk develops abundantly corrosion. But everything else was not so bad: painted only a few items on the LCP body "bugs" about six or seven. Bottom in good condition - the car a few times treated corrosion-resistant materials.

Bottoms of doors, the internal parts of the trunk lid and hood - no problem.

The car has been in the same hands for 13 years, and knowing the history of the car in running 144,000 km can be trusted. Indirectly, this tells the engine 1.3 HCS, which begins to consume oil consumption by about 200,000 miles, but so far no problems with that. Many chassis parts are still original. Upset the oil leaks on the engine crankcase, but this is not critical - the owner plans to solve the issue soon.

Rubbing on the wheel and the wings CPR, but they are more likely to age, and not on the run. Wheel literally falling apart into pieces of old age - the owner is planning to sheathe his skin. But compared to similar instances of all model year, in general, not bad.

Winter tires almost new.

We carried out a minimum Pre-delivery vehicle: interior cleaned, washed the body, adjust idle speed. These activities have little to increase our chances of a better "sell". The average price of the car at the moment is about $ 3,000.

First Autohaus, we decided to visit, - CityCar. Small parking, goods represented mainly by car low price category.

 - You have three options: setting the car on the commission, exchange or redemption. Of course, the price of the car depending on your choice will be different. Urgent buy - it's fast, but a lot of the car did not get - none Autohaus you more than 2000 dollars for a Ford Escort will not offer. So I would recommend to put the car on the commission. Your price plus a $ 300 commission. Cheap cars are in demand, if the car is in good condition - just for this weekend it will be bought for 3000-4000. Therefore, urgent purchase I would not recommend.

I insisted on the immediate redemption, but the assessment of the car still did not take place - at Autohaus did not have cash. Nevertheless, the employee has left a positive impression: all honest, unvarnished and thus politely.

In Autohaus Automag also in no hurry to buy our car, "Director busy!" But a minute later he appeared, and one of the staff still went to assess the car. He looked at it pretty carefully and from all sides. Test trip was not, but the staff at the site tested the clutch rated at hearing the engine and looked into the oil filler neck.

 - Strength in the order, beauty is in good condition, but the motor - all - spoken specialist.

 - Why?

 - You see - there is an emulsion, which means that oil antifreeze.

 - So it's cylinder head gasket change, rather than the "motor - everything." Unless, of course, the reason that it is not a fact.

 - All the same pad - $ 15, grinding - 50, work - 100. And the oil leaks on the pallet.

Here it is necessary to make a small clarification. Yes, the oil leaks are - really a problem. But the fact that the film is yellow on the inside wall of the oil filler cap hit is caused by antifreeze in the oil, not a fact. The coolant level in the last six months has not decreased, the engine does not smoke, the machine is often a few days idle in the yard - in the circumstances, the cause is most likely in the condensate, and not in the cylinder head gasket.


Next expert draws attention to the wheel arches: the right rust, left, as has been restored, too soon begin to rust.


According to him, the roof and door pillars due to a pair of three "bugs" need to repaint.

 - Saw (using obscene expression) and worse. But our price is not more than 1800 - Escort with engine 1.3 does not sell - the verdict employee Autohaus.

What can I say? Communication officer is clearly not at a high level - to the client on you plus obscene words. On the other hand, the car looked around pretty well, except for some nuances of assessing the state of the engine is more or less true. Although the price of 1800 ... In view of the market value of "about three" would love to hear figure at least 2200. In other earnings legal "outbid" turns over a thousand dollars from the machine - not bad, but the business.

MyCar Autohouse mainly engaged in car higher price category, so I did not expect that they will take an old Escort.

 - Customize the car to the place of inspection, now you will approach a specialist. The price will be 80 percent of the average market value of the model.

Inspection body took less than a minute, the state bottoms and thresholds employee is evaluated.

 - Problems in the body, I see, but please tell me if there are any questions on the motor?

 - As the engine is no problem - I say, hiding the fact of oil spills.

After a trip test, which showed a slight knock in the suspension, we were invited to the office Autohaus.

 - The average market price for the car is $ 2,600, we can offer you a maximum of 2000.

 - And how to evaluate the average cost model?

 - We introduced the parameters of your car on the site, 2800 - this is the maximum, but mostly offer 2600.

Despite the fact that the staff left a good impression, polite and friendly, though their conclusions about the average market price have questions: very cheap in "their online" selling Ford Escort ... The average price of this model hatchback and the engine up to 1400 cc. cm is not $ 2,600, and the phrase "2800 - this is the maximum" and does not correspond to reality.

Current price statistics shows an average price of $ 3,000 model. No comments, as they say.

Director Autohaus "Megapolis" once admitted that few are interested in buying an old car emergency. According to him, in recent years, such machines are not in demand, and a weak motor increases the risk. But after our persuasion, he still decided to inspect the car, cautioning that can evaluate the car just $ 1,000. After a careful examination and proved.

 - Small free wheeling clutch pedal - this unit has problems flowing steering rack, rusting both rear arches. And I still did not produce a test ride! I can offer $ 1,100, but you should consider the appropriateness of such a sale. However, one girl can buy you a car for 1200 ...

By the assessment of technical conditions have questions: squeeze the clutch pedal is not difficult, "captures" not at once, so to speak so categorically about the status of this mechanism, we would not have. Rake is also questionable: given the weather conditions, to talk about her difficult leak - absolutely all suspension components are wet. And a month ago, when changing the oil leak owner no steering rack is not found. It seems to us to assess the state of the chassis of the car on the lift you need in a service, and not through the engine compartment - only in this case we can talk about smudges, state of the bottom and the rest. With absolute certainty that a rack and clutch all right, we also will not speak - this will tell our next "dismantling» Ford Escort. But a foregone conclusion that the problems with the data units, taking into account the above reasons too complicated.

 - Once you have a long time - said chilled photographer Gleb Malofeev waiting for me at the gate Autohaus.

If MyCar Autohouse and Automag inspection and assessment of the car right after our arrival, there had to wait a total of about 20 minutes. Nevertheless culture of business communication without question - staff are polite, do this, "Megapolis" does not take away.

And now - the most interesting. We went to "buy up" to "working" near the car market "Zhdanovichi».

 - Sell? - Asks a guy approached eastern accent. - I give 2500!

 - And how much such a machine is now on the average market costs?

 - Around 3500, but you do realize I need to make.

 - I agree. Leave your phone, I think.

Once we have gathered to leave, as he went again:

 - Ready to pick up in 3000, just call me, please. Very themselves want such a machine.

Inspection and assessment of the car took more than a few seconds.

So if you need to quickly sell an old car, without losing significant amounts - Refer to "buy up". In our situation, "illegals" from the car market "Zhdanovichi" gave the maximum price, even when viewing the car.




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