Italy - car ride there and back

In one club, motorists have a party Fisher +, he and his friends made a trip to Italy and presented a fairly complete and interesting photo report. I really liked it! I hope that you will be interested. Taken here

The trip took place in early August. I must say - in Italy at this time it is better not to go, because the people there the midst of holidays. But it so happened ...

So, we went from a nice suburb of Frankfurt, which is Nemechchine. Uchasnegi: my school friend, his wife (more than 10 years as a local (in the sense thence) residents) and their young son, well, I (pile up). Yes - More Natasha (it - Fujitsu-Siemens N560 program IGO. Thanks to Natasha, we were able to get right, and almost never lost.

Resting place was booked about 2-3 weeks before departure - pionerlager «Villagio Orrizonte». In fact, they are called Camping Village. But the difference is small.
Of course, since book well in high season, prices get the most inhumane - 1050 euros for a house for a week of rest. It only accommodation without any pension. If you go a month later or a couple of months earlier, a house would cost 350 euros, by the way ...

In general, the route turned out something like this:

Before leaving, I think, on you go. There were thought to rent a minivan Zafira type, but a visit to the rolling office Mr. Buchbinder cooled somewhat optimistic: 450 euros per week. You could take a wagon Lagunu- 300 (all cars have Buchbinder almost new, with kondeem and usually a small diesel engine and manual transmission).
But, he thought, and having estimated volume of things, we decided to still go to the master Mercedes (C-200, 97th year, automatic transmission, very good condition, except for a beginner to tap the air conditioning compressor).
Before the trip, the car was alerted replacement candles, air filter and the front pad - on everything took a little over an hour on their own.

So, on Saturday morning we left.
Autobahn to Frankfurt-Nuremberg-Munich.

Particularly there was no traffic jams, although some places were road works and had a lot of speed limit signs.

Burghers prutstsa massively in Italy. Thank God, the movement of trucks on the weekends is prohibited on motorways, but instead the right lane occupied many and varied campers.
Many went to the trailer full of motorcycles, bicycles, and some with niibatstsa boat. All your I carried with me, in short.


However, to the credit of the Germans, it is worth noting that in the ranks of the left, they do not get out to the trailer - and strictly no more than 100 km / h. From a certain point on the track got a lot of Dutch people - the same sickening nearly a hundred - are used to at ...

And here is the simple Ukrainian workers going to rest on resorts of the Mediterranean Sea:

Closer to the highway Munich became wider and instead of cruising 140-150 was possible to go faster 180 - not very much, all the same machine is not the newest or the fastest.
Here akuevshy boy fuck on Matiz 160:

By the way, it would be much faster, we go through Switzerland. But at that time the proud Swiss have not bothered to join the Schengen area, and in the case of checking the documents me as suspicious non-citizen in Germany could put in a Swiss turma (Cho, they say there is a well-fed). So we had to make a detour through Austria.

PS: the first sign of the crisis: the toilets at petrol stations in Germany this year are paid !!! 50 cents - almost like we (gyyy nothing, but on the way back at night I shamelessly nourished German bushes at the pump). Just as we stop and pee on the sidelines can not - first, all separated from the highway nearby bushes fencing and netting, and secondly, it is (in the sense of any stop on the autobahn) is strictly forbidden.

Along the way, like mushrooms, grow giant wind generators - German ponemnogo moving to environmentally friendly (and not dependent on the whims of "Gazprom") energy sources. Wind turbines have a lot, by the way.

And this is - the plantation of hops, from which the famous Bavarian beer brewed!

We drive to the foothills of the Alps. Krasotaaaaa!

Alpine meadows - and the truth is some unreal smooth and green.

That look, now because of the trees come from a cow-drawn chocolate advertising "Milk," also all her hair and naodekolonennaya.

On the border with Austria pay 8 euros of there collection. And now the mountain went real, high and glaciers. Well here in the winter to ski to ride!


The oldest camper that we met (most likely more gderovsky)

And here is the first paid Autobahn (Germany, all roads are free). 12 euros - and Cheshi almost to Italy.

Mountain road - winding, mostly 2-way. Many tunnels. The speed is limited (it seems) to 120 km / h, but a little break.


In the mountains all the time across various boroughs and Schloss (castles in the local)

It was getting dark when we made the first stop in Italy (HZ, where there was this boundary). In Italian dressing - hurray - free toilets, and very URAAAA - awesome coffee ruble fifty !!! (Near Munich, reptiles, already at 3.50 fleece - in Bavaria in general is very expensive).
The first impression of Italy - the smell. I could not understand what the smell - he's been everywhere, down to the town. Some southern colors plus still something painfully familiar ... ahhh - boots! Smells svezhevydelannoy skin! So there!

The penultimate pit stop somewhere near Verona. Yes, by the way - at the entrance to Italy had to pay 36 euros. If you wish, you could go and free roads, but "Natasha" has calculated that it will be at 5 hours longer. Nah-nah ...

Autobahn German Italian worse. But also nothing. Speed ​​limit - also whether 100, or 130 ... but break more. Italians generally temperamental people driving - any ancient Fiatik whom you overtake, and tries to turn you to catch up. And since I'm in corners sometimes quite decelerated (Figl, dumb on the rear wheel drive car and the opponent), they are happy, overtaken. Some even (unheard of !!!) Flashing lights, if they do not concede long left lane. In Germany, this is extremely rare and is a sign of the higher barbarism.

2 hours of the night arrived. Quite quickly settled (by the way, our house was indeed the last unoccupied). I found the bar and bought a bedtime couple of beers (at 3.50, e-my!) ... And the bartender something in English vaasche not cuts!

From morning to inspect the surroundings.

Here it is, our pionerlager.
Everywhere lots of flowers.

Parking - under a canopy of solar panels (another juicy dick Gazprom)
On the roofs of most houses - a system for heating water using solar energy (like a thermos).


House - probably hundreds of 3-4.

Each house is divided into 2 parts with separate entrances and outdoor terraces under roof. Each part is designed for 3-4 persons: 2 bedrooms (one of them together (via shirmochka) with kitchen, bathroom and hallway.



On the windows - blinds and mosquito nets (yes, in Italy too are found mosquitoes!)
However, our local mosquito Ryazan mosquitoes and sloppy: fine, limp and even some politically correct.

The quality of Italian design is clearly worse than the German, but quite bearable.)))

We went out on the street. Hde sea here? !!! The sea here taaaam!

You can walk (just over a kilometer), by bus (a local keyway, schedule, like everything else in Italy, to put it mildly floating)

If not for the child, it would be easier to take in a large box (as many do). However, at the reception warned that a bicycle - Italian. What does that mean - tell you later; D

And so we basically went to the beach by car (about 2-3 Euro's for parking in a dusty field)

Go through the irrigation channel (channel some kind of historical, like everything else in Italy, but it has not been cleaned since the days of ancient Rome)

and finally get to the beach !!!

Left - resort area, nature park and the city of Follonica away.

What is quite outrageous - almost no topless sunbathing (Catholics, pancake).))))))))))))))))

On the right a little closer - the city of Piombino.
About town of Piombino nothing really I can not say - as any Italian village, he has a long history, ancient fortress, and there are a bunch of port and some factories. And something resembling a power plant, with two giant pipes. However, foreign odors pipes are not published, and generally not for the fact that the factory is working at this time. In August, the Italians do not work at all without exception - they have such a prolonged fiesta. Anyone who has worked with the Italian suppliers - understand me.

Right - the famous island of Elba, where the first term shook famous Napoleon
Unfortunately, the Elbe, we eventually did not fall

Well, all garbage - it's time to substitute untanned Teles Italian sun!
On the beach endless procession go negros. They are on sale all sorts of beach stuff fuflovye Gucci handbags, Prada shoes fuflovye etc .... Not really have something to take, but apparently because they walk more profitable than in its Sahara.
The beach is separated from the field strip of pine forest with thickets of local saxaul.

Sometimes, under the pine trees also roam negros (which quite overheated in the sun)

And where there is a pine grove form, on a public beach area at the weekend encampment a handful of locals with its numerous Bambino, teschami and elderly grandparents. All day long they Gulden, lying in hammocks, drinking wine, guzzle, guzzle guzzle and sunbathe ... And ... although why he tanning - and so they all nintendo ...

On the territory of pionerlagerya it was also 2 swimming pools with sea water. Pools are clean and the people there a little bit, but the sea was somehow more interesting.
Tyrrhenian Sea was very warm and clear. Sunset in the water is very shallow, fine sand and soft. There are even some fish, if you wear a mask (when a meter away from me, flashed a flock of some mullets 60 cm long, I'm already a little scared).
Differences between the beach and the hotel overall, we have not grasped - even on a common approach in the water was better, so buying in the city for 10 euros a large umbrella, sunbathing basically there.
The price meals not included. In the morning we went to the canteen to eat for 5 euros from the nose buffet (menu, I must say, it was so-so - croissants, juices, ham, cheese, fruit was not, but at least zaleysya - awesome Italian espresso from the machine). In fact, in Italy the coffee I liked
In the afternoon there would not be desirable, in the evening or eat somewhere in the restaurant (in the range of 25-30 euros for the nose - a square meal with wine), or dinner in the room, buying a shop wonderful ham Prosciutto Toscano (mmmmmm !!!) and other local pickles (even once something cooked on the stove). Washed down, of course, the local Chianti (3-6 euros a bottle). What can I say ... like dry trees dry trees from Massandra beats

Then we started to go on trips.
By the way, here's map of the area.
The town of Piombino (pionerlager shows a red dot) is located in the heart of the province of Toscana.
Tuscany is famous for its wine, olives, and beautiful scenery that loved to paint Russian artists in the 19th century (until they let more here).
The places we visited, circled in blue.

The first trip (not including the two closest towns) - Massa Marittima.
Typical Italian motorway (free). On the side or on the dividing strip - tsvitochke.

Sea View:

Though the Tuscan hills and low, through them anyway laid tunnels

Typical Tuscan landscape: on a hilltop - someone's old mansion (the cost of the hacienda as compared to the Moscow apartment is just ridiculous - from 50 to 300 thousand. Euros, so that anyone can buy; D)

Typical rural road. On both sides - the farm. Everywhere hang ads wine, fruit and olive oil.

Well, tell me about Massa Marittima?
Like any Italian city, it was built in the fuck out there knows what century, there were there any historical events of the attractions available fortress, the church and the "old town", lived there some well-known bishop, who later became Pope (and perhaps not become ...). We tried not to delve into the details - just go and admired.






Everything was fine, but we did not know that after 5 minutes ATM eats tries my card (of course, living people in the bank will not, for a siesta and Neh work after dinner, when decent people are asleep) I had to come back the next day (and if we were on the bus tour?)

After rescuing cards (old bank employee barely remembered a dozen English words from the curriculum, for which he thanks - German as the institution no one was-ss) we drove to the city of Siena.

The road went through the mountains like the Crimean:

At the entrance to the castle - a huge line of cars of tourists:

View from the fortress gates of the Tuscan hills

And some pictures of the old city. Cathedral:


Parking in the medieval))

Some interesting courtyard:

Town Hall Square. It hosts well-known in the narrow circle of horse racing. And they had to spend as much right tomorrow. But manure somehow perceptibly smelled now ...



The streets of the old town


A small digression - and details of cars.
Car Italy is very diverse.
95% - car station wagon and hatchback. Sedans are practically no - do not occur more often than we convertibles.

Somewhere 30 percent - cars of local production, mostly fairly new and nice. Fiat Panda, Idea minivan, humpbacked Zaporozhets New Fiat 500 - I liked the police goes to Alpha.
Many rarities such as this humpback's original Fiat 500 in excellent condition:

By the way - Logan in Italy I have seen as many as one (1) time - he stood at some of the administrative building in the city of Sienna (visible in the pictures above). Apparently, the municipality thus demonstrating how it saves taxpayers money Ordinary Italians (although many live far from rich) in any did not buy any Logan nor Lanos, ketaytskie about the car I do not speak ...

Meanwhile, Massa Marittima, I saw a Niva and UAZ two whole!
In pionerlagere as hozsluzhb machines used in addition to other Indian diesel pickups Tata.

What is interesting - for some reason the Italian machines 90s in the total mass are relatively few. Or nearly new fiatiki or square Panda and Uno 80.
Exception - small Lanci 90 (Oh, and the ugly - apparently, the owners despaired at least someone to sell them)

On the second place in popularity - French car, then - German.
Many Rovers, by the way.
Japanese women in the minority, the Koreans - are found in almost everything, but rarely. And the same Latsetti go badged as Chevrolet and Daewoo.
It is fair to say that the Chinese, I still seem to see - driving motor in the industrial area of ​​Livorno, something like the Hover in the window, I noticed ... though not one hundred percent sure. But on the roads of this shit definitely not.
Yes, I saw more on the routes already 2 Logan station wagon with a cargo body without glasses.

But we digress.
From Siena (which I absolutely loved) go to San Dzhominyano - the capital of the local wine.

Town, as it turned out, so-so. Looks nice from afar.



And inside there are some kinds of beautiful (but taking into account the enormous difficulties with parking ... (censored) This San zhomiano)


The main architectural feature San Dzhominiano - towers of different heights. With their construction occurred at the time some dark history - medieval Italian federation subjects could not build the vertical power (in short, anyone who obeys) and instead to be honest to each other and fill the face pussy steel towers to be measured - at one else above. Here is the result of their labors:



Omerikansky shpienov

In the main square - all in the ice cream shop, which says that it has won some kind of contest. I stood in line and then checked - in a nearby store selling exactly the same, and a delicious ice cream at the same price, but the queue

Medieval streets

Beautiful views from the ramparts


On the way back - wonderful views of the Tuscan hills.

In the mountain village we went to the general store to buy water. Sale of barrels of Chianti young - at twenty-ruble per liter barrels lie next to the dubious polutoralitrovye plastic bottles - and pour myself crawling on cash

The trip to Pisa.
I must say: Comrades, to Pisa go exclusively fuckers, look for it in addition to the curve of the tower is absolutely nothing! )))
But it is only one we've seen the Italian city where Rousseau and Khokhlov-tourists at every step.

On the road in the vicinity of the highway exit Livorno on a steep beach. Somewhere I've seen this ...








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