Watch Out! How not to buy a car.

I will tell you a little today almost a detective story.
Asked me to find the secondary market BMW X5 in good condition. Here in Moscow.
In the process of searching came across an interesting Avito ads, of course, it immediately attracted me sweet price, the normal description, good photo.
And the most interesting is the name of the owner. Add a little intrigue to make you suffer! The name is so rare, but that's ridiculous. Hide it under the cut, let your brain will work, that there might be for such a name.
Unfortunately, the ad has already been deleted, but I did not think it zaskrinshotit.

18 photos via bronevoy

Of course, I immediately began to suspect that the car can not be sold in 2010 at a price of 2007, but curiosity got up and I decided to find out what was wrong.

Set the phone was very funny - 8 37 42 apparently Avito does not allow to post ads without phone.

The second reason is a funny, which I have already alluded - the name of the owner - Malvina.

Well, OK, time to investigate, the investigation to the end, he sent a written request to the contact form:



Welcome interested in your car, tell your phone, the website is incorrect.

Get an answer after a while:

Edward Regan & lt;>
August 7th. at 01:00
Car is in England and still sold without any mechanical or optical defects. Last inspection was made in April, and cars do not require any investment. My wife bought cars from Russia, because it was a Russian citizen. In 2012, my wife died, and now I want to sell the car. Cars registered on its books, but her husband, whom I have full legal authority to sell. legacy was made in December 2012. I can remove from the accounts and sell. Cars registered in Russia under the Russian numbers. Passtamozhki cleaning is not required. If you're interested, I'll be more than happy to meet you in England to view and buy cars. If you do not have a visa, can I come to Russia to do a deal. Price includes my arrival in Russia. I can arrive with the car in 2 weeks. Thank
Edward Regan
Fleming Road, Liverpool, L24 9LS

Well, I think that's something I've heard about this, but the details of the sign was not, decided to play silly elderly Lohan and pull more details.
I am writing in response to:

Ok, come, look around your car, if the car was not damaged in the accident and all mechanisms are working properly, will buy.

Car in perfect condition. He never participated in an accident. I have my own garage, the car was always inside. On the back there are no scratches, dents and rust. Suspension in very good condition, engine runs like clockwork. No problems for electricians. All systems are working fine, the car does not require any monetary investment. I have winter tires, but only one set of disks. Drove the car just me and my wife. Photos in the application.

Notice that there is practically no errors in the rules of the Russian language. I suspect that after all those engaged in some kind of Russian, which for the plausibility of some phrases several times through Google Translate banishes for credibility that we are talking to a foreigner. But judging by the photos, the car actually filmed somewhere not in Russia.

Then there was some kind of tedious and long correspondence, like I like fish vyvazhivat to better fasten the hook:
From: Sergey & lt;>
To: Edward Regan & lt;>
Sent: Wed, Aug 7, 2013 4:20 pm
Subject: Re: Question for your ad «BMW X5, 2010»

Well, come to Moscow, will buy.

07.08.2013, 17:31, «Edward Regan» & lt; ;:
Can I come with the car through a maximum of 2 weeks.

From: Sergey & lt;>
To: Edward Regan & lt;>
Sent: Wed, Aug 7, 2013 4:40 pm
Subject: Re: Question for your ad «BMW X5, 2010»

Well, come. Waiting

07.08.2013, 17:43, «Edward Regan» & lt; ;:
Please send any questions about the car. Thank

From: Sergey & lt;>
To: Edward Regan & lt;>
Sent: Wed, Aug 7, 2013 5:06 pm
Subject: Re: Question for your ad «BMW X5, 2010»

Well, have no more questions, come, let us draw up a contract of sale, immediately after the inspection.

07.08.2013, 18:08, «Edward Regan» & lt; ;:
I hope you are a serious buyer, because I would have to overcome more than 3000 kilometers to meet with you. You can reserve a hotel room for my arrival? Of course, I'll pay for it.

From: Sergey & lt;>
To: Edward Regan & lt;>
Sent: Wed, Aug 7, 2013 5:32 pm
Subject: Re: Question for your ad «BMW X5, 2010»

Yeah, well.

08.08.2013, 18:23, «Edward Regan» & lt; ;:
Hello. Today I bought a ticket for the ferry and plane ticket for my return to England after we finish the deal. I spent 874 pounds. It is applied in this email. I arrive in Moscow on August 20 and leave on August 23. I hope that 3 days is enough to complete all legal procedures. Please understand that before our meeting, I have to keep 3,000 miles, I have to remove the car from our account and get the number of transit, I have to waste time and money. And I just want to make sure of your serious intentions as a buyer before I start this trip and this deal. Please go to any Western Union or Money Gram of your city and send a deposit of $ 5000. But do not send money to me. Send from your name to the name of your brother or his wife's name, or any other person you trust. And the purpose of money England instead of Russia. This way, no one can touch you money, but based on the receipt, I can telephone Western Union or Money Gram, and confirm the validity of the transfer. After our meeting, and after the inspection is completed car, we can go and cancel the transaction and give me the money, or you can change gears on my name, so I can gather, when I go back to England. If somehow you are not satisfied the conditions of the car, no one is forcing you to buy it. You cancel the transfer, take away your money, and we drink beer. The transfer will cost you about $ 200. But I'll also spend a lot of money to come to Russia. And yapredpolagayu, very fair.


12. Op-na! All Edward decided that all bait zaglochena, it's time to strike, Let's get ready type 5000 EUREKA. Remember - this is a key part throughout history.
I have not even bothered to check, yes indeed such a flight, sent in this day and at this time.
Following comes another letter.

08.08.2013, 18:24, «Edward Regan» & lt; ;:
I also reserved a hotel room. I have a navigation system in the car, and I can not find any address. We can meet directly with the hotel on August 20. Please see. That address roars. Thank

13. Strange, huh? He previously asked me to his hotel booked.
Okay, now that he thought that I have nowhere to go, I decided to put on an act in the role of an elderly little versed in finance and how to transfer money man:

From: Sergey & lt;>
To: Edward Regan & lt;>
Sent: Thu, Aug 8, 2013 6:49 pm
Subject: Re: Question for your ad «BMW X5, 2010»

you will forgive me, I'm quite an old man and do not understand what you're talking about the western. Western, it's a genre film. As a child, I certainly watched movies about Indians, I really like, but do not quite understand where does my money, your car and the Indians.
Therefore, let me come in the morning on August 21 to the hotel, we'll see a car, check the document and go to the traffic police put on record, where you and I will give the entire amount in cash.
Sorry, but how old are you? I have a daughter, a very pretty girl, we can come together on a deal, get acquainted.

08.08.2013, 22:18, «Edward Regan» & lt; ;:
I am in disbelief, because not asked to transfer money directly to my name. I asked you to transfer funds from your name to the person you know and trust, living in Russia, but write to England for transmission to the destination country, I was able to call and make sure that the transfer was made. You can make a transfer to his wife, relative or friend. If you are not satisfied of automotive terms, you cancel the transfer, take away your money, and I'll give you $ 200. Put yourself in my condition and drive the whole of Europe, to meet me. I paid more than $ 1,200 for the plane ticket and attached it to the e-mail. I even put a receipt of payment, so you can see the amount I paid. I will spend more than $ 700-800 for fuel and road taxes. Plus the hotel to sleep until I arrive. Perhaps the reason is the lack of understanding the language barrier, but I want to assure you that the situation is very simple and safe. I have attached a copy of my passport, marriage and death certificates, and of inheritance. I think, more than enough to show my serious intentions. Therefore, please send the final answer, because I have another buyer, waiting for my answer yesterday, and I do not want to lose money ticket. If you do not accept my condition, we can meet in the port of Calais, France. You spend money to see the car and meet me. We can move along to Russia to complete the transaction. Today, I also submitted a request to the holiday my shelf, and I only have 2 weeks free. Thank





All my fantasy about Indians, about the beautiful daughter, walked past the ears, it only cares about money transfer. To keep me on the hook sends a whole bunch of scans.
Particularly surprised me the power of attorney. If you read the lawyers say, unless it can be in such a form?
I pretend that I was happy with everything and I calmed down, I ask a copy of the TCP, well, about the daughter passage repeat.

From: Sergey & lt;>
To: Edward Regan & lt;>
Sent: Thu, Aug 8, 2013 9:26 pm
Subject: Re: Question for your ad «BMW X5, 2010»

Please send a copy of the TCP car.
Sorry, but how old are you? I have a daughter, a very pretty girl, we can come together on a deal, get acquainted.

08.08.2013, 22:31, «Edward Regan» & lt; ;:
Photos in the application.

Rusk some, it is nothing but money do not care. Twice he asked about the girl hint, and he does not keep an eye!
But PTSD is important to all pages, right there on another page, you can find out the owner, as well as whether the registered cars. Ask other records show.

From: Sergey & lt;>
To: Edward Regan & lt;>
Sent: Thu, Aug 8, 2013 9:35 pm
Subject: Re: Question for your ad «BMW X5, 2010»

and the next page?

08.08.2013, 22:31, «Edward Regan» & lt; ;:
I can not send the entire document to strangers. I have sent too many documents to prove my serious intentions. Because for copies of the documents can be forged documents and then double car. If you wish, we made our way to the police including criminologist for 20 minutes and then do the same thing from an authorized dealer.

Ah, here he is not prepared. Something's not right at it from the second page, in principle, all became clear to me, on the comedy break makes no sense. The answer is categorical.
From: Sergey & lt;>
To: Edward Regan & lt;>
Sent: Thu, Aug 8, 2013 10:47 pm
Subject: Re: Question for your ad «BMW X5, 2010»

if you do not send the second page, I refuse to further conversation.
Very similar to this some deception.

09.08.2013, 00:28, «Edward Regan» & lt; ;:
I think that you should choose your words more cautious and be more polite. I have sent too many documents and spent too much money. I also believe the closure of our conversation.

09.08.2013, 00:32, «Edward Regan» & lt; ;:
Yesterday and today I have been multiplied by 2 in the Russian Embassy in England to ask what documents I need to remove from the bill and complete the transaction. About money, I also spent too much time to take your harsh words.

Well it is necessary, the scammer takes offense to a bona fide purchaser who wants to be confident in the car and all documents. One could of course try it yet, ask about the service book and mark where served and what to do, and other trifles, to which all are pierced.
But I'm tired conduct this conversation and I did not answer any more.
If you are interested to continue, please send your options to continue, I will send them to Edward. Can still continue our detective to "Santa Barbara».

Well, now tell what the whole point of fraud:
The main force you to make a Western Union transfer and receive your scanned receipts.
Abroad, there is no mandatory requirement passports Western Union, establish their identity can even library ticket from the library. He is your receipt will print a fake ID, such as a pass from the company «Roga`n`Kopyta» and remove the money on behalf of your recipient.
Western Union is not a bank, it does not accept any claims, so remember, Western Union, can only serve to transfer familiar faces, but if a stranger offers to transfer money via Western Union, you know - this is fraud on the above scheme, with different variations .
Do not flatter yourself on the veracity of the documents, see how everything was prepared.
A lot of people come across such fishermen for bait. If interested can google on request "fraud Western Union».
Unfortunately, many are carried out and send their money. That after 1-2 hours debited (cashed) and the letters no one else is responsible.

Of course, do not try to buy a car at a price below the market, there are no miracles.
Well, ask for help to those who understands this.



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