Regik, money, two turbines

Remember here that the dialogue of "Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels»?
let it be a preface:

"Tom was in a difficult position.
However, Chris understanding attitude to the fact that in the hands of Tom's had a couple of things similar to loaded guns.
In turn, Tom reacted with understanding to another fact: the gun had not been charged.
So, by and large, when Tom came through the back door and Chris left with the money - no one loses face. »

Scribble below - not to lose face after a meeting with Tom, who sent guns and it is unclear what they charged ... and Chris was able to get away with the money

Will be 20 photos

Just note - that the customer reviews of this could have been avoided if we had to compensate the customer the amount of area 180000rub. (yes, four ... zero value of our repair was 95500r.)

Before the publication of this report was provided by the client in an email to me, and in the course of the correspondence I have received the following lines in exchange for the issue of how to resolve:
"Orbit Auto led car in order. Now it is for sale. The truth is I had hoped to sell it in April and May, but it turns out that I lost a couple of months of additional time and quite a lot of money. :(
In this situation, you can except to compensate my financial expenses. Time and nerves already spent, shoals corrected as much as possible. Waiting for you any suggestions.

In further telephone conversation - I was offered the amount of 10-20 thousand. Rub. for the settlement offered to the client to look through Orbit Auto and return him about 180000rub to settle the conflict and not to publish the "damning" report.

Parts of the story:
TWO DOMESTIC cigarette cases, three tape recorders ...
OUR shoals

03.04.13 Land Rover came to us with an estimate of repair picture at 73,500 rubles.

About the customer then and now - nothing bad I can not say - a normal person.

The amount refers to the following list of works:
 - Deskew the rear left side of the body and roof
 - Pulling power rear left wing
 - Replacement of the outer metal rear left wing
 - Repair of the roof rack left
 - Repair of the roof (roof had serious jams and twisted fabric)
 - Repainted: roof, roof rack left, front left wing, wing, rear left, rear left door

Note in the purchase order was not anywhere to replace the item of cabin parts in general, and especially headlining and lining!

The client then said that meant the cost of repair work - but we do not mean, we get crushed, did not object.

After about 4 days - we already have in stock all spare parts, to the delight of the customer promptly podvёz everything. This happens rarely.

We set the car on the slipway 04.08.13, consolidated and began to disassemble.
On the stocks - only when there are all the necessary body parts.

Having examined all attachments - a diagonal line we measured the body size of the map autorobot and found that the rear panel left to right 3 cm, rear right wing pushed forward and became much reduced clearance: rear right-wing rear right door

The client immediately reported the discovery of a body skewed to the right.
He came, he saw, made sure we were asked what we would do with the starboard?

They agreed on the sum of 18500r. the next body works:
 - Stretching the back of the painting to repair places
 - Pulling power rear right wing
 - The gap is at the rear board
 - Repaint the door openings on the left side

The total amount of work turned 92000r.

We reported - what these additional works in earlier periods not will shape, will take longer.
Specify the exact date of return of the car the customer did not, said «ok, I understand," and we confined ourselves to the wording "a little longer».

Well, in the area of ​​the completion of the car - the end of May - the client has asked even repaint the front left door.
Agreed supplement just 3500r. (underperform 3 times) since repair was great.

The total amount of work turned 95500r.

For the money all. TURBINE PRO

The car came to us on their own. The bulb is not burned chekenzhin.
But the sound of the motor was somehow squeaked when you press the gas.

The customer told the story as the master inspector wrote, purchase order, that the car should be part of the plant during the repair of the turbine may sour anyway.
Like, there was a case of one another from one dealer, who two months to make repairs Range, soured two turbines and the customer has made that due to the service it replaced the two turbines.
At the tinsmith, who was present at the time in the room - in the head load exclamation and this monologue deeply rebelled, he later recounted it several times. Auto plant it every day for 3 times.

Returning from a weekend in the area on May 20 (2 days car stood without zavodki) - tinsmiths guys saw that the car will not start. Chekenzhin burn and will not start.
We immediately began to call the client - he did not take the phone. There is an extract from the MTS-detail, we called in two tubes. There's still melody "hub-hub" at it's worth, I personally heard enough ...

I decided to turn to a Friend servismenov from the neighboring land-rover service.
Who knows when the owner came out to LR to communicate and finish the job required.
I came electrician and connected to the vehicle computer.
It is an error - it turned out that one of the faulty turbine and diesel fuel does not reach because of the airlock. Jam cleaned - Land Rover wound.

This was the case when we are told the client.
Calculate an expert on land-rovers, we at his own expense.
We could even hide the fact of, the arrival of electricity, if there was something criminal ...
We have done everything to be honest, gave a detailed account.


This car is on the stocks we put three times.

The fact is that very strong multi-layer metal is made in amplifiers quarters and the back of the Range.

Twice - in the evening we pulled into the power dimensions of the elements on the right side, then removed from the pile.
And in the morning, once in the car - surprised to discover that the metal "otpruzhinil." He returned to the place. We had to put the hydraulic stretch for a long time outside the pile.

Decision as a result, which allowed the body to return to its normal size - has been dragging a few millimeters of power elements of the size and dimensions of the morning, we returned to the desired frame.

The decision was not easy and not fast.

That is now shamanism, believe it or not.

But the delay is because she has been explained in detail. And even as it seemed - understood by the client.

TWO DOMESTIC cigarette cases, three tape recorders ...

The purchase order item has a "valuable things in the salon».
Who we repaired - know as the heart of my client manager repeated the phrase: "if there is something valuable in the cabin?».

If something is - and ask to see written in the purchase order.

In this case - was the answer, "nothing of value is not there." A dash in the purchase order.

The customer wrote: "I must say that I was once a week (sometimes more often) passed a quarter of Moscow's traffic jams, to see how it fares my piece of iron»
It certainly bothered us, not so great to work under the hood.
But even more, he verbally expressed to me on the phone - "I visited more than 10 times and have never seen my car doing».
Question - how it is made it was interesting?
If you do not trust - why give the car in a service that you do not trust, then to more than 10 times to call?

The customer wrote: "Separately want to mention the mess, which was created during the renovation of the passenger cabin. All interior trim panels (doors, racks, etc.) lay something inside (white leather interior, by the way) machines, and there was a thick layer of dust over exactly 1 th of a millimeter. The result of this mess will be described below »
And do not mess brought photos, devastation, porn!

Here it is a mess - a photo.

It looks like half the room exploded. All that dismantled "white-skinned" - it is in stock, cloth cover and put on the cloth.
Anything that does not understand - it takes cover for the duration of bodywork - tarpaulins and at the time of painting works - paper ukryvochnoy.
Explain to the person who looks more than 10 times that the condition which is why nothing hid - uncomfortable. In more advanced services to make this a closed repair station where the customer is not allowed, so he does not invent. We, too, will come to this somehow.

And in one of his visits - the client suddenly come to look at the body polurazobrannom DVR.
Finisher who knows cars - makes the package, which is composed of all of the small body.
DVR is not there.
The client says - "All right, maybe I have it in my garage laid».
We forget about the DVR.

Personally, I think that the DVR could be required in the court during the time of the accident, according to the customer, "already in October last year." Or where the car was 9 months to repair - might bark legs registrar.

By myself I know - that after his car accident, usually sit at home and browse through all the events of the accident. Help may be recorded in the proceedings of the insurance.
What could be required to repair the DVR facing car a month after the start of the repair?

The fact remains - we are pure in this matter by 100%.
I think it is not correct to write unsubstantiated "when they have" lost "a couple of things from the salon».

Very cool that when I read the review - I saw that more and radar proved to be missing, and "perhaps something else».

I repeat here what I wrote to this customer: we are working for more than 5 years, during which time there was no single case of theft - anything from one client did not vanish from the car.

I remember only one case on this issue - but it's a big smile is - in the cup holder near the checkpoint had a jar of gum, which was 10-ruble coins "on the tip tankers to gas stations", and so the owner, taking cars said in a claim - that the coins was much less than it was before putting a car in for repair.

Theft - a criminal case, why did not the owner called the police and told us - "I think I put it in his garage»!

In the writing of this review, and taking back the car out of service was almost a month (05/06/13 - 01/07/13) - we did not hear any complaints about the DVR, radar, other electronics.

I assure you - to save the reputation of the service - I would put 10000rub and closed to the question of just prestige.
But the last phrase was "about his garage" and we all thought that the issue is closed.

And now to invest in the report witty and paint about radar and something else when he said "nothing of value in the cabin there»?

Is it possible to write the missing from us, if there is no documentary evidence, if he himself had signed the no valuables in the cabin if the accident was 9 months ago, and somewhere in the car idle and someone on the tow truck dragged him?

OUR shoals

That's what we messed up during repairs and how to offer the customer to solve the problem:

1. Monetization delay the timing of repair
delay timing has occurred, but not at 2.5 months, as shown in the report, and approximately 3 weeks
as it turns out:
 - 3.4.13 put the car in for repair
 - 04.08.13 he put on the slipway where found ext. work, because it is after 4 days were delivered to us all the body parts
 - 04/25/13 implied by purchase order deadline car
 - The added complexity of the work dragged on for at least 7-10 days
 - 02.05.13-05.05.13 to be delivered the car
 - Added to the door in the painting
 - I am ready to have the car was 26.05.13
 - About 10 days we called the client, the client was able to pick it up (even appeared on communication in June) 05.06.13

Detained, no talking. We tried to make some kind of discount, discount for painting doors.
We were willing to make a cash discount of 10-20 thousand rubles. It proved to be insufficient.

2. Zalomanny tip from headlining.
It is not true that the headlining "bruising / zalomana / mired back in a couple of places" because we did this one have not seen zalomanny tip when handed (nor those who gave, nor those who took).
But a month later when the photos were published - no questions left, made - ready to fix.
The fact that this room is corrected in two hours by heating and bonding the rear side of the amplifier frame plating, followed would be left.
We asked for two hours to bring our car to fix what was followed by a request to buy a new one, because did not have to spoil the new, we need a new. New 30000rub worth. If susekam poskrebsti - and compensate for this, in principle, would be ready.

3. Broken ceiling ceiling, cost about 500 rubles.
Yes, we broke. We offered to pay for it.

4. "lost pad on the right doorstep»
Reviewed all photos - really came with the car Door sill trims and leaves without.
They searched everything - it is not, perhaps, thrown together with ukryvochnoy paper after painting (the molding is held on the threshold of Scotch double-sided) can be knocked Karcher.
We found a molding dismantling of 500 rubles. - Are willing to stick our school.

The rest - not our schools

1 door left with a perfect gap to the front wing and had no strike sharply, and the paint was whole.

Though we did nothing and did a front left wing and the left front door (they are after all, if you remember on the purchase order, painted only), but "at the bottom of the door hurt / scratch wing (two white worn) at the top - a gap the thickness of a finger "- I accept all the same at his own expense.

At the same time I personally (not client manager or someone there) - checked before the arrival of the client that all the gaps were simply ideally, not undermine.

So I give up at least in the car:

When we talked on the phone (in the area of ​​putting some comment while talking about compensation) about the door - I guess maybe it weakened a bolt of some kind in the loop, we podedte tighten, it will not take more than 10 minutes ...
Was the answer - "maybe so, but it's your well-done work - if weakened bolt?»
I gave an example - writing software - is a product, there is support for him when bugs are detected, corrected - has had little result.

2. The paint on the trunk lid
Here are two pictures taken during the delivery of a car - where there is this paint?
Our paint is not on the boot lid, that photo in high resolution on the date of the auto

Please help find a higher resolution - this is where there?:

You have my word that the pictures were not close to Photoshop, but it is easy to check as far as I know.

3. Dirty pads on the rack inside the cabin
We did a dry cleaner before taking the car to the customer.
Small stains on one or two racks were - that small.
It was during the delivery vehicle to offer customers - let us, we'll call washers, they are 20 minutes ototrut these stains which are not removed until the end.
The answer was, "oh well that's no problem».

No one sent any money for the customer to do a dry cleaner - it was clearly stated - washers will clean, you only need to wait 20 minutes.

4. clearance of the trunk lid, here are pictures of gaps tailgate when the car gave up:

No problems arose, even though acceptance of cars was closely

5. "broken lock tailgate»
As can be seen from the list of works - the boot lid does not appear on the list of works.

But the trunk lid lock has not worked since the beginning of repair, and it soured the whole rusty and we had a hard trunk lid opened for repair.

This customer warned even during the repair.

We did not spare parts in the repair, the customer engaged.
Therefore, customers were invited by phone to purchase a locking tailgate.
So he was not brought before the last day of the locking lid, we even trim was removed from the lid at the time of the car - thought he would bring with him the castle and we will replace it for free. Not brought.

6. "The great guys (thanks to their huge) of Orbit-Auto (which is to them the machine went on the evacuator) removed the body from the frame and changed both the turbine (only a cost of ≈150 TR)»

And here we are?
We have not hit a car more than 1 km (odometer confirmation are taken).
We hold car plant three times a day, but the turbine to hell soured.
It is not a question of whether the failure of parts of natural wear?
Or, at our expense and meant more to replace two turbines?

The fountain of "wonderful", "thank you just", "children", "thank you very much" looks strange in the context of the reduced amount of money, title and dates on them. I would like to add more - "rodnenky my" let me at least once to change the way the turbine!
I'm afraid tyknut finger at the sky - but replace two turbines and fix / replace ceiling caps lock - it should cost less per month and does not run.






































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