A trip to May

Decided on May somewhere to go. Probably the song Glyzina friend from the distant past "Late Night in Sorrento" inspired. Do not ask me why, I do not know. Jabbed in the card. Writes an appointment in the Italian Visa Center and begin to gather documents. A whole bunch of documents. I think the visa center earns most of the money on the deposit of waste paper. Why make copies of blank passport pages and translate evidence into English entrepreneur? Visas cost 35 euros. And at 20 euro per service center. Plus center in that when not required documents will not send you, and offer to fix it. If there is no need copies, you will remove it. If not what is translated into English page, you can translate on the fly or use the services angloperevodyaschih baryg standing at the entrance. Documents delivered. Promised to respond within 10 days. After 4 days, the site said that the visa can be taken away. Hotels are booked, tickets and cars paid for, you can go.

May 3 due to the work of some travelers from our company is scheduled departure to 15-00 from Kiev. In the experience of previous trips travel time from Kiev to the border with Poland 5:00 exactly. The idea we have time before dark. Go to Poland to Warsaw route, probably the only one that retained the perfect asphalt coating after winter. The beauty of this route and that it is not loaded, and for some reason it is free of traffic police in unexpected places.


After 5 hours, as expected we drive to the border and not passing it stopped for the night in a very cozy and loved us to the recreation complex on the Ukrainian territory directly under the border. This before we drove 1200 km per day, on this trip agreed - the driver is also a man, he also wants to have a drink and relax and not watch all the way, as the girl in the back seat jammed champagne for the departure for the road ...., For engine Internal combustion. Therefore, in order to stay a vacation, it is necessary to pass less than 500 miles a day and only during daylight hours. The hotel complex has accepted us with pleasure and gave the feeling of the early days of vacation.


Our room was located in a wooden house. For those who wish to travel ka I'll start to write the numbers, we can someone come in handy. Hotel - 250UAH x 2 rooms = $ 62


The hotel restaurant offers you here this form. In the course of a dude with a cat-quadrocopter helicopter-fueled inspiration here.


Under the impending aerovolkom the next day we had breakfast and went to the border with Poland.


With great care and lack of understanding of what is happening, you have entered the terminal. This we have not seen even once. No vehicles at the border. None at all. The customs officer asked - And you sho our holy yizdyte? My question - A sho you our holy pratsyuete? And holy yaks do you mean? May Day or Easter? And some of them yours? He sadly put a stamp in their passports and wished a happy journey. On the Polish border was all more quickly, no questions asked. Finally, we in the territory of the foreign state, as we said a sign that the deer on the roads, we are no longer met, only the law-abiding drivers.


I do not know why the silhouette of a girl with a huge shnobelem, stuck in the head with a rotisserie chicken legs and a giant candy on a stick in the hands urges drivers to fear these children at pedestrian crossings.


On all roads in Poland are dummies radar.


In some boxes comfortably settled birds with their offspring.


But the harsh Polish police prefer to work in the old way. And do not immediately deploy them recorder and talk about that all the cops goats. It is very easy to otgresti sweet contented person avtoputeshestvennika. In Poland, the traffic police to work openly, as in the photo, and hidden, that is, on specially equipped cars that look normal. Inside the camera, radar, zabuhaloanalizator and other necessary things. Poles go quite slowly and carefully. Sometimes this is very surprising accuracy. In small towns commonplace - in front of a circular motion to get up and stand as long as the line of sight will not be a single machine. That is FSUs that car on the main More for 50m to the crossroads and you and behind you will have time to pass 5 cars. No. We must stand up until finally no one would. Poles normally stand for 15-30 minutes at the exit from minor to major.


The number of cameras, even in very small towns small surprises. Without the pale well, nothing.


First stop at a restaurant in Poland. Classic soup "flyachek" is the hallmark of Polish cuisine. Restaurants on the road are able to attract attention.


First suggested that judging by the sign-pedestal, the restaurant serves only horse meat, not too soft.


Simple little things and attention to detail - a frequent feature of Polish institutions.


I'm already a car for a while, and the signs are beginning to hint that it's time to stop and take a glass.


Finally we arrive at the city of Katowice and book hotels in selimsya (190 PLN for two-room suite for 4). From the hotel to the airport 10 minutes. We bought tickets to Rome from Poland. Why not from Kiev? It's simple. In Poland there is the May holidays. When something during the week, I flew to Katowice on a plane from Kiev. Fly 50 minutes. During the round-trip ticket I paid $ 40. At the May holidays ticket to Rome from Kiev cost 3 times more expensive than in Poland. The room opens onto two sides of the hotel. In the photo view from the arrival.


The rooms are cozy, clean, which is common to hit his head on a tilted plane of the ceiling.


The view from the other side of the room. Thought what beauty, quiet, calm. As it turned out the frogs croak learned flying at the nearby airfield aircraft. Birds respectively swearing loudly at the frogs.


The architect tried and still did sloping roof all the inhabitants of the upper floors. My question at the reception for the extradition of free helmets was supposedly not understood.


The next morning we drove towards the airport and left our car at the nearest airport to a private parking lot, which is 4 times cheaper than the airport and is located at the same distance from the terminal (50 PLN for 6 days). When landing on the aircraft revealed that hand luggage, recognized throughout the world for its size all the airlines not vizzair channel for office, and it is necessary to pay 25 dollars. Later it turned out that this bag on wheels is not hand luggage only in the direction of Rome and the only fucking airport Katowice. In the opposite direction it is still hand luggage. Here freaks © Brat2. After 2 hours we arrived at the outskirts of Rome in a place called Ciampino. At the airport should be firm, which was reserved for the machine. After kilometer jogging became clear that to this concourse car rental offices free bus rides, which was under his nose. We drove about 800 meters to the right place. Body, sitting in the reception of Budget completely refused to issue car laminated rights. Said that such rights do not channel in Italy. After the third Russian recognition of the word "fuck" body began to worry and to compare the chances of victory in the fight weight and size categories between me and him. As a result, adopted a decision popizdet, but not to join in the fight. After half an hour of wasted time I was 3 meters and was at the other pillar of the company Hertz. Glancing at my right, one minute they were identified by the internal directory of companies and more after 3 minutes I got the car key. Retreat. After the incident I described the incident in the questionnaire badzhet and invited them to employ adequate and not too stupid staff. Did I mention that the employees say about my meeting with the Italian carabinieri this winter, and that my right not to arouse suspicion from them. The company's response came a day in the form of a voucher for a free car rental for up to 28 days. Able to work.


A rental car (220 euro for 6 days) ... Well ... This car is so small chicken coop with a very small engine, and even less luggage, we arrived at the hotel near the airport.


Name rented misunderstanding - Fiat crud.


As soon as I tuned in to a chic dinner at a local restaurant could be heard whimpering that the machine is, we close with Rome, no time to lose. My zhёppa felt that go to the center of Rome in a rented car, but, in principle, on cars, not a good idea. Skip mat. We're going to Rome. Witness miracles in our parking, and a common phenomenon in their language.


I do not know what miracle I found a free parking space in the center. With a gap of 15 cm between adjacent car I parked heroically. Search for parking meters, pay parking ticket under glass. Otherwise fine, almost instantly. Two hundred meters walk to the Vatican and we are seeing a small queue at the entrance.


The sign clearly says that it is impossible to enter the territory of the Vatican in red and blue costume with a cigarette, or being a dog with a Chinese mobile phone.


Even without going into the territory of the institution was imposing greatness.


Still able to build before


This Weedon opened the square on which the Pope goes to his popemobile.


Inconspicuous entrance to the office of the Pope


It is this sculpture served as a prototype of Cheburashka.


Renovation in the central building is made with high quality and detail.


Ceilings quality wallpapers with biblical scenes.


Stunningly realistic sculpture. This is not a milkmaid with a paddle of plaster pour.


The bronze coin meter diameter complement your holiday house


High ceilings - chip interior designers in Italy.


Column according to any cocks must be in every home.


Superstructure over the bed will give comfort and security.


Such a wonderful view awaits you every morning in bed with coffee and a bun.


Photo of the guest room. Comfortable benches to have a spiritual conversation.


Logo of the local heavy metal band.


Lawlessness in the Vatican army hazing even there. Young on the nightstand, grandfathers for girls.


Central office. Side view.


Italian Bobby. You can be arrested and taken away with him two or three Chinese dwarfs.


Visual exercise on yoga for 5 euros.


Huge trucks - the scourge of Rome.


Local understated harmonies priors in the body kit.


Smart is easiest to pretend motorcyclist.


Well, how can you, instead of the usual "dick" to paint a picture on the transformer box.


Judging by the name mark the area reserved for gay pride parades.


Why soared over pizza? Take the cake and pour cans of what was in the fridge. By the way, yes, today the eggs are not eaten since morning. Come on, who knows that is not the topic.


We must pay tribute to the Mayor's Office of Rome for a clear and organized road signs. General call in the center of Rome by car, I highly do not recommend to people who do not drive a car in the big cities. How to describe traffic. It ordered - anarchist. You go through hundreds of thousands of rabid stools and even more rabid motorcycles. Comfortable to ride in a rented car with Italian numbers.


After spending the night at the hotel to the sound of passing trains and planes taking off we go to the sea on the highway under the chic town of Sorrento, in a place called Meta. At the entrance to the highway over each gate hangs a picture with the method of payment and travel. Not all highways take the money at the entrance. This example gives the ticket upon presentation of which is on the road with you to take the required amount.


Speed ​​is limited to 130km / h. According to the Italian understanding of the rules of traffic, this means that in no way limited.


There are no serpentines through the mountains, there is a tunnel through the mountains, across long enough.


Turn off from the highway (15 euros for the ride) and go to our campus housing. It is good that svezheotdolzhennaya navigation software in the phone knew the direction of travel on a one-way streets of the town and all the surrounding Ebony. First got the impression that we were going down the sidewalk. And no, it is a street. We fly over it with a clearance 5 cm between the walls of houses and car mirrors. And we understand that taking the box office instead of a car-coop car-SUV, we would be very very long time to get to the rented housing or even longer parked somewhere in the mountains a few kilometers from the hotel.


Miracle hostile technology that collects loot for parking in favor of the city. Parking in the resort towns costs 1 euro per hour. Counting starts at 8 am. Ends at 13-00. Again begins at 14-00 and ends at 19-00. As zakidyvaniya coins in parkomat displayed time, which can stand without fear of penalty. Army parking Verifier is very big. In the absence of paid parking ticket under the windshield on his face appears Verifier DotA OpenStats smile on his face, drooling begin to drip onto the hood of the victim, issued a fine of 40-60 euros.


One of the wide streets of the city.


And finally we got to the entrance to our accommodation for the next 3 days. As partisans on mining railroad in 30 seconds threw bags out of the car before he could create traffic congestion on the street, which is our housing


A two-level room with mikrokuhney considered klёvym and spacious housing for the area.


Little voodoo on products from the nearest store and dinner is ready.


Evening trip to the restaurant overlooking the sea.


The restaurant business as usual pizza, sea creatures, pasta. In general, anything interesting.


It looks like our spacious courtyard leading to an even wider street. In the courtyard the locals manage to park mikrotaburetki. Our car was not able to climb into the yard, not enough 2cm width entry.


Wealthy homeowners have even patio, even with the fence.


Superkrutoy guys live in such cooperative community with underground parking.


On such a moped pizza can be delivered twice as fast.


Unhappy man looks at huge prices of new cars. Eg Audi A1 stands at 4,500 euros less than in Ukraine.


Finished school and a couple of hundred Scooter with shkolotoy flying around the city creating a huge traffic jam. Every day at the end of the training school for police arrives razrulivaniya situation. Ensures that drivers do not have evil otpizdili shkolotu and shkolota not kill drivers.


On the way home I go to the small shop to buy food for dinner. The store has everything you need and a lot of inaccessible at home. Licking pass by hamonskih feet to 7 euros per kg.


Learn more about the kitchen in the room. In spite of its minute size, it has everything you need. Steam pans, 4 pots, knives, forks, glasses, oven, coffee maker, stove, coffee, salt, sugar, and as the same without him - a colander for a main course.


All rubbish throughout Italy are divided into types. All trash containers and the bucket intended for its kind.


Laid out shopping and was moved purchased exclusively on nostalgia bottle Keglevich. The most expensive pasta, which I bought in the store is a soft fresh homemade noodles in pound package. It is worth as much as 1.9 euros.


When cooking for four people have to use the whole DJ mixer.


The next morning I go to the parking lot behind the car.


Watch a couple of bikes on the road misunderstandings.


And get a parking ticket 41 euros, because not found parkomat the night before. If traveling by car with Russian, Ukrainian and Moldovan what some numbers on the penalty can score. On the rental car is not held. Expect a chain letter in Kiev.


Taking fined the car to the city of Pompeii. Along the way, seeing the beautiful Titanic, who visited us at bay.


Again highway since the congestion charge. Quickly find that it is necessary to throw a coin into this crap, good help locals cheered their horns behind the taps.


As with any other tourist spots in front of Pompeii bazarchik lives with much needed tourist paraphernalia.


Usually 2-3 times more expensive than in nearby stores.


On the horizon is seen littered founder of the museum of the city of Pompeii. Meet - Mount Vesuvius.



Many years passed.

We were left alone.


We are home.



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